Vastu For Elephant Images : Elephant Vastu Benefits & Placement

Vastu For Elephant Images: Having elephant images or figurines in one’s office or home is extremely auspicious. Here’s how to align these artefacts with vastu to reap the benefits.

Elephants are revere as symbols of good fortune and contentment in India and other parts of Asia. They are admire for being powerful as well as wise. Elephant images in the home or workplace are beneficial according to Vastu Shastra. You must know which poses to choose and which direction to keep these artefacts in order for them to bring good energy into your home or office.

Elephants play a significant role in Vastu. Elephant statues are commonly kept at home. However, in order to bring prosperity, good health, and enlightenment, elephant figurines must be place in accordance with Vastu guidelines.

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Elephants are important in Hindu mythology and are frequently use as decorative pieces because they represent strength, dignity, and grandeur. Ganesha, the elephant-headed God, bestows blessings and aids in the removal of obstacles. There is a long-held belief that the Buddha is associated with elephants. When you have an elephant figurine nearby, fewer things get in your way. The beautiful elephant chariot of Indra and Lakshmi represents omniscience and monarchical authority.

The elephant figurine is significant according to both Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra. Elephants represent strength, knowledge, fortune, and procreation in Feng Shui. Elephant sculptures and paintings are frequently use to bring luck into a home.

Here’s how to incorporate elephant statues or figurines into your home decor in accordance with Vastu principles to reap the most benefits.



Elephant Images in the Home/Office and Their Vastu Importance

A decorative elephant statue should be place in the foyer or entryway of your office or home, according to Feng Shui and Vastu. If you want to attract good luck and energy, face your elephant statue north.

Elephant images that are Vastu-compliant can be display anywhere in the house. In the form of statues, paintings, and throw pillow covers, you can place them in front of your front door, bedroom, study, and other areas. Placing elephant images or paintings in your office or study, for example, promotes harmony and attracts wealth.

Elephant effigies are considere talismans of prosperity, enlightenment, and authority in many cultures. Vastu and Feng Shui practise focuses on arranging objects to encourage a harmonious exchange of energy. For example, displaying elephant sculptures at a home’s front door boosts the energy of the space. Here are some reasons why using elephant images to decorate your home or office is a good idea:


House Entrance:

Because elephants are revere as protectors and saviours, displaying sculptures at the main door is said to bring good fortune to the residents. If your front door is large enough, you can even put a couple of elephants with raised trunks inside. A Gajalakshmi statue (the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi astride a white elephant) can also be place in the northeast corner of the house or near the front door. You can direct it away from your home to keep it safe from harm or negative energy. In the foyer or entryway, a statue of an elephant facing away from the door is said to bring prosperity. A tried and true method of warding off evil spirits is to keep the elephant’s head toward home.




Elephants serve as protectors and guardians of the home and workplace. The chi energy will be unable to escape if you place an elephant figure or picture at the front door. Keeping the statue on your desk can help you focus and remain calm under pressure.


Child’s Room:

If you’re looking for elephant images to hang in your family or child’s room, one with a mother and her calf is the best option. The presence of the figure, whether as wallpaper or in the form of a toy, improves learning and concentration. Place the toy statue in a visible location where your children can see it as they go about their daily activities.



Vastu recommends hanging an elephant artwork in the bedroom to improve marital harmony. A couple of elephants in various colours in the form of a figurine, painting, or even a set of throw pillows would look fantastic here. If a statue isn’t your thing, beautiful paintings of elephants can help Vastu.

Brass elephant sculptures, according to Vastu, are ideal for the bedroom because they prevent arguments between partners. When brass elephants are display in the conference room, it brings harmony and success to the workplace. It can help you achieve your goals in any area of your life.

Elephant images, such as a silver elephant statue in the home, are thought to bring good fortune. An elephant statue made of pure silver, symbolic of the north, should be place there. To invoke blessings and attract money, keep a silver elephant figure wrapped in red fabric in your home or workplace’s locker.



Where to Avoid Using Elephant Images

You should know where to put the elephant statues while also keeping the correct orientation in mind. Never place an elephant statue in a bathroom or kitchen. You should also avoid displaying any artwork that features the elephant colour or scenes of violence, including animal cruelty, according to Vastu Shastra.


Types of Elephant Images & Elephant Colour

Here are the types of elephant images and their significance according to elephant colour:

Colours & Types of Elephant Figurines Importance in Vastu
White Elephant Wealth, luxury and richness
Green Elephant Luck & Power
Red Elephant Fame & Recognition
Black Elephant Success & Prosperity
Elephants Supporting/Holding a Crystal Ball Harmony & Balance in Life
A Proud Elephant Atop or Standing on Coins Wisdom, wealth, power, and protection of the home
One elephant with tusk and the other with no tusk Healthy relationship between males and females
Two elephants crossing trunks / holding each other’s trunks Friendship & Bonding
Three Elephants Peaceful Life with Family
Elephant with Front Legs Raised/Standing on Rear Legs Power & Protection



Elephant Vastu: The Importance of Elephant Trunk Postures

Seven elephant images in a row could represent infinity, long life, or even victory over death. These seven elephants represent seven virtues: fortune, knowledge, foresight, regal grace, unstoppable strength, long life, and cunning.

An elephant trunk raised represents happiness, while one lowered represents concentration and sensuality.

An elephant’s trunk that points upwards may attract positive characteristics such as vitality, luck, wealth, and generosity. The elephant raises its trunk to express its delight and to greet its visitors. By pointing its trunk skyward, place an elephant-colored figure in a position where it can receive blessings and kindness. Elephant figurines with their trunks pointing upward are also thought to bring good fortune and prosperity. To remove negative energy, choose an elephant statue holding a crystal ball or other items.

Vastu also suggests that an elephant statue be place in the home with its trunk pointing up, as this is a particularly auspicious position. Elephants that stand on their hind legs with their trunks raised are symbols of strength and safety. Elephants that stand on their hind legs with their trunks raised are symbols of strength and safety.


Elephant’s Trunk Pointing Down:

An elephant’s trunk pointing downward represents strength and longevity. Contrary to popular belief, there is no link between a downward-pointing elephant trunk and bad luck. This is why these sculptures are suitable for settings such as workplaces, warehouses, and so on. An elephant with its trunk pointing downwards is also said to collect and preserve good fortune and vitality. Such elephant images represent knowledge and understanding, which may help you triumph over any challenge you face. It will also help you keep your feet on the ground at work or at home, thereby conserving energy.

In the north, a statue of a frog or a monkey riding an elephant represents professional stability. A smiling Buddha perched on an elephant-colored figure transports good fortune and the disappearance of problems. A resin or wood tusk with four or more elephants is said to bring prosperity and protect the household. Blue elephants and rhinoceroses are Feng Shui symbols that are recommended for use in the home to ward off misfortune, theft, and treachery.



Which Way Should Elephant Images Face for Luck?

Knowing how to display elephant images correctly at the front door and elsewhere in the home is critical to attracting prosperity and happiness. There are two main places to display your elephant-colored statues if you want to bring good fortune into your life. An elephant pair with raise trunks on each side of the front entrance is said to bring the household prosperity and happiness. Raising the trunks is analogous to blowing a trumpet to invite fortune into your home. Two elephants at your front door represent good fortune and professional success.

The question now is whether the elephant images or a single stature should be position so that they appear to enter the home through the front door or face a direction so that they appear to be entering the house. According to Vastu, there are two acceptable locations for elephant statues. To ward off evil spirits and bad luck, place an elephant statue near the front door. To bring prosperity and success into the home, display the elephant-colored statue with its head facing inward.


Vastu Direction: Where to Put Elephant Images in the Office

Having elephants on your desk will help you advance in your career. Keep an elephant picture in your work journal or on your office stationery to help you develop your leadership skills and increase your resilience under pressure. If you are a business owner, you could place an elephant sculpture in front of the entrance gate or door. The elephant-colored statue represents knowledge and authority when displayed in a professional setting. Its presence will energise your professional and commercial lives.

Install an elephant statue that faces north to bring luck to your workplace. It will result in advancements in the fields of labour and knowledge. Kuber, the ruler of riches, rules over the north; thus, anyone seeking professional advancement should place the elephant-colored statue in that direction to attract success and prosperity.

Place elephant images near the entrance to your workplace to increase your professional strength, knowledge, and prosperity. To attract more positive energy, a statue or other decorative object depicting an elephant can be strategically place at the entrance to a small home office or workplace.


Where Should Elephant Images Be Place for Fertility?

If you and your partner want to start a family, place an elephant on each side of the bedroom door. Arrange the elephant images so that they face your bedroom. Elephant statues can also be displaye at the foot of each bed. A statue of seven elephants placed together, which represents fertility, is another sign of fertility that can be display in the bedroom. A picture of an elephant with its trunk pointing down is also a good choice for displaying in the house, according to Vastu, because this pose is said to represent the animal’s ability to collect and amass energy as well as push through numerous obstacles.

When place in your home’s fire sector, an elephant figurine with the trunk down is a powerful symbol of fertility and is said to play a significant role in the success of your marriage.

Elephant symbols and artworks should be hung or place in the east or north corner of a room or house in accordance with Vastu.



Why Should You Have Elephant Images in Your Home According to Vastu?

Elephants represent strength, safety, knowledge, and good fortune. They are frequently depicted as assisting the goddess Lakshmi, who is associated with good fortune and prosperity. White elephants are widely regarded as a symbol of good fortune in many cultures.

After his mother dreamed of a white elephant, the Buddha was born. The sight of an elephant is often associated with wealth and aristocracy. Grey clouds are also thought to bring abundant crops when associate with elephant-color statues.

The written characters of an elephant are considere auspicious as a whole. The elephant also represents the Hindu god Ganesha, who is known for bestowing fortune, prosperity, and safety on those who worship him. It is said that having elephant images or figures in your home will bring you prosperity and good fortune.

If you want to be successful in academics, romance, or other relationships, place the artefact in front of the entrance. An elephant with its trunk raised is a fitting symbol for the study. Elephants have incredible memories and are extremely intelligent animals. This is why a statue or piece of artwork is ideal for displaying on a desk in a home office.

According to the Feng Shui Bagua map, placing an elephant picture in your house’s Dui section can provide your children with a sense of security and enlightenment.


Images of Elephants Vastu — Home Decor Ideas for Good Luck

With a little imagination, infusing one’s home with optimism and harmony via elephant figurines and decorations is a breeze. An elephant-colored statue or figurine may be a stylish addition to a space decorated in a modern, retro, industrial, or minimalist fashion, in addition to improving the atmosphere of a home according to Vastu principles.

There are numerous ways to display elephant images at home or at work, including:

Vastu For Elephant Images: Elephant paintings/pictures:

Choose an image that makes you happy. Avoid depicting anything negative, aggressive, or hurtful. Elephant Statues: Use majestic elephant figurines or sculptures to decorate your home or workplace. Elephant-shaped coffee tables, lamps, bookend holders, earthenware, pen stands, door knobs, and other items are available.



Elephant Pictures for Vastu:

Elephant pictures can be use for Vastu in the form of wall decals, wallpaper prints, or even decorative cushions or pillows. The most effective elephant photos are those that are also soothing.


Vastu For Elephant Images: Elephant Images on Textiles:

If a statue of an elephant is not an option, you can decorate your home with prints or illustrations of elephants on textiles. The same effect can be achieve with a mural, tapestry, wallpaper, curtains, or upholstery.

Goddess Lakshmi with coins reclining on a lotus with elephants is an auspicious decoration for the main entryway, according to Vastu.

Lucky elephant motifs can be made from wood, jade, marble, silver, metal, glass, polyresin, lac, porcelain, and other materials. Some people display simple elephant images, while others display elephant figurines adorned with diamonds, vibrant paint, or intricate gold leafing. Which elephant colour you choose is determin by what you want to achieve or correct in your life.




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