Vastu Advice to Place Ganesha at Your Home

Place Ganesha at Your Home: Lord Ganesha is regarded by Hindus as Vighnaharta, the destroyer of all difficulties. As a result, every devoted Hindu will have an image or statue of Ganesha in their home. According to Vastu Shastra, the placement of the Ganesha idol or photograph is extremely important. By positioning the idol properly, you can remove barriers, ensure your health, and enjoy success in life.

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How to Place a Ganesha Idol Correctly

Vastu Advice to Place Ganesha at Your Home

Importance of Lord Ganesha

Each of Lord Ganesha’s distinctive characteristics has great significance in life. To bring harmony and wealth to the home, one can adopt the traits that the Lord possesses.

  • Large head: Positivity and big thinking
  • Talk less and listen more with big ears and a small mouth.
  • Smaller eyes: Better concentration
  • Single tusk: Focus on the positive aspects of life and overlook the negative ones.
  • Long trunk: Strong and adaptable
  • Protecting and removing difficulties from life are blessings
  • Big Stomach: Able to digest both beneficial and negative aspects of life.
  • Modak – Benefits of making amends

Vastu Advice

Vastu Advice to Place Ganesha at Your Home

Here is some important Vastu placement advice for your Ganesha statue or idol at home:

 Importance of Color

The colors of Ganesha statues vary. People who want to progress personally can think about getting a vermilion Vastu Ganesha image or idol. White also stands for wealth, calm, and pleasure. These attributes can be attain by putting a white Vastu Ganesha image on the wall.

Importance of Idol Position

Vastu Advice to Place Ganesha at Your Home

Lalitasana, or a sitting position of the Lord, promotes calm within the four walls of the house. Go for a Ganesha statue that is curled up if you want prosperity, elegance, and pleasure.

Relevance of Trunk Position

Vastu Advice to Place Ganesha at Your Home

According to Vastu Shastra, the Lord’s trunk should lean to the left since it represents achievement and joy in life. The trunk’s inclination to the right represents the strength of the sun. Being difficult to please, one must carefully perform religious rites in order to worship such an idol.

Importance of Direction

Vastu Advice to Place Ganesha at Your Home

The North is the home of Lord Shiva, the father of Lord Ganesha. Therefore, it is best to position your Vastu Ganesha idol facing north. The west and north-west are other advantageous directions. Avoid the south as much as possible since it is unlucky. Similar to this, the main door of the house should be facing the face of the Vastu Ganesha picture or the back of the Vastu Ganesha idol.

Relevance of Number

More than one Ganesha idol shouldn’t be kept in the same house because doing so can irritate the Siddhi and Riddhi and hence work against their powers.

Importance of the Small Details

Vastu Advice to Place Ganesha at Your Home

Ganesha images include the mouse, which symbolizes the Lord’s chariot. The Modak is a representation of offerings made to Lord Ganesha. Make sure that your Vastu Ganesha idol or photo contains these criteria.

Relevance of Position

Vastu Advice to Place Ganesha at Your Home

Where not to place the Ganesha statue at home should be known. Placing the idol underneath a stairway, a garage, a bedroom, or a bathroom is unlucky.

Vastu Shastra is extremely important to our daily existence. Household serenity and wealth can be attain by devotedly adhering to the Vastu guidelines. Ganesha, the Hindu god, is omnipotent. For the home to be prosperous, peaceful, and conducive to good health, it is crucial to follow the proper Vastu principles.






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