Types Of Fire Extinguishers, How To Use & More For The Home

Kharghar Fire Extinguishers : In workplace buildings, shopping centers, and residential communities, fire extinguishers are a frequent sight. People’s safety is guaranteed in case of a fire disaster thanks to the installation of medium- to large-sized fire extinguishers at these locations. People are gradually coming to understand the value of putting these in their homes. Fire extinguishers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate various needs and price ranges. Prices for different types of fire extinguishers range, but their usage is generally the same. The majority of these are simple to use. Just a brief demonstration is required to comprehend how they work.


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Water Extinguishers

There are two distinct categories for water sprinklers. These are dry water extinguishers and normal water extinguishers, respectively. Let’s quickly review each of these to see what it has to offer:


Standard Water Extinguishers

Water is released from this style of sprinkler under extremely high pressure. It might even include specific compounds that improve its ability to put out the flames. It aids in putting out flames caused by class A fires. Fire on combustible materials, such as paper, cardboard, plastic, timber, cloth, and other solid materials, is included in this.

The fire extinguisher is entirely crimson in hue. Its imprint includes the phrase “water” or “aqua spray” in uppercase. Spraying it on gasoline fires and electrical equipment must be expressly forbidden.



Dry Water Mist Extinguisher

It helps put out almost all types of flames, making it one of the most helpful fire extinguishers. With their use, even the most challenging flames can be put out. As water exits the tube, it transforms into tiny, dry particulates. The fires are put out by these particles.

The hue of this kind of sprinkler is also all-red. The words “water mist” will be etched on it.


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Extinguishers for wet chemicals

Cooking oils and lipids are wet chemical extinguishers used to put out class F flames. By lowering their temperature, they put out flames that reach incredibly high temperatures. It shoots a detergent liquid that seals the surface and prevents the fire from rekindling. Spraying the solution gently and in a circular manner is recommended for optimal outcomes. The fire might re-ignite if it is not doused correctly. It has an expanded hose that makes fighting the flames much easier. Can also be applied to class A flames, though it might not be as successful.

It is forbidden to use this extinguisher to put out flames containing class B liquids. The words “wet chemical” are etched on these fire extinguishers.


Extinguisher for powder

Three kinds of powder canisters have also been established: ABC, L2, and M28. Let’s examine each variety in greater detail:


ABC Powder

This kind of extinguisher discharges a thermal blast-producing substance. The ingredients in the powder immediately extinguish the fires. It battles flames that fall under the A, B, and C categories. This implies that you can use this extinguisher to put out flames that involve objects, liquids, and gases. Because it is non-conductive, it is suitable for putting out electrical flames. However, it shouldn’t be applied to class F flames, like those brought on by cooking grease or lard. Additionally, it is recommended against using these extinguishers in small areas because they can be harmful if ingested.

This type of fire extinguisher has the terms “powder” and “ABC powder” engraved on it.


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Kharghar Fire Extinguishers: L2 Powder

They can be distinguished from ABC powder extinguishers by a unique pipe. They aid in the eradication of flames caused by combustible elements like lithium, sodium, and magnesium. A class D inferno is what it is. These extinguishers are situated close to industrial facilities. Any other kind of burning is ineffective with it. It should be kept away from electrical device flames in particular.


Kharghar Fire Extinguishers: M28 Powder

Additionally, it’s designed to put out fires involving flammable metals. It has characteristics similar to L2 powder. However, it must not be used on lithium as the reaction can be deadly in addition to electrical burns.


Carbon dioxide extinguisher

In order to put out flames containing flammable substances, CO2 has been specifically developed as a fire extinguisher. They are used to extinguish electrical flames in addition to class B fires. To extinguish the fires, they dispense with the air that is already present. They ought to be categorically forbidden from being used on blazes caused by heated cooking grease or lard. It can worsen the fire and cause harm if used on such class F flames.

The pipe on these devices is very dissimilar from that on other varieties of fire extinguishers. The fact that they leave no trace behind is the finest part. Thus, their use does not harm the environment or the apparatus. However, you must use it cautiously or you risk damaging your palms.

These devices have the word “Carbon dioxide” or “CO2” inscribed on them.


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Kharghar Fire Extinguishers: Extinguisher for foam

A foaming substance and water make up foam cannons. It is made to put out class A and class B flames. By creating a blanketing effect, it almost immediately extinguishes the flames. The vapours are enclose to prevent the fire from rekindling. However, there are different ways to apply this kind of sprinkler to class A and class B flames. To use the instructions properly, it is crucial to thoroughly study them. These shouldn’t be applied to any other types of flames. The use of them for electrical and frying pan flames must be outright forbidden.

This kind of fire extinguisher has the term “foam” written on it.


Kharghar Fire Extinguishers: Classification of Fire

Here is how fire has been classified into different groups:

  • Class A – This involves combustible carbon-based solids like wood, paper, and cloth.
  • Class B – This involves inflammable liquids, such as petrol, diesel, gasoline, turpentine and oils. However, this category does not include cooking oil.
  • Class C – This includes fires caused by combustible gases, such as methane, propane, and butane.
  • Class D – This involves the burning of metals, such as lithium, magnesium and aluminium.
  • Electrical Fire – This is cause by electrical appliances. It is denoted by the electric spark symbol.
  • Class F – This is cause by fats and cooking oils.


A Fire Extinguisher: How Do I Use One?

It’s crucial to get expert instruction before using a fire extinguisher. We’ve provided a succinct summary of how these devices are use below:

Step 1

You need to pull the pin in order to break the tamper seal.

Step 2

Point the nozzle at the fire’s base.

Step 3

Release the contents of the extinguisher by squeezing its handle.

Step 4

Until the fire gets doused, sweep the extinguisher at the base of the fire from side to side.


Kharghar Fire Extinguishers : Final thoughts 

To put out different forms of fire, numerous types of fire extinguishers have been developed. Some of them include extinguishers that use water, water vapor, chemicals, carbon dioxide, wet chemicals, powder, and froth. Before making a purchase, it is crucial to understand which type of fire extinguisher should be use in which situation. To use canisters effectively in emergencies, it is also necessary to understand how to use them properly. Purchase a refill for the fire extinguisher if you chance to use it so that it is always available for use.


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