Vast workplace tips to bring stability to work News suggests some advice to follow Vastu Shastra in your workplace to guarantee success, 1 bhk flat or rent in kharghar luck and fortune in your profession.

1 BHK Flat on Rent in Kharghar people also want to make sure their workplaces stick to the rules of Vastu Shastra, to bring in luck and wealth. It is assumed that Vastu will play a role in all that you do in the workplace, from sustaining cash flow to market continuity. Really, Vastu will also add financial stability and overall well-being to your workplace if properly practised. We dive through several important Vastu instructions to assist you with this, which you can obey at your workplace.

Vastu Office Work Place Tips

Seating arrangement tips from Vastu

Department-wise arrangement for seating

  • Entrepreneurs should sit facing the north, east or north-east, as development and new beginnings are supposed to be supported by these directions.
  • To ensure proactivity, individuals who are in promotion or distribution should face the path of the north-east. They will sit in a northwesterly direction as well.
  • Account department officials should sit in the south-eastern corner and face the direction of the northeast.

For administrators and owners, seating arrangement

  • Individuals in managerial positions should have a cabin in the western direction and face the north-east direction.
  • Owners of companies should sit facing the east or north. Often, behind the seat there should be a concrete wall and not a wooden divider or curtain.
  • Administrators, supervisors and managers can sit in the office’s south-west, south or west corner. It would continue us make more choices for the workforce.

Arrangement of Executive Seats

When employed in the workplace, 1 bhk on rent in kharghar, staff would face the north or east, as it increases productivity. Employees do not sit directly under a ray of light. If it is necessary, so a wooden board should be used to protect it.

Vastu tips for entry to the office

  • The north or north-east or north-west direction should be the approach to the workplace.
  • These instructions are known as auspicious and carry good outcomes.
  • The direction of the lord of riches is also known as the north direction. It will also assist you in speeding up financial revenues.

Vastu tips for office and interior design

The northern direction is governed by the god of wealth, 1 bhk flas on rent in kharghar navi mumbai according to Vastu guidelines, while the north-east direction is indicative of the financial health of a person. To ensure good financial wellbeing, you should hold a mirror or Kuber Yantra in the northern direction or on the northern wall of the office.

In the north-eastern direction, 1 bhk rent in kharghar particularly in front of the office desk, avoid piling up finished products. To ensure smooth clearance of unsold stock, you may position these products in the north-western direction.

To keep financial records, 1 bhk flat for rent in kharghar put your safe in the south-west corner of the office. To guarantee prosperity, the safety should face the north-eastern direction.

Vastu Tips for Office Reception

  • The reception should be constructed in the north-east or eastern direction of the workplace.
  • The receptionist, facing north or east, must be standing.
  • The logo or the business profile should be on the reception area’s southern wall. Vastu also states that the front door of the office should be diagonally positioned on the reception counter.
  • It is possible to have French lavender flowers or green jade flowers in the reception room. A four leaf clover plant can be stored at the door, too.

Vastu Office Work Place Tips

Vastu tips for the office pantry / canteen area

  • The pantry should be installed in the south-eastern direction.
  • It should not be situated in the north, at any expense.
  • The pantry ‘s walls will have colours such as light blue or green and it is even possible to hold plants in the pantry.

Vastu’s tips for organisational washrooms

  • Washrooms are known to contain energy that is harmful or unpleasant. So, making the location of the washroom correct is really critical.
  • The lavatory should be in the western or north-western direction.
  • There should never be washrooms in the east, north-east or southeast directions.

Vastu Office Staircase Tips

  • The staircase may be designed to the south or south-west.
  • In the middle of the office, there should be no stairs, since this will lead to financial runoff.
  • It is possible to have plants at the corners of each step.

Tips for your office desk and cabin Vastu

  • Place the mountain scenery behind the chair in your cabin.
  • For improved ties with your colleagues and superiors, you may also put a turquoise pyramid on the desk.
  • Keep a tidy and clutter-free area.
  • Do not let unimportant items on your desk pile up.
  • Holding notes and books tucked inside.
  • Throw ruined stationery away as it serves as a barrier to economic growth.

Vastu tips for the office ‘s choice of wall colours

For wall paint and décor, often use vibrant colours as it promotes positivity, shows light, and holds negative vibes at bay. For your workplace, here is a colour guide:

Blue: This colour makes the overall atmosphere full of optimistic vibes and joyful. For the southern wall, you should use this colour.

Green: Use various colours of green colour as working associations are advantageous. Paint a green colour on the south-western wall to foster peace in the community of the building.

White: Use varying colours of ivory, cream and yellow on the corners and walls of the south-east, east, north-east and north-west.

Red and pink: Office interiors are not usually decorated in red and pink shades, but you can use these colours on the southern walls if you like.


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