Tourist Destinations In South India For An Exciting Adventure

South India’s culture, traditional values, glistening beaches, and stunning environment captivate visitors. South India has several tourist destinations worth visiting, ranging from the backwaters of Alleppey to the sprawling plantations of Munnar, the stunning temple cities of Odisha, and the historic towns of Madurai and Thanjavur. We’ve selected tourist attractions in South India for sightseeing and exciting excursions.


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South India’s top 15 tourism destinations


#1 South Indian tourist destination: Gandikota

Gandikota is a small hamlet in the Kadapa District of Andhra Pradesh, next to the Penner River. Gandikota, one of the most calm tourist spots in south India, is a great retreat for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

You may take part in water activities at Owk Reservoir. Mylavaram Dam, Raghunatha Swamy Temple, Jamia Masjid, Gandikota Fort, and Pennar Gorge are the most well-known tourist attractions in Gandikota.

South Indian tourist destinations for an exciting adventure

Pollachi is the second best tourist destination in South India.

Pollachi is yet another hidden destination in southern India. It is around 40 kilometres from Coimbatore and offers lovely landscape.

In addition, the region provides a range of adventure activities. It boasts wonderful weather all year because to the cool air blowing from the Palghat Ghats.

The place has been use in various well-known south Indian films and advertisements. Additionally, Annamalai, located around 34 kilometres from Pollachi Town, is an excellent location for a picnic.

This area’s other major attractions are Arivu Thirukoil, Arulmigu Masani Amman Temple, Topslip Tiger Forest, Annamalai Wildlife Sanctuary, Anamalai Tiger Reserve, and many others. This south Indian tourist destination is well-known for its waterfalls and temples.


South Indian tourist destinations for an exciting adventure


South Indian tourism destination: Devbagh Beach

Devbagh Beach in southern Konkan is an overlooked destination where you may find calm. It also has a resort where you may rent private islands. Water sports such as kayaking, banana boat tours, snorkelling, and jet skis are also available.

You may rest on the bags along the beach while viewing the peaceful sunset on Devbagh Island from across the beach. This south Indian tourist destination is known for its calm beauty and attracts few visitors.

The beach is surrounded by a crystal-clear blue water, and the backdrop is gorgeous mountains covere with casuarina trees. This interesting island in the Arabian Sea is around 2 kilometres from southern Goa.

South Indian tourist destinations for an exciting adventure

Wayanad, Kerala is the fourth best tourist destination in South India.

Wayanad, one of Kerala’s most prominent hill stations, draws both nature enthusiasts and hikers. Numerous animal and bird species call the rolling hills and green forests home. The waterfalls also come alive with new vitality following the monsoons.

Wayanad’s dams and lakes are ideal for an afternoon picnic. Then there are the tunnels and temples that demand to be discovere in this tourist destination in south India.


 Best locations to visit in South India is Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu.

The highland town of Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu provides a pleasant respite from the humidity that is so prevalent in southern India. This misty-clouded hill village is fittingly called as the Princess of Hill Stations.

Aside from meandering trails for hikers, waterfalls to bathe in, and other activities, there are various lakes to spend the day at. The trees and flowers are peculiar in this area. If you plan your visit carefully, you might be able to see the Kurunji shrubs in bloom. A nighttime visit to the observatory transports you to another world.

South Indian tourist destinations for an exciting adventure

South Indian tourist destinations #6: Belum Caves

Belum Caverns, with a length of 3,229 metres, are the second-largest caverns on the Indian subcontinent. The Andhra Pradesh caverns, which are compose of black limestone and comprise huge corridors, chambers, and freshwater galleries, are one of the most popular tourist sites in south India.

Furthermore, the caves’ deepest point is 120 feet above ground level. If you are interested in history or architecture, plan a trip to Belum Caves to explore the uniqueness of this south India tourist destination.

South Indian tourist destinations for an exciting adventure

Varkala, Kerala is the seventh best location in South India.

Varkala Beach’s picture-perfect setting, which features a lengthy, winding length of rock and views of the Arabian Sea, will leave you speechless.

A concrete promenade wraps around the whole cliff’s edge, flanked by coconut palms, charming stores, beach shacks, housing options, and hotels.

A lovely beach is nestle away at the cliff’s foot, accessible by stairs from the rock’s peak. Varkala’s ranking as one of India’s best beaches is not surprising. It’s absolutely lovely!

South Indian tourist destinations for an exciting adventure

Athirapally Waterfall 

Athirapally Falls, a spectacular waterfall flowing from the Western Ghats’ Anamudi mountains, is located more than 60 kilometres from Kerala’s Thrissur district. The waterfall is known locally as the Bahubali waterfalls because of its splendour.

The waterfall, Kerala’s largest, is 330 feet broad and 80 feet high. The cascade flows through the Vazhachal Forest and into the Arabian Sea, earning it the moniker “India’s Niagara Falls.”

The view of the beautiful Sholayar Peaks above the waterfall is nothing short of spectacular. This South Indian tourist attraction offers a pool where you may relax and rest above the waterfall.

South Indian tourist destinations for an exciting adventure


Destinations In South India: Maravanthe Beach.

Kundapur has a beach that is 12 kilometres from the city centre and is so peaceful that this spot to visit in South India will just take your breath away.

Maravanthe Beach in Karnataka is one of the uncommon places to visit in South India, where you can see waves crashing on the coast on one side and the Kodachadri Hills providing a lovely backdrop for the Souparnika River on the other.


South Indian tourist destinations for an exciting adventure


Destinations In South India: Dhanushkodi is #10 on the list of places to visit in South India.

Dhanushkodi is a small seaside town in Tamil Nadu that has beautiful landscape and a small population.

In 1964, one of the worst storms to have hit India devastated Dhanushkodi. Nonetheless, Tamil Nadu has transformed this little settlement into one of the country’s most attractive and unique beach towns.

The beach community is distant, underdeveloped, and isolated from the rest of the world. This tourist destination in South India is one of the most beautiful beach towns in India, and its history attests to its magnificence and attraction.

South Indian tourist destinations for an exciting adventure


Destinations In South India: Halebidu is a popular tourist destination in southern India.

Halebidu, originally known as Dwarasamudra, is a city in Karnataka’s Hassan district. It is a city full with beautiful sculptures, shrines, and temples. The luxurious capital of the Hoysala empire once existed in this city, which is now in ruins. Halebidu is known as the “Gem of Indian Architecture” because of its Hoysala architecture and is home to beautiful Jain ruins as well as stunning religious complexes.

South Indian tourist destinations for an exciting adventure

Destinations In South India: Gokarna, Karnataka is the 12th best place to visit in South India.

Gokarna, a Hindu pilgrimage location in Karnataka, is well known for its beautiful beaches with white sand and swaying coconut palms. In addition to its beaches, Gokarna is home to both new and antique temples.

It is recognise as one of the best solo tourist locations in South India. Because of the religious significance of the town, there are several vegetarian-only eateries, although there are also seafood restaurants and a pub to chill in.

South Indian tourist destinations for an exciting adventure

Thekkady, Kerala is number 13 on our list of places to visit in South India.

The rustic style of life in Thekkady is a refreshing departure from city life. This hill region in south India has paddy farms, spice plantations, an ashram, and rolling hills bathed in lush foliage. The Periyar National Park is home to tigers, wild bison, and a vast range of other animal species. After trekking over the hills and smelling the smells of the spice plantations, you may take cooking classes and market tours.


South Indian tourist destinations for an exciting adventure


Destinations In South India: Araku Valley in Andhra Pradesh

Araku Valley, only a few hours’ drive from Visakhapatnam, is a popular weekend getaway destination in south India. The Vistadome train also provides a 360-degree perspective of the journey. The valley is well-known for its stunning natural scenery, distant tribes, and local coffee growers. For those eager for adventure, Araku Valley boasts a number of hiking pathways that loop around the hills.


South Indian tourist destinations for an exciting adventure


Destinations In South India: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 

Coimbatore is renowned as the “Manchester of South India” and is well known for its textile industry. This beautiful hill town in southern India serves as a rest stop on the way to Ooty and Kerala. People visit Coimbatore to relax, unwind, and live a leisurely lifestyle. While at one of the top tourist destinations in South India, see historical temples and museums and dine by the waterfalls.


South Indian tourist destinations for an exciting adventure



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