Use This Checklist Before Purchasing Property Near A Water Body

Lakefront properties or bodies of water are increasingly popular as second residences for many people. These properties have recently been in high demand. However, there are a few considerations to take when purchasing a seaside home. Buying a home is a major life choice that only one individual makes. Let’s go over the checklist before purchasing property near a water body.


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What exactly is a Waterfront House?

A waterfront property, often known as a waterfront house, is one that is located on the shore of a beach, river, canal, or stream. The owners of such properties enjoy breathtaking vistas. However, such property will be quite expensive to purchase.


Checklist Before Purchasing a Property Near a Body of Water

If you are intending to buy a home near a body of water, here is a checklist to follow before making a purchase:

First, make sure the property is not in the buffer zone. A lake buffer zone is an area allocated for environmental protection surrounding a lake. In this zone, construction is absolutely forbidden. The lake buffer zone in Bengaluru is 30 metres surrounding the water body. Before purchasing a home near a body of water, make sure it is not inside the buffer zone!

Second, make certain that the property you intend to purchase is not within 25 metres of the Rajakaluve or a stormwater drain. Rajakaluves are passageways responsible for moving surplus water into a body of water, particularly during heavy rains or floods. Any obstruction of stormwater drains causes major issues in the city’s drainage system. Construction activity is absolutely forbidden within a 25-metre radius around Rajakaluve. Make certain that the property of your choice is not inside this range.

For instance, imagine you want to look up Karnataka. You may check the revenue map portal on the Karnataka Survey Department’s website to ensure that your property is not infringing on any buffer zones surrounding water bodies or stormwater drains. You may also use the Dishaank app to assist you in this area.


Purchasing Property Near A Water Body

Third, look to see whether any watercourses are marked near your survey number or on your land. If your property is adjacent to a canal or has any watercourse identified inside it, you will be in big trouble. When such borders are located within or next to a property, a buffer zone of 25 metres from the margin of the watercourse is required. This implies that half of your land may be within a buffer zone.

Also, establish whether the land you are purchasing is public or private. Both have their own set of rules and problems.

It is easy to be swayed by promoters or real estate brokers and purchase a home that may cause you problems in the future. As a result, it is always prudent to take caution. Before acquiring a beachfront property, double-check the land documentation.

Visit the revenue department’s website and use the portal’s maps to double-check your property’s location. If not, go to the department and clear your doubts with the officials. 


Building a House Near a Body of Water

State governments have special requirements for building a residence near a body of water. Another item to add to your checklist before purchasing a house near a body of water is: –



Rule ( Construction is prohibited in the following cases)

Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

  1. 100m from the boundary of the river outside civic body corporations within their limit and 50m within their limits. Irrigation and revenue departments are responsible for fixing the boundaries.

2.      30metre from the FTL boundary of lakes / tanks / kuntas of area 10Ha and above

3.       9 metre from the defined boundary of canal, vagu, nala, storm water drain of width more than 10 metre


From the river 15 metre. 

From pond or other notified bodies 15 metre

Madhya Pradesh

30 metre from rivers/lakes/ponds/canals or flood affected areas


Construction from 100 metres of Mahanadi Canal is prohibited


From boundaries of Ganga no construction is allowed within 200 metre


No construction is allowed within 45 metres of river

No construction is allowed in Green zone of Karnataka


15 metres from the edge of the river mark



Checklist of Documents to Gather Before Purchasing Property Near a Body of Water

Here is a list of paperwork to have on hand when buying a home in India:

  • The title deed
  • Purchase and sale agreement
  • Plan for building approval
  • Letter of possession
  • Khata accreditation
  • Certificate of completion
  • Letter of allocation
  • NOC to construct a house in the area
  • Certificate of Encumbrance
  • Revenue from property taxes


The Benefits and Drawbacks of Purchasing Real Estate Near a Water Body

Now that you know the checklist to follow before purchasing property near a body of water, it is critical to understand the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing property near a water source:



  • Property prices may rise: In most circumstances, the cost of a property near a body of water is greater. One of the reasons behind this is because there is little land available for property development surrounding these bodies of water. Property values in such places have risen over time. If you sell the property in a few years, it may be profitable.


  • Privacy: Due to the scarcity of housing alternatives, the privacy provided is unrivalled. A lake body is also positioned on one side of the property, providing further solitude.
  • Beautiful views: This is one of the reasons we acquire property near a body of water. The property provides breathtaking vistas around the clock. During the monsoon season, the greatest suggestion is presented. You may also enjoy the stunning dawn and sunset.
  • Stay fit: Properties near bodies of water may inspire you to live a healthy lifestyle since outdoor activities such as sailing, kayaking, fishing, and skiing are available nearby.




  • Additional rules: When you acquire a home near the sea, you are subject to a slew of rules. Various Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) and River Regulation Zone (RRZ) criteria must be met by your property.
  • High insurance premiums: Generally, the cost of house insurance is greater for residences near bodies of water. The risks are significant due to the likelihood of flooding, storms, and severe rainfall.
  • Corrosive factors such as salty air, mist, erosion, and humidity can have an affect on the interiors and exteriors of buildings. All of this will result in more house upkeep as compared to those in dry climates.


Vastu Tips for Purchasing Waterfront Property

Vastu advice should also be on your checklist before purchasing property near a body of water. Purchasing a home near a body of water may reduce stress and allow wonderful vibes to enter your life. If your house is oriented correctly according to Vastu, it will benefit you. If not, you may have to go through a difficult period in your life. Here is a table that illustrates where the water body should be: –


Water Body Direction


North east

Positively impact financial condition

South East

Damage to son


Money gain


Attracts money and happiness


Monetary gain



To summarise: Before Purchasing Property Near a Water Body, Create a Checklist

Living near a body of water not only provides beautiful vistas, but it is also beneficial to one’s physical and mental wellbeing. Purchasing a home near a body of water may be a dream for many people. However, there are a few factors to consider before acquiring a house near a body of water. We hope the checklist for buying a home near a body of water was useful in making your decision.




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