Top 5 Celebrity Residences In India

Celebrity Residences In India: Top business leaders, tycoons, and Bollywood celebrities own some of the most beautiful homes in India, ranging from luxury villas to heritage bungalows. Navimumbaihouses takes a look at the top five celebrity homes in India.

A house is an absolute necessity for safety and comfort. However, celebrities who can afford luxury have homes that reflect their personal taste and style. From a well-equippe gym to a custom bar and a sundeck, these celebrity homes are outfitted with a plethora of amenities that complement their lavish lifestyle.

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“According to a recent report, luxury housing sales doubled in the first half of 2022, and this trend is expected to continue. Some of the most sought-after features are smart luxury homes with high-tech surveillance and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based features, such as automatic temperature, light, and voice control.

Real estate has emerged as the most preferred investment option for everyone from industry titans to Bollywood celebrities. Affluent Indian consumers are willing to invest in lavish homes, which are frequently located in growing and premium areas, indicating an increase in demand for spacious luxury homes.”


Let us look at the top five celebrity residences in India:



Dimensions: 40,000 sq ft

Rs 10,000 Cr is an estimated value.

Antilia is located on Altamount Road, off Pedder Road in South Mumbai, and is home to Mukesh Ambani, India’s wealthiest and the world’s 20th richest businessman. Antillia, a mythical island, inspired the name of the house.

across the Atlantic Ocean The building was design by Chicago-base architects Perkins and Will, and it was built by Leighton Holdings, an Australia-base construction company. The skyscraper spans 40,000 square feet and has 27 stories, some of which are double-height, making it as tall as a 40-story building. The majority of the building’s ceilings are adorne with crystal chandeliers.

There is a large ballroom, guest suites, and a mini theatre with 50 seats. This home also includes a two-story recreational space with a spa, terrace garden, and a temple where the family prays on a regular basis. On top of that, three helipads are located on the roof. Antilia is claim to be the most expensive house in the world, with a price tag of Rs 10,000 Cr.



27,000 square feet in size

Rs 200 Cr is an approximate value.

Shah Rukh Khan, the King of Bollywood, owns a heritage bungalow in Mumbai called “Mannat,” which means “Vow to the Gods.” The bungalow overlooks the Arabian Sea and is located in front of Khan’s six-story building. The residence includes offices, a library, a gym, a living and guest room, a designated entertainment zone, and basement parking. The abode of King Khan is known for its lavish interiors and décor, posh furniture, accessories, and some famous artworks and wall embellishments.



size  10,000 square feet 

Approximately Rs 112 Cr.

Jalsa, Amitabh Bachchan’s home, is located in Mumbai’s most popular and affluent neighbourhood, Juhu. The home’s stunning interiors reflect the Bachchans’ persona and taste. The twin-story building has a well-kept garden, an enticing living room, great suites, and spacious washrooms and has a liveable space of over 10,000 sq ft.


Celebrity Residences In India: Madhukunj

60,000 square feet in size

Approximately Rs 1,000 crore

Radhakishan Damani, the founder of Avenue Supermarket, recently purchased a luxurious new home in Mumbai’s Malabar Hill neighbourhood. The deal for the 90-year-old property is considere one of the most expensive home purchases in India. The house is situated on Narayan Dabholkar Marg and spans 1.5 acres of land. Jayesh Shah, Varsha Mehta, and Saurabh Mehta sold the house to Damani (partners at Premchand Roychand & Sons LLC).


Celebrity Residences In India: Bungalow of Ratan Tata

13,000 square feet in size

Rs 150 Cr is an estimated value.

Ratan Tata’s home, located in the ever-bustling Colaba, is a distant dream for many. The 13,000-square-foot sea-facing bungalow includes a sun deck, library, personal gym, infinity pool, and parking space. The three-story house has seven levels and a bar that can seat up to 50 people. Each floor above the first storey has two levels, with living areas on the first level and bedrooms and other rooms on the second.


Other notable celebrity residences

Jatia House Dimensions – 30,000 sq ft

Estimated value: Rs 425 Cr

The Chairman of the Aditya Birla Group, Kumar Mangalam Birla, owns a sprawling mansion in Malabar Hill, Mumbai. The sea-facing estate features a central courtyard, 20 bedrooms, and large landscaped lawns. Because it was previous owne by the Jatia family, it is known as Jatia House. MP Jatia, a businessman, purchased this bungalow from Meher Cawasji Vakeel in 1971. The interiors are all done in teak wood, including the ceilings, giving this house a classic look.


Celebrity Residences In India: JK House

Dimensions: 16,000 sq ft

Approximately Rs 6,000 crore

Raymond’s boss, Gautam Singhania, owns this opulent 30-story mansion, which is one of India’s tallest private residences. The home, which is located in Breach Candy, has a helipad, a museum, and a health centre. According to reports, the museum houses a large collection of artefacts amassed by the Singhania family over the years. According to media reports, each family member has their own apartment in the building.


Celebrity Residences In India: 19 A- Perry Cross Road

6,000 square feet in size

Rs 100 Cr is an approximate value.

Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar lives in the 6000 sq ft spacious villa on Perry Cross Road in Bandra with his family. The expansive five-story house has a temple, living and dining rooms, guest rooms, ample parking space, and a swimming pool on the terrace, as well as a one-and-a-half-story underground basement. A separate area has been set aside to display the maestro’s various awards and trophies. The house’s customised furniture, which includes a mix of colourful lights and glass pieces, demonstrates the aura and theme of the location.

With the impact of COVID-19 fading, India’s luxury real estate market is experiencing a resurgence. Several high-profile luxury real estate transactions have been reported in cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi. The segment is expected to grow further in the coming days, with HNIs and NRIs taking a bullish stance in favour of luxury residential real estate.






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