Top 15 Places To Visit And Things Around Indore

Indore is Madhya Pradesh’s most populated city. It is also a significant historical and cultural site in India, attracting hundreds of visitors from all over the world. Indore offers several tourist attractions, ranging from palaces to waterfalls and temples. Many Hindu and Jain pilgrims visit Indore to explore the city’s sacred sites.

If you are visiting Indore for the first time, you should look into these Indore tourist attractions. If you reside in Indore and are seeking for intriguing locations to visit, check out our list of Indore tourist attractions.


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Indore’s Top 15 Places to Visit

Take a look at this list of popular Indore attractions to help you plan your trip.


The Rajwada Palace

Indore’s Rajwada Palace is a well-known historical site. It is one of the best locations to visit in Indore because of its historical significance and architecture. The palace is next to Khajuri Market, another popular tourist destination. The Holkar family built the palace in the 18th century. The seven-story structure, complete with Chhatris, or cremation grounds, will chronicle the story of Madhya Pradesh’s royal families. The Rajwada palace includes a lovely garden with a statue of Queen Ahilya Bai. The structure is filled with fountains and waterfalls that speak of imperial India’s royal splendour. The building is a work of art in and of itself, and it is a favourite destination for history buffs and visitors.


Top 15 places to visit and things around Indore


The Lal Bagh Palace

The Lal Bagh palace is another excellent example of Indian royal architecture. The palace was erected in the twentieth century and is relatively recent. The palace’s grandeur is equaled only by its magnificent style. Which is a blend of baroque, rococo, and neoclassical architecture. The interiors of the palace are breathtaking, and hundreds of visitors visit this Indore landmark each year. A beautiful planted garden surrounds the main structure of this royal complex.

Explore the gorgeous palace and take a stroll through the grounds to get a taste of royal life in imperial India. The palace itself is a valued Archaeological Survey of India site.


Top 15 places to visit and things around Indore

The Indore Museum

The Indore Museum is located in the heart of Indore and is open to visitors from all over the world. The museum exhibit displays the history and culture of central India, particularly Madhya Pradesh. The museum, which opened in 1929, houses some important antiquities and jewels from the Holkar dynasty. There are many historic sculptures and paintings that have been carefully conserve and are on exhibit for those who wish to learn about India’s rich cultural history.

You will also see some incredible ancient exhibits that you have never seen before. This is another excellent destination for visitors and history aficionados.


Top 15 places to visit and things around Indore


Waterfall Patalpani

Patalpani Waterfall is within a short distance from Indore. This lovely waterfall is situated among the hills and draws visitors from all around India. Patalpani is one of the top locations to visit around Indore and one of the numerous waterfalls that you must see whether you are in Indore or any other region of Madhya Pradesh. The waterfall is surrounded by beautiful green woodlands with numerous unusual trees and birds, which contribute to the allure of the location. You may enjoy the sights and have a brief picnic beside the waterfall in the beautiful weather. Nature photographers will be able to get some magnificent images of the waterfall and its surroundings.


Top 15 places to visit and things around Indore


Wildlife Sanctuary of Ralamandal

Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary, located in Indore, is a must-see for those who enjoy spending time outdoors. Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary is a well-known and protected wildlife reserve in India that was established in 1989. The sanctuary grounds include about 234.550 acres and are home to a diverse range of vegetation and species. Safaris organised by the sanctuary are available, and you may explore the area on four-wheelers. Leopards, Black Bucks, Chitals, Blue Bulls, Hyenas, Barking deers, Peacocks, Palm-civets, Porcupines, and Hares were among the sanctuary’s key animal reserves. Previously, the land was used for royal hunting in Madhya Pradesh. It is now under the administration of the Indian government and forest officials. 


Top 15 places to visit and things around Indore


Things Around Indore: Choral Dam 

Choral Dam is a great place to visit if you want to relax and take in the sights of Indore. If you’re seeking for a peaceful setting among the tourist attractions around Indore, this is the place to go. The dam’s peace and stillness are great for summer picnics and a fast trip near the city. The dam was built around the backwaters of the Narmada River and is a wonderful location for water sports and activities. Boat trips are also permitted on these waters, and paddle boats may be use to wander the region and explore it further. The breathtaking sunsets and tranquil atmosphere will make you fall in love with this location.


Top 15 places to visit and things around Indore


Things Around Indore: Tincha Waterfalls

Tincha Falls is also a short distance from Indore and is one of the sites to visit around Indore. The waterfall is accessible by private vehicle and is located on Indore Khandwa Road. You may take a day trip to Tincha Falls and see its tranquil beauty from the neighbouring cliffs. The waterfall’s base is inaccessible, and we advise against getting too near to it during the rainy season. The waterfall cascades from a height of over 300 feet. The lush green surroundings and the sound of birds create a peaceful environment in which to spend quality time with family members. You may also bring your own food and have a great picnic here to enjoy the adventure in quiet.

Top 15 places to visit and things around Indore


Things Around Indore: Kanch Mandir

Kanch Mandir, also known as the Temple of Glass, is a well-known Jain temple in Indore. The temple is totally encase in glass, as the name implies. Sir Seth Hukumchand Jain commissioned the temple in the early twentieth century, and it is still an important location for Jains today. The temple’s interior is cover with glass panels and mosaics from floor to ceiling. Seth Hukumchand had hired artisans from Jaipur and Iran to finish the temple’s decorations. Stakes from Jain literature and stories from the past may be seen on the temple walls. You may visit this temple at any moment to see the superb craftsmanship for yourself.


Top 15 places to visit and things around Indore


Things Around Indore: Regional Park Pipliyapala

Pipliyapala Regional Park is a stunning regional park and a must-see in Indore. The park, which is nestled in nature, is also bordered by beautiful green woodlands that are wonderfully relaxing to the eyes. The park’s lovely lake also makes it a popular tourist destination in Indore and Madhya Pradesh. The Pipliyapala Regional Park is easily accessible by public or private transportation. You may take a tour of the park and enjoy the different tourist attractions. Boat trips on the lake are a popular pastime, and they even come with guides to ensure your safety. Additionally, After dusk, you may also enjoy the park’s light and water performances.

Ganesh Temple in Khajrana In Madhya Pradesh, the Indore Khajrana Ganesha Temple is a Hindu pilgrimage site. Rani Ahilyabai Holkar designed the temple. Vinayak Chaturthi is held with tremendous auspiciousness and festivity here. The Bhatt family presently manages the temple. According to legend, the idol was concealed in a well to safeguard the deity from Aurangzeb. Ahilyabai Holkar removed the Ganesha image from the well and built a shrine in 1735. People are now flocking to the temple to seek the blessings of Lord Ganesha, a Hindu god. This temple, which claims to fulfil all of the devotee’s wishes, is one of the top locations to visit in Indore.


Top 15 places to visit and things around Indore


Things Around Indore: Bada Ganpati

In Indore, the Bada Ganpati Bada Ganesh Temple is located in the centre of Rajwada city, better known as Holkar Palace. This temple, built in 1875 by Pandit Narayana Dadhich, features the country’s biggest idol of Lord Ganesh, spanning 8 metres or 25 feet from crown to foot.


Top 15 places to visit and things around Indore


Things Around Indore: Kamala NehruPark

Kamala Nehru Park is an Indore zoological park that has animals from all across India. The Central Zoo Authority of India presently manages the zoo, which was founded in 1974. The beautiful zoo covers 51 acres. In India, the zoo is well-known for housing a wide range of bird species. There are also numerous reptiles, carnivores, and herbivores at the zoo, such as deer, gharials, elephants, and hippos. The zoo’s admission charges are maintain low so that every tourist may enjoy their visit. You may go on a zoo tour with your family and friends.


Things Around Indore: Gardens of Meghdoot

Meghdoot Gardens is another great area to unwind with friends and family after a long day of sightseeing in Indore. This renowned picnic location is one of Indore’s most soothing tourist destinations. The park is a must-see if you are visiting with your family and have young children. The park is nicely manicured and lush with flora all around. Park also has magnificent fountains that are popular tourist attractions. You may get some excellent street food from adjacent booths and eat it in the park while relaxing and spending time with your family. This location may be visited on an Indore city tour, and the best time to visit is in the evening.


Things Around Indore: Mohadi Waterfalls 

Mohadi Waterfalls is around 30 kilometres from Indore. Because of its lush green surrounds and lovely atmosphere, the gorgeous waterfall is a favourite picnic location. The waterfall itself is rather stunning and is normally at its peak during the monsoon season. You may take a short hike up the waterfall to admire the surrounding lush hill slopes. This waterfall is only a few minutes away from Tincha Falls. And the two may be visited together in a single trip. Visitors who enjoy nature and photography will have a great time at this waterfall. You may arrange for low-cost private transportation to the waterfall from Indore.


Top 15 places to visit and things around Indore


Things Around Indore: Local cuisine

Indore’s native food should be sampled by all visitors. Indore is well-known in India for its wonderful assortment of fast food and street cuisine. Although the majority of these street dishes are vegetarian. They are incredibly diverse and can be enjoye by anybody. Indore has a variety of street foods like as samosas, chats, puris, and bhature. Continental foods such as pizza, burgers, and pastas are also available. A culinary walk in Indore is one of the best things to do in Indore and should be on your schedule.


Top 15 places to visit and things around Indore




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