Top Hotels In Pondicherry

Top Hotels In Pondicherry : Considering a trip to Pondicherry? Look out these resorts in Pondicherry!

Over 300 years ago, the lovely French colony of Pondicherry was founded in India. The French East India Company established the city in 1673, and it functioned as a significant commerce hub for goods between France and India. Pondicherry was incorporated into India in 1954, although it still has an unique French past.

Pondicherry, a well-liked tourist destination, is renowned for its magnificent architecture, wonderful beaches, and tranquil environment that combines French and Indian cultures. Several of the city’s structures, notably the renown Notre Dame de Anges Cathedral, were built during the French colonial era. These old structures are still standing today and lend Pondicherry its distinct beauty.

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How can one get to Pondicherry?

A number of locations in India may be accessible by road, air, and rail.

  • By road: Since there are several buses that travel to and from Pondicherry, travelling by road is the best option.
  • By air: The ideal choice, however, if you are travelling from a distance, would be to fly to Chennai before taking a bus or train from Chennai to Pondicherry. Although Pondicherry has a local airport as well, not many flights originate from here.
  • By train: The Pondicherry Express from Chennai would be your best bet if you were travelling from Pondicherry by train.



4 motels with beach views in Pondicherry you must visit

The Boulevard

5-star property

Check-in time:2:00 pm

Check-out time:12:00 pm

Average cost: Rs. 15000 per night, according on availability.

The Promenade is a distinctive lodging option in Pondicherry. It provides a breathtaking view of the Bay of Bengal and is situated on Goubert Avenue. Many of the city’s attractions are accessible by foot. The Promenade offers a range of lodging choices, from luxury apartments to low-cost motels, making it a fantastic choice for all tourists.

Puducherry’s The Promenade is a stunning section of coastline. It’s ideal for taking a leisurely stroll while taking in the beautiful scenery and the crisp sea air. The Promenade is a terrific area to people-watch as well because both residents and visitors can be seen there all the time.


What to do

The Promenade provides an exquisite backdrop where visitors may enjoy the exciting nightlife. Snorkeling in the water, along with other aquatic activities, can improve your vacation. A quick stroll or promenade down the beach is equally peaceful while you are staying at this coastal property.


Club Mahindra, Puducherry

5-star property

Check-in at 14:00  / Check-out at 10:00

Average price: Rs. 9k-13k/night

Another popular lodging option in Pondicherry is Club Mahindra. It is situated on Nehru Street and has a number of amenities, such as a spa, a fitness centre, and an outdoor pool. There is a restaurant in Club Mahindra that serves both Indian and foreign food.

The heart of Puducherry is home to the stunning and tranquil Club Mahindra Resort Puducherry. There are 10 acres in all. You may take pleasure in the healthy, lush foliage. There are 48 rooms in total at the resort, all of which are furnish with contemporary conveniences. The resort also offers a spa, a gym, a restaurant, and a swimming pool.


What to do

While staying at the Club Mahindra resort in Puducherry, you may take part in a variety of activities. Play sports including table tennis, cricket, cycling, and volleyball. Your holiday to Puducherry will be enhance by the live workshops they provide throughout your stay, which will teach you a variety of skills and activities.



Top Hotels In Pondicherry : Radisson Resort

4-star property

Check-in: 3:00 pm / Check-out-12:00 pm

Average price: Rs.13500 per night and may vary according to availability.

For those searching for an opulent place to stay in Pondicherry, Radisson Resort is a fantastic alternative. Its ECR Road location provides both rooms and suites with breathtaking views of the sea. The resort features a private beach in addition to an outdoor pool, a spa, and other amenities.

Located near the lovely Bay of Bengal backwaters. For those seeking calm after a busy work schedule, the resort is a fantastic option. The resort provides a refuge of tranquilly and relaxation with its lovely surroundings. To make your stay as comfortable as possible, the resort offers a variety of amenities and facilities. Every single room is roomy and tidy. You will also find competent, amiable employees. The resort also features a spa, a number of restaurants, and bars. It also contains a pool. The Radisson Resort, Puducherry, is the ideal location for a romantic getaway or family holiday.


What to do

Guests at The Radisson, Pondicherry may partake in a number of activities while there. Because the resort is situated near to the well-known archaeological site known as the Arikamedu on the banks of the river Ariyankuppam, one may simply sink into the peace and meditation of the location. Walking down the beach at Paradise is another soul-satisfying pastime.



Top Hotels In Pondicherry: Le Pondy

5-star property

Check-in:12:00 pm / Check-out:11:00 am

Average price: Rs 9000 onwards

The Le Pondy is a chic boutique hotel that is situated in the centre of Pondicherry’s historical area. Modern conveniences like free WiFi and flat-screen TVs are include in each distinctively furnished room. The hotel also features a bar, an outdoor pool, and a restaurant that serves French cuisine.

In Pondicherry, India, there is a resort called Le Pondy Resort. The resort offers a wide range of different accommodation types and suites, all of which are well equippe and come with all of the contemporary conveniences you would anticipate. There is a restaurant, bar, swimming pool, fitness centre, and spa at the resort as well.


What to do

Le Pondy offers a variety of amusing activities to its guests. One could just indulge in self-pampering, picking from ayurvedic health plans to cosmetic procedures. While observing your youngsters play and run about in the gaming area, concentrate on relaxing during yoga sessions.

In the end, Pondicherry is a fantastic destination to stay because of its history and architecture as a French colony. The Promenade, Club Mahindra, Puducherry, Radisson Resort, and Le PONDY are the top hotels in Pondicherry. These locations each have something special to offer and will make an impression on you.



Top Hotels In Pondicherry: Essential locations in Pondicherry

  • The War Memorial of France: A monument honouring the memories of French troops who gave their lives in World War I is known as the French War Memorial. For history lovers, the monument on Goubert Avenue is a must-see.
  • The Sri Aurobindo Ashram: If you enjoy spending time in a spiritual environment, you must visit this place. For those who are spiritually inclined, a visit to the ashram, which lies east of Pondicherry, is essential.
  • The Botanical Gardens are a must-visit for nature enthusiasts and are situated to the west of Pondicherry. A wide range of plants and flowers may be found in the gardens.
  • North of Pondicherry lies a township known as The Auroville. The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram created the settlement. For individuals who are interested in alternative lifestyles, the Auroville is a must-visit.
  • The beaches: Paradise Beach is one of the several beaches in Pondicherry. For visitors seeking to unwind and enjoy the sunshine, the beaches are a must-see.


5 must-do activities in Pondicherry

  • Visit Auroville
  • Stroll on the Promenade
  • Shop at the Raj Nivas Bazaar
  • Have a beach day
  • Go on a heritage walk





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