Vastu Advice For Prosperity And Happiness

Vastu Advice : This article provides Vastu recommendations for riches and happiness if you’re seeking for ways to bring joy and success into your house.

We all want our families to be happy and successful, and we will go to any extent to make that happen. Many people, however, are unaware that Vastu Shastra may have a substantial impact on one’s health and prosperity. There will be no evil energy in the house if you keep the Vastu of your home in good order, and happiness and wealth will continue to exist. This article provides Vastu recommendations for riches and happiness if you’re seeking for ways to bring joy and success into your house.


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10 Vastu-based prosperity and happiness suggestions




The front door welcomes both positive energy and money resources into the house. As soon as feasible, make this place Vastu-compliant. The house’s front door should be on the north or east side of the structure. Include religious symbols like an image of the goddess Lakshmi in the space’s décor, and, most importantly, keep your home clean and orderly, particularly the doorway.


Vastu advice for prosperity and happiness

Paintings and other decorative items

Artwork, showpieces, and sculptures may have a significant influence on a person’s financial well-being, interpersonal ties, and physical health in addition to boosting the aesthetic appeal. Paintings depicting waterfalls, flowing rivers, and goldfish are quite popular and bring in a lot of money. To boost your chances of landing a job, hang artwork showing an endless voyage, foreign currency, flying birds, running horses, and racing bicycles or cars. Good luck symbols such as tortoise figurines, Buddhas, and Ganeshas are all used to their utmost capacity. Wind chimes hung from the ceiling are a fantastic Vastu tip for riches and pleasure.


Vastu advice for prosperity and happiness

A neat and tidy surroundings

This Vastu Shastra principle is widely followed. Whether you want to bring money, health, or luck into your life, Vastu says you should keep your house clean and ordered all of the time. Positive energies connected with riches, good health, peace, and good fortune grow in a clean atmosphere. The more organised and clutter-free you keep your home, the better the energy flow will be.


Vastu advice for prosperity and happiness


Vastu Advice : Kitchen with plenty of light

The kitchen is suppose to be the beating heart of any house. To maintain your family’s health, your home must be well-organize and well-ventilated. The kitchen should also be painted in a neutral colour such as white, yellow, green, red, or blue, according to Vastu experts. Use the same colour for the cabinets and doors to rid the house of any negative energy.


Vastu advice for prosperity and happiness


Vastu Advice : Any water leaks should be repaired.

There should be no leaks in any section of the house, including the kitchen, exterior spaces, and the garden, according to Vastu Shastra’s money principles. Leakage is defined as a growth in money affluence that leads to a loss of financial stability. As a result, one of the most important Vastu tips for prosperity and happiness is to fix or remove any leaks as quickly as possible. Water leaks should always be avoided, especially during the rainy season.


Vastu advice for prosperity and happiness

Vastu Advice : Remove any damaged items.

Unless it’s absolutely necessary, keep broken objects out of the house. Remove any broken items as quickly as possible, whether it’s a shattered mirror, a broken window, or even broken furniture. Broken things restrict the free flow of beneficial energy.


Vastu advice for prosperity and happiness


Vastu Advice : Ventilation from both sides

When building your home, make sure that the doors and windows are positioned such that air can easily flow through them and that there is adequate cross ventilation. This will readily allow positive energy to spread throughout the entire home, in addition to keeping everyone in the house healthy.


Vastu Advice : Organizing your storage space

Many households build an extra storage to save stuff they only need once in a while. Please make the most of your storage space by meticulously organising it. Having a single crowded space scattere with stuff is not a smart idea. Positive energy will be contain and unable to flow as a result. To keep track of the stuff you’ve kept and arrange them in a welcoming and orderly manner, create small, compact storage rooms around the house.


Vastu Advice :  Water element in a miniature garden

You might want to explore constructing a little garden in your own house if you have the room. The garden should have a pebble walkway and a water fountain. The water in the fountain should never become stagnant while it is running. Positive energy is more easily disseminated as a result of these two variables. A garden attracts prosperity, good health, and happiness. The fountain, and maybe the entire garden, should be situated in the house’s north-eastern corner.


Vastu advice for prosperity and happiness


Vastu Advice : erect a Buddha statue

A Buddha statue represents peace and harmony. Its symbolism also includes prosperity. As a result, ensure that you have at least one Buddha statue in your home. You could even have life-size statues in your yard or house that you constructed yourself. The statue, when properly positioned, would not only add wealth, harmony, and peace to the home. But it would also add a great deal of aesthetic value.


Vastu advice for prosperity and happiness




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