Use These Vastu Kitchen Tips to Create the Perfect Space

Kitchens are an important part of every home, contributing to the occupants’ health and enjoyment. In India, people look to Vaastu for help in designing their kitchens so that they can create balance and harmony. Vastu for kitchen is a science that prescribes a set of crucial parameters that, when followed; improve the atmosphere of a place.

Many people think that a harmonious energy flow is created by strategically placing various equipment and designating cooking and storage areas. This energy has an immediate impact on the food that is cooked as well as the health of individuals who consume it.

Cooking used to be done in the courtyard using wood-fired stoves, and utensils were cleaned in a separate area of the home. Vaastu principles were developed based on the Sun’s position and wind directions. Many individuals continue to practice this even in today’s modular kitchens, with the cooking space being tiny and efficient without compromising the food or the cooking process.

The position of the kitchen, the direction it faces, and the placement of doors and windows are all factors that Vastu for kitchen considers. It also offers Vastu advice on kitchen color and equipment placement, including the location of the gas cylinder, refrigerator, and sink.

We’ve compiled a list of essential guidelines to help you bring positive Vastu into your kitchen.


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Colors for the kitchen Vastu

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms, hubs, or energy sources in your home. Cooking in the kitchen may be uplifting or soothing depending on how the color combinations react to the layout. Red to orange is the best kitchen colors.

The Vastu for kitchen color has two purposes. The first is to infuse your life with positive energy, and the second is to enhance the beauty and richness of your kitchen.

Saffron: Saffron is an excellent choice for people who cherish optimism and want to form strong bonds. Saffron is the greatest Vastu color for a kitchen in an east-facing home because it inspires people to take risks and reach their full potential.

White: White is the color of innocence and purity. The white kitchen provides a sense of calm to the entire family. It also helps to build more stable and trustworthy relationships. White may be used to generate Vastu for kitchens in the north-west.

Green: Choosing a Vastu color for the kitchen might be difficult. In green, on the other hand, you never make a mistake. It is both a natural emblem and a symbol of peace. You will have a serene atmosphere and be able to enjoy the essence of a calm existence if you paint your kitchen green. In the kitchen, the green color creates a sense of calm.


Kitchen Vastu


Pink: Pink symbolizes love and is a mood shared in the kitchen of a happy family. If you want to strengthen family bonds, paint your kitchen the color of love. People who get closer eat together and tell stories while they eat.

Brick red or orange: Brick orange might help you feel more alive and energized. This color may assist you conquer a variety of obstacles while also bringing riches into your house. This color is Vastu for a kitchen with a south-east orientation. Use the color brick orange in the kitchen to solve the problem.

Brown: Brown is a Vastu-friendly color for kitchens that brings warmth and pleasure into the home. Paint your kitchen brown to create a dynamic atmosphere. Brown is a good Vastu color for a kitchen in the north-west direction, as it creates a warm ambiance.

Yellow: Yellow is one of the numerous colors that are ideal for kitchens according to Vastu. It creates a positive atmosphere that will inspire everyone. It will contribute to your pleasure if you include it in your kitchen. This color is ideal for kitchens that aren’t exposed to direct sunlight.

Colors for kitchens in various orientations according to Vastu

Kitchen with an easterly orientation –

The ideal colors for the east are green, orange, and beige. Yellow, silver, gold, grey, and white are the worst colors to use.

Grey, gold, white, and silver are acceptable kitchen colors for a west facing kitchen according to Vastu. Colors like green, red, and orange must be avoided.

North-facing kitchen –

According to Vastu, the north is not the ideal orientation for cooking. However, if your kitchen faces north, you can use blue, grey, and green. For Vastu, avoid colors like red, orange, green, and yellow in the kitchen.

South-facing kitchen-

Red, beige, green, orange, yellow, and silver are appropriate kitchen colors for a south-facing kitchen according to Vastu. Blue, black, and grey are just a few colors to stay away from.

Kitchen Vastu in an East-facing home

In an east-facing house, the south-east corner is the best Vastu for the kitchen. In an east-facing house, the kitchen should be placed to the north-west. However, steer clear of the directions north, north-east, and west. The person cooking in a south-east facing kitchen should face east, whereas the person cooking in a north-west facing kitchen should face west.

Place the cooking stove, toasters, and oven in the southeast for optimal energy. The refrigerator and storage should be in the south-west direction, according to the Vastu plan, which is east-facing.

The ideal direction for a kitchen Vastu

Use These Vastu Kitchen Tips to Create the Perfect Space

Southeast or Northwest: For your kitchen, the Southeast or Northwest are suitable orientations. People used to use these corners for cooking on wood-fired stoves because hot gusts from the south-west to the north-east could not cause fire damage to the house. Because the fire element dominates the South-East corner, it is also seen to be the best.

Place your kitchen away from the northeast. A living area that opens into other rooms is an ideal choice with the early morning sun streaming in from the north and east. As a result, installing a kitchen there would be a waste of space.

Kitchen doors and windows Vastu    

The finest Vastu directions for kitchens are north, east, or north-east. If the countertops are position along these two sides in an L-shape kitchenette, the south-east orientation is regard a desirable placement. In this scenario, the entrance should be from the north or west.

Kitchen doors should open clockwise, as this is more convenient for most right-handed persons.

The kitchen windows should face east, allowing light to penetrate the space. It also aids in the removal of germs and odors from the kitchen, as well as dispelling the darkness. Early morning sunlight is said to be beneficial to one’s health, and UV rays help to keep the kitchen clean. Residents who are unable to step outside to enjoy the sunshine benefit from it as well.

Smaller kitchen windows might be install in the south. Because the kitchen produces a lot of aromas and cooking fumes that can be replace by fresh air, these windows provide additional ventilation and assist in cross-ventilation.

Vastu for the location of the kitchen cook stove

Use These Vastu Kitchen Tips to Create the Perfect Space

The cooking hob should be place in the kitchen’s southeast corner. Because an L-shape plan often employs two adjacent walls, it makes sense to place the hob there. You’ll be able to use the rest of the counter space for cooking and prep work.

Cooking with your back to the east is recommend. Women spend the most of their days in the kitchen, avoiding sun exposure and Vitamin D. As a result, this position is said to be ideal for soaking up the Sun’s beneficial rays.

Kitchen sink placement Vastu

Use These Vastu Kitchen Tips to Create the Perfect Space

The northeast corner is the best Vastu location for a kitchen sink. When there was no access to running water, big containers containing water were left expose to the sun. Water that is expose to the Sun’s UV rays destroys microorganisms and maintains it clean.

The cooking range and the sink should not be install together. Water and fire are diametrically oppose energies that cannot coexist.

Kitchen sinks should not be install where two worktops meet. The user finds the sink at this position to be inconvenient. Water from the sink should not leak or be waste.

Vastu for the location of a kitchen water filter

Water filters should be place at the northeast corner of the kitchen. The Sun’s rays enter the N-E side first, disinfecting and cleaning the water for drinking.

Kitchen appliance arrangement according to Vastu

Use These Vastu Kitchen Tips to Create the Perfect Space

  • Refrigerators should be kept in the kitchen’s south-west or north-west corner.
  • Install kitchen counters on the south-east walls.
  • Ovens and refrigerators should be place in accessible areas, such as S-W or N-W corners.
  • Microwave ovens should be at the south-east corner of the room. Microwaves, like stoves, can be install in this area.
  • Install exhaust fans along the east walls, but keep the cooking range and oven in the S-E corner. Place the chimney or exhaust fan in the easterly or opposite direction.

Storage in the kitchen according to Vastu

Use These Vastu Kitchen Tips to Create the Perfect Space

Storage of other food grains, dinnerware, silverware, and other goods is another important element of any Indian kitchen. Place your storage units or cabinets in the kitchen’s south or west directions. Additionally, store grains away from the east and north boundaries.

Kitchen Cabinet Vastu

Despite the fact that cabinets are an absolute need in any kitchen, their location may make all the difference. The placement of cabinets in any kitchen is crucial because it affects the flow of energy throughout the home.

  • Along the south and west kitchen walls, you may build as many cupboards as you like.
  • It’s possible that leaving unfilled space above kitchen cabinets will attract negative energy.
  • If plants or ornaments do not reach the ceiling, keep them in the kitchen cupboards.
  • In an east-facing kitchen, green and brown kitchen cabinets are trendy.
  • Cabinetry in the south and south-east should be red, pink, maroon, brown, and orange.
  • For western kitchen cabinets, silver and white are ideal colors.
  • For a north-facing kitchen, blue, brown, and green are suitable choices.

Vastu for the slab in the kitchen

Use These Vastu Kitchen Tips to Create the Perfect Space

Stone or marble, rather than granite, is a better choice for a kitchen countertop, especially in black. The color of the kitchen slab is determine by the kitchen’s orientation.

For an east-facing kitchen, a green or brown slab is acceptable.  A kitchen in the northeast, choose a yellow slab. For a kitchen in the south or south-east, choose brown, green, or maroon slabs. In a western kitchen, a yellow or grey slab is ideal.

Even while green is a good color for a kitchen slab in the north, it is preferable to avoid putting the kitchen there.

Tips on Vastu for kitchen design and décor

  • An all-white kitchen may make a space feel cold and sterile. The appearance of a kitchen should always be welcoming.
  • Building a lot of dark-colored cabinets might make the space feel tight and unpleasant.
  • Place the cooking platform according to Vastu principles. Avoid touching the north wall with platforms. Instead, extend it to the southern walls.
  • Instead of the east or north wall of the kitchen, place the loft on the south or west wall.
  • Placing a water-filled bucket helps to alleviate budgetary concerns. Keep a smaller clay pot if you can’t keep a huge one. Place the pot in the north or north-east corner, filled with water.
  • If you want a timeless design, avoid decorative ornaments since they will rapidly go out of style.
  • Dark colors should be avoid in a small kitchen since they make the space look smaller.
  • Cabinets that are higher and ceilings that are lower are not a good mix since one will impair the perception of the other.
  • To get the most natural light, make sure the windows face east or north.
  • Yellow, rose, chocolate, orange, or red should be use for the kitchen floor.
  • The main door should not be right in front of the gas stove in the kitchen.
  • A broom should never be use in the kitchen and should never be kept upright. At all times, keep it on the ground.

Finally, Vastu for Kitchens

In a home, there is much energy, but the kitchen is one that attracts the most astounding energy, both good and bad. You should follow these Vastu for kitchens rules if you want to improve the environment of your kitchen. To create a stable, cheerful environment, you may use Vastu for kitchens. Now that you know how to do it, choosing the right layout, direction, and color is a breeze.

Vaastu is a science base on age-old ideas that may be apply in real life. It may be use in modern kitchens and homes. If your kitchen isn’t in the optimum south-east position, don’t be alarm. It’s natural that no home is flawless.




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