Trying to find a Vastu Plan for an East Struggling With 3BHK? Below are Some Excellent Tips!

Compared to the smaller sized towns, life in the city is different. Room is at a cost, and also, therefore, one needs to adapt to residing in a flat.

Today, building contractors construct flats with Vastu in mind. The Vastu for residence or cottage is various from that of Vastu for house or flat in an apartment building. Below are some Vastu tips for an east-facing 3 BHK level.

trying find vastu plan for east struggling with 3BHK

The location of the master bedroom is important in Vastu

Flat owners need to take a look at the 3 BHK layout with Vastu to guarantee that the master bedroom is situated in the southwest corner of the level.

Take note of the bathroom’s place

The 3 BHK house plan based on Vastu should position the restroom in the west or southern edge, as well as guarantee that the drains circulation in the north-east direction.

Drawing space is where the favorable power ought to be

While making certain the area of the attracting space in the northwest corner, one must put the home furnishings in the south and west directions, and provide optimal open space in the eastern as well as south directions.


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Guarantee the flow of positive power to the cooking area

The Vastu for 3BHK flat needs to envision the positioning of the kitchen area in the southeast instructions, with the kitchen countertop facing the eastern. The taps ought to remain in the north-eastern corner of the kitchen area.

The kitchen is entitled to more interest

The house owner must make certain to maintain the waste bins covered. The containers must be placed in the southwest corner of the kitchen.

Position the doors according to the Vastu for house

As an individual enters the house, the waves from the doors affect his/her mind. As a result, the doors need to always face the eastern or the north in any flat for the smooth flow of positive energy.

trying find vastu plan for east struggling with 3BHK

Make some area for the visitors

A 3BHK flat ought to have enough room for a guest room in the northwest instructions, as it is one of the most advantageous direction for unmarried ladies.

Balconies can assist in the circulation of positivity

The Vastu for house ideas recommends the positioning of the balcony in the east direction, as it’s one of the most encouraging positions for such an open space. Alternatively, the gallery can be in the north or north-east instructions.

The height of the rooms matters a lot

Vastu states that the elevation of the spaces in the north part of the 3BHK level should be much more by a minimum of 6 to 9 inches compared to the rooms on the southerly side. The home windows need to be at a minimum of three feet from the ground level.

Stay clear of purchasing apartments with unusual shapes

The suitable shape for any kind of level is square or rectangle. Room constraints could require builders to construct off-shaped flats. Stay clear of purchasing such apartments.

Every Indian ought to ensure that the level conforms to all Vastu for house norms. Following this 3BHK floor plan with Vastu can make sure the deflection of negative energies. Thus, with this 3BHK floor plan based on Vastu, you can take pleasure in positivity throughout, leading to joy, prosperity, and success in life.


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