Vastu Advice : Remove Negative Energy From Your House

Remove Negative Energy: Our house serves as a retreat for relaxation, reconnection, and refuelling. As a result, it’s critical that we eliminate any bad energy from our houses and fill them with positive energy. To help you turn your home into a happy, positive place, we are providing you with vastu recommendations.

Good and evil, light and dark, or positive and negative energy are the building blocks of life. As you traverse this duality, you will encounter numerous difficulties and gain valuable insights. This dualism includes casting out negativity. In addition, humans also let out bad energy by harbouring unfavourable attitudes like jealously, criticising other people, arguing, gluttony, and sloth, among others. It is important to keep in mind that we are always striving to be better people and that our actions have an influence on the world. There are a number of warning signs that negative energy may be present in your surroundings.



Your house should be your first stop if you’re seeking for strategies to get rid of bad vibes from your life. The environment where a person lives should be a haven, a place to unwind, reconnect, and refresh. Your life and lifestyle will be significantly impacted by the energy in your home. It significantly affects your relationships and outlook as well.

Decide to identify and eliminate any bad energy from your house in order to create serenity, optimism, and happiness. Learn how to recognise negative energy and the finest vastu remedies for getting rid of it.

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How Can I Tell If My House Has Negative Energy?

The following warning signs point to the existence of negative energy in the planet.

  • It becomes challenging to accomplish the required successes and achievements.
  • You usually feel worn out and lack drive despite having several possibilities.
  • Unable to use good judgement.
  • Thinking a bad idea.
  • Despite therapy, a family member’s chronic medical condition has not improved. On occasion, we cannot cure a family member’s disease.
  • Being perpetually trapped or losing good opportunities just as they are ready to produce rewards.
  • Family members who, in response to a little occurrence, behave erratically, unreasonable, or unpredictable.
  • Ongoing disputes amongst family members or employees.
  • Strange and inexplicable things happen in the house, like evil spirits or black magic.


How Can Negative Energy Be Removed?

Use these quick fixes to purge the bad vibes from your house.

One of the finest vastu ideas for warding off bad energy is to keep your home’s inside and front entrance tidy. Clean interiors and exteriors deflect bad energy and provide a positive first impression. The entryway to your home should be frequently cleaned. Here’s how to go about it.

  • With a solution of water, lemon juice, white vinegar, and salt, clean the windows and doorknobs.
  • Sprinkle sea salt and then cover it with a doormat at all entrances to prevent negative energy from entering the building.
  • Add a little sea salt to the water when mopping the floor (except on Thursdays) to get rid of bad energy.
  • Keep salt in the toilet and bathroom of the house, in a glass or cup.
  • If a husband and woman are having marital issues, such as fighting or mental illness, placing a lump of rock salt at the corner of the bed may be therapeutic. Any negative energy will be eliminated after a few months, at which point you should switch out the rock with a fresh one.


How to Remove Negative Energy from Your Home

Air everything out:

One of the vastu techniques for removing bad energy from our surrounds is to get rid of the toxic air in homes. The most straightforward approach to do this is to enable ventilation in your house by opening windows that help draught the air and keeping the window open even on windy days.



Install more mirrors:

The best and simplest technique to get rid of bad energy in your home is to add more mirrors. Your home’s good energy may be increase by strategically placing mirrors around the space, which will also help you relax and create a better ambiance. However, try to avoid anything with sharp edges.


Remove odd artwork and artefacts:

Unusual art and artefacts should be remove since bad energies intensify if they are there. Examples are paintings that depict family strife or sadness. Strange buildings or artefacts, like the Taj Mahal, give your home a bad atmosphere.


Keep salt in the corners:

It’s said that if you sprinkle salt in each of your home’s four corners, it will absorb all of the frigid energy that the previous owners left behind. You can vacuum the salt or discard it after 48 hours.


Get rid of sharp corners:

Get rid of sharp angles and corners in your home. This is one of the key vastu ideas for warding off bad energy. Although it is difficult, rounding the bends is beneficial. How to clear the region of the bad energy is still an open subject, though. It is suggested to use round-shaped lamps or decorate the area with round accents like flowers, tables, and jewellery boxes to direct all forms of positive energy your way.



Bell in the room:  

Hanging a bell in the room or even the entryway is an option. The sound vibrations from the bell will clear the house of any bad energy that could be there. This is regarded as a powerful way to eliminate any kind of bad energy.


Paint the space yellow:

One vastu suggestion for removing bad energy is to paint the place a bright colour, like yellow. Yellow is one of these colours that reflects unfavourable energy. Yellow always conveys a sense of prominence and friendliness in a space from an interior design perspective.


Discard damaged items:

Spending time with things that are no longer helpful should be avoided. These items might be anything from a little pen to an old chair. Whatever you no longer need, you must get rid of. This helps you change your focus away from negative energy and purges it from your home.


Spray some orange essential oils about your house:

A perfume that makes people grin is orange oil. Additionally, it improves your spirits while purging your surroundings of all negativity. You may either distribute the drips or use a spray to get the same result. Knowing which fruit to choose can help you get rid of any negative energy in your surrounding vicinity.


Remove Negative Energy- Reduce clutter:

One of the finest vastu strategies for reducing bad energy is to reduce clutter. Items typically contain a lot of negative energy, which might halt your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical development. Why not organise the clutter as it causes us to feel anxious and worn out?



Space defence using crystals:  

Space defence using crystals:   So it’s a great idea to learn how to use tourmaline to remove any bad energy from your house.


Sage and incense sticks are burn:

To reduce negative energy and promote a healthy, energetic life, burn dhoop and agarbatti in every nook and corner of the house. Try burning sage and dispersing the smoke anticlockwise around the entire structure to get rid of bad karma.


Remove Negative Energy- Salt:

When someone is ill, you can decrease bad eyes by holding a pinch of salt in your palm and passing it over their head three times (can be done for 2-3 days at a stretch). Each time you move the salt around the head, discard it.


A Summary Of How To Remove Negative Energy

When negative energy creeps into the house, bad things happen. These energies will have an impact on your relationships, bodily health, and mental health if they stay in your house for an extended period of time. Use the aforementioned vastu ideas for removing bad energy and bringing a pleasant aura into your house to prevent these issues. The house becomes a shrine where you may unwind, revive, and enjoy time with your loved ones thanks to positive energy. Turn to professionals who can help you with their understanding if these Vastu techniques don’t successfully reduce negativity.





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