Vaastu Directions For Your Restaurant

Vaastu Directions For Your Restaurant: If you work in the restaurant industry, you are aware of how important location is. However, did you realise that the location of your restaurant has an influence on its business? Vaastu can help in this situation.


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  • Why is Vaastu Important for Your Restaurant?
  • Paint Colours Vaastu: How Paint Colours Influence Your Restaurant Business
  • Restaurant Exits and Entrances
  • Seating Arrangements in Restaurants
  • Kitchen, Storage and Their Setting in Restaurant
  • Plant Vaastu: Positive Impact from Plants at the Restaurant Business
  • Washrooms in Restaurant
  • Vaastu Tips to Growth-Optimise Your Restaurant
  • Placement of Water Bodies in Restaurant

This traditional Indian discipline, which has many applications for restaurants, focuses on achieving harmony and balance in your environment.

Let’s examine the Vaastu principles in more detail and see how they might be used to plan and run a restaurant.

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How Does Vaastu Affect Your Restaurant?

As a restaurant owner, you want to make sure that your space makes visitors feel welcome and offers a relaxing dining experience.

The Vaastu Shastra takes into account the Prana (continuous motion) or energy flow in a region. Vaastu may be used to help build restaurants in a way that promotes a tranquil, harmonious atmosphere that draws patrons back time and time again.



Vaastu is crucial for your restaurant for a number of reasons:


Vaastu can

  • help improve the flow of energy through your location.
  • aid in creating a more quiet and harmonious atmosphere.
  • help you attract customers back to your establishment.
  • Make a contribution to your company’s overall success.
  • Benefit from a broad sense of well-being owing to vaastu for both customers and workers.


Vaastu of Paint Colors: How Colors Affect Your Restaurant Business

By optimising energy movement in space, vaastu can help create a more tranquil and balanced atmosphere. This can enhance client retention and the overall profitability of your organisation.


Restaurant Environments

  • According to Vaastu, there are a few colours that have a particularly strong impact when employed in a restaurant environment.
  • For instance, painting the walls white might convey a sense of cleanliness and purity, which is crucial in a setting where food will be served. Another excellent colour for walls is blue since it encourages peace and tranquilly.
  • Always choose colours in the kitchen that encourage imagination and good energy flow.
  • The colour yellow is frequently recommended for this use since it promotes joy and happiness. Green (representing expansion and plenty) and blue are additional excellent choices (for calm and serenity).



For windows and doors, Vaastu advises selecting wood with tones like mahogany or brown.

This aids in establishing a strong barrier between the internal and outer areas, encouraging a feeling of security from harmful energy. You can experiment with the colour choices shown here for windows.





Finally, it’s crucial to take the energy flow of the room into account while selecting furniture for your restaurant. For instance, square tables are more suited to business meetings or formal dining settings, whereas circular tables encourage dialogue and community. Given its warmer energy, wood is typically regarded as being more positive than metal when it comes to materials.

According to Vaastu, a restaurant’s entry and departure are highly significant. To ensure a smooth and unbroken flow of energy, they should be placed in the proper location.

A restaurant’s main entrance should be placed in the east or northeast. Since this would bring a great attitude to the restaurant, the entryway should be warm and inviting. Customers will arrive with a happy attitude and be able to view the menu thanks to this.

For easy discharge of the negative energy, the outlet should be situated towards the west or southwest.


Restaurant Seating Arrangements

According to Vaastu Shastra, the seating configuration of a restaurant is crucial to the overall energy flow of the area. As north and east are the directions of peace and tranquilly, the seating area should be situated in one of these directions.

The arrangement of the furniture in a restaurant is equally crucial to take into account since it affects the energy flow. For instance, tables should be parallel to the walls so that diners may face one another. This promotes conversation and engagement among visitors.

A restaurant should be laid out in such a way that the energy flows freely all over the room. Making sure there are no sharp edges or impediments can help you do this.




Restaurant Kitchen, Storage, and Location

The kitchen is the centre of the restaurant’s functioning. And in accordance with Vaastu, the location of your kitchen can significantly affect how well your business does. Given that the southeast is where fire and energy are found, here is where it should be situated.

On the other hand, the storage room for the restaurant should face south-west. Make sure the storage area has adequate room for grain bags, oils, and veggies as these items are necessities in any restaurant.

The floor plan is one of the most crucial factors to take into account when designing the layout of a restaurant kitchen. After all, cooking and food preparation are both done in the kitchen.

It would be ideal to create a layout that enables a quick and effective workflow. This entails taking into account the positioning of particular appliances and the intended usage of the various kitchen spaces.


Kitchen Entrance

Another crucial place to take into account from a practical and Vaastu standpoint is the kitchen entry. The windows should be at the northwest corner, and the door in the southeast. These two focal points should be surrounded by all other appliances and storage.


Location of the kitchen sink

It’s critical to keep in mind that the kitchen sink is a water source when thinking about its placement from a Vaastu standpoint. One of the five elements connected to the northwest direction is water. Therefore, it is advantageous to situate the sink in the kitchen’s northwest corner. This will make sure that the water’s calming force is evenly distributed across the area.


Vaastu Directions For Your Restaurant : Location of the kitchen stove

When choosing where to place the kitchen stove from a Vaastu perspective, it is crucial to keep in mind that it is a source of fire. One of the five elements connected to the southeast direction is fire. So it makes sense to position the stove in the kitchen’s southeast corner. This will make sure that the fire’s uplifting energy is evenly distributed across the area.


Vaastu Directions For Your Restaurant: Location of the kitchen refrigerator

Vaastu and utility should both be taken into account when deciding where to put the kitchen refrigerator. Given that the northwest is the direction connected with water, the refrigerator should be placed there. This will make sure that the region receives an equal amount of the relaxing effect of the water. On the other side, to stop negative energy from entering, fridges should only be partially positioned across from the kitchen door.



Positive Effects of Plants in the Restaurant Industry, or Plant Vaastu

Those who are knowledgeable in vaastu think that plants may boost sales in eateries. This is so because living objects like plants exude positive energy that can draw in clients and provide good fortune.

  • Restaurants benefit greatly from some plants, including as
  • Holy basil (tulsi), neem (Indian lilac), and peepal (Ficus Religiosa).

These plants are renowned for enhancing moods and cleansing the air.


Advantages of plants

According to Vaastu, some ways that plants might enhance your restaurant company include:

  • Your restaurant might have a cosy ambience thanks to plants.
  • They may encourage the health and happiness of your employees and clients.
  • The energy flow of your restaurant may be improved by plants, resulting in a more favourable and effective atmosphere.
  • They can serve as organic decorations, enhancing the attractiveness and style of your restaurant.




Vaastu Directions For Your Restaurant: DOs and DONTs for plants

There are a few considerations to make when adding plants to the decor of a restaurant. in accordance with Vaastu principles. Following are some dos and don’ts:


Vaastu Directions For Your Restaurant – DOs

  • DO Pick plants that have a pleasant energy, like bamboo, aloe vera, or basil.
  • Plants should be placed in key areas like the dining room or close to the entryway.
  • Make sure the plants are taken care of and maintained.


Vaastu Directions For Your Restaurant – DONTs

  • Place plants away from areas where they could obstruct traffic, such as the kitchen.
  • Avoid plants that are toxic or prickly.


What plant ought to be kept at a restaurant?

According to Vaastu, the following plants are some of the best to include into a restaurant’s design:

  • Bamboo is renowned for clearing the air and encouraging a good flow of energy. It also represents power and riches.
  • Devil’s ivy, often known as the money plant, is thought to bring luck and riches. Additionally, it is renowned for eliminating bad energy and cleaning the air.
  • The snake plant is renowned for clearing airborne pollutants and fostering a pleasant energy flow.


Where Can Plants Be Kept?

In a restaurant, Vaastu suggests keeping plants in a few specific locations. One should be close to the entrance since this will make the area feel cheery and welcome to visitors. Additionally, plants can be positioned in the eating area as they support health and wellbeing.


Restaurants Keeping Artificial Plants

According to Vaastu, having fake plants in a restaurant is not beneficial. They are frequently composed of metal or plastic, two substances that might obstruct the transmission of energy. They may also release harmful energy, which might hurt both visitors and workers.



Vaastu Directions For Your Restaurant: Toilets at a restaurant

According to Vaastu Shastra, a restaurant’s restrooms and toilets must be situated in the northwest or west. It is never advisable to place them towards northeast since it is unlucky. Additionally, as bathrooms and toilets are thought to be sources of bad energy, doors to those facilities should always be kept locked.

When squatting, the toilet seats should be facing east or north. The body is in alignment with the magnetic field of the earth in this posture, which facilitates more efficient toxin release. In order to maintain the restroom and toilet area clean and odor-free, it is also crucial to guarantee enough ventilation.


Tips for Vaastu to Grow and Improve Your Restaurant

It’s crucial to have an atmosphere that supports this if you want to make sure that your business is ready to expand. After all, creating the correct environment may significantly impact a business’ ability to draw in and keep consumers.

When it comes to establishing the appropriate ambiance for your restaurant, there are a few important considerations. First, you must find the ideal balance between comfort and functionality. The layout of the room should be such that efficiency is maximised without sacrificing comfort.

It’s crucial to establish a setting that accurately represents your business identity. This entails taking into account everything from the furniture and colour design to the music and lighting. By doing this, you may provide guests a dependable and seamless experience that will enhance their perception of your restaurant.

Finally, keep in mind that the atmosphere of your restaurant should change frequently. The atmosphere of the room should evolve and expand with your company. By keeping things interesting, you can make sure that guests continue to find your restaurant to be a fun and welcoming place to eat.




Water Bodies’ Location in the Restaurant

The element of water is significant in both Vaastu and feng shui. Water features like water fountains are said to have a favourable impact on a restaurant’s bottom line.

East or northeast of the restaurant is the best place for a water feature since it will encourage development and fresh beginnings. But adding a water element to the restaurant’s southwest corner is also said to be advantageous since it will bring money and fortune.

It is crucial to think about a water feature’s size, form, material, and water flow if you intend to instal one in your restaurant. Additionally, in order to create a peaceful and encouraging environment, it is crucial to carefully organise the location of water features.

A restaurant’s success can be determined by vaastu principles. Incorporating factors like appropriate direction, layout, and energy flow can help you create a calming and welcoming environment that will draw consumers in and keep them coming back for more.






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