Various Types Of Cranes Used In The Construction Industry

Various Types Of Cranes Cranes are classified according to their mobility.

  • Cranes have a long history, dating back thousands of years, and they have always played an important role in construction and other sites.
  • Which had previously relied on a manual pulley system, began to be powered by an engine and operated by humans during the Industrial Revolution, when they became an essential part of the global modernization process.
  • Cranes of various types are now used for nearly every construction or industrial project imaginable, and each one is optimised for a specific function within the industry.
  • In order to assist you in making the best possible purchase, we have included a rundown of the various types of cranes, both mobile and fixed, as well as their primary functions.

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Crane types: What are mobile cranes?

Mobile cranes are more mobile than standard cranes because they are mounted on crawlers or wheels. Some mobile cranes are so portable that they can even be transported on highways. Because of their versatility and ability to move freely around construction sites while carrying a significant amount of weight, mobile cranes are an extremely popular piece of equipment to have on hand for a wide range of projects.

In order to assist you in making the best possible purchase, we have included a rundown of the various types of cranes, both mobile and fixed, as well as their primary functions.


Mobile crane types

There are several types of mobile cranes, each of which is optimised for a specific application.


Type of work Cranes of this type include:


Deck crane transport

The pick and carry crane was invented in the 1980s, but its successor, the carry deck crane, is a more recent development. These cranes are more easily transported than others due to their small size, four wheels, and ability to rotate 360 degrees. Carry deck cranes have become common fixtures on many construction sites due to their portability, ease of setup, and ability to move in and out of tight and wide spaces.

Various Types Of Cranes Used In The Construction Industry

Crane on wheels

Crawlers, as opposed to deck cranes, are vehicles that move along tracks. Crawlers are propelled by a special undercarriage with rubber tracks in place of wheels. With tracks can operate on unimproved or soft surfaces without collapsing, albeit with a reduced turning radius.

Because of their retractable arms, crawler cranes can adapt to a wide range of landscapes. Crawlers, on the other hand, are bulkier, require more specialised installation, and cannot be transported between sites; thus, they are better suited to long-term projects.



Floating crane

These floating cranes, also known as crane ships or crane vessels, are used in maritime settings such as ports and oil rigs. These cranes have been around since the mediaeval era, and thanks to constant technological advancements, they have served the construction industry over the years.

Sheerleg cranes and semi-submersible cranes are just two of the modern types of floating cranes available. However, the only real distinction between floating cranes and land-based cranes is their operating location.

Various Types Of Cranes Used In The Construction Industry

Crane for rough terrain

As their names suggest, these cranes are used for pick-and-carry tasks both on and off the road. A rough terrain crane looks similar to a crawler crane, but its undercarriage is equipped with four massive rubber tyres and, in most cases, four-wheel drive. Rough terrain cranes also have telescoping platforms and outriggers to increase stability while also making manoeuvrability much more controllable in confined and uneven spaces.


Crane on a truck

A truck-mounted crane’s main components are the carrier (the truck) and the boom (arm). They don’t require any special arrangements or transportation mechanisms to hit the road because of how they’re built.

Because they are equipped with counterweights and outriggers, cranes mounted on trucks can move gently while carrying a heavy load. You can hire a specialised truck-mounted crane to inspect, maintain, or build a bridge.




Crane types: What are fixed cranes?

Because fixed cranes are typically permanently installed in a single area. The majority of them must be transported to the construction site and installed before they can be used. Fixed cranes are less mobile than mobile cranes. But they compensate for this by being able to hoist heavier weights to greater heights. These cranes are intended to remain in one location throughout the duration of a project.


Fixed crane types

There are several types of fixed cranes used in construction and other environments, including the following:


Overhead crane/bridge crane

A bridge crane, also known as an overhead crane, is a large. Heavy-duty crane that is commonly used in construction and other similar settings. The crane’s hoist (raising mechanism) moves along the bridge, lending credence to the term “bridge crane.” Two metal beams span the load and anchor the crane. Overhead cranes are classified into two types.


Various Types Of Cranes : Gantry

The gantry crane is a type of overhead crane that is sometimes confused with the more common name. A gantry crane, for example, is built on a track and supported by two a-frame steel legs. Whereas a bridge crane is supported by a single steel beam.



Various Types Of Cranes : Crane Jib

Bridge cranes are also available in jib crane configuration. Cranes that are permanently positioned over a workplace are commonly used for repeated activities. The jib can be attached to a wall or a column on the floor and moved in tandem with the hoist.


Crane with a hammerhead

Hammerhead cranes are not uncommon on construction sites. This crane employs a horizontally mounted swivelling lever supported by a stationary tower. The extended front portion of the arm supports the trolley, which is balanced by the rear section.

Racking is another option for hammerhead cranes that allows the trolley to move forward and backwards along the crane arm. These cranes must be assembled on-site and can be quite heavy when finished.

Various Types Of Cranes Used In The Construction Industry



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