Vastu Tips During the Festive Season for Buying a New Home

There are many ways that homeowners and buyers can use Vastu during the festive season to bring good energy to their houses. We look at certain basic laws that should be taken into account.

Home buyers nowadays when they pick a home, 2 bhk flat for sale in kharghar, regard Vastu as a big factor. Mostly, individuals reject projects or apartments that do not follow the expectations of Vastu. During the festive season, which is regarded as an auspicious time to purchase a home, this is particularly true. During the festive season, the real estate market experiences fresh stocks, deals and discounts and in such a case, it could be difficult for home buyers to find out the Vastu Shastra considerations that should be taken into account, before finalising the deal.

Vastu hints during the festive season for buying a new home

In order to make our lives happy, energetic, efficient and productive, Vastu is the study of electricity. It can cause dullness, sadness, health issues, business problems, financial hardship, etc., if the energy is not controlled,’ says Vikash Sethi, creator and CEO,

“In Vastu, the five directions represent the five elements (that is, Panchtatva). In this world, it is made up of one or more of these five elements. Vastu strives to put these five aspects to a proper equilibrium. So if a house Vastu is right, it’s going to have a positive effect on our lives,’ he says.

Vastu Festive Home Buying Tips

The astro-numerologist Gauravv Mittal points out that “Buying a house for the common man is a lifelong achievement.” Any of the important basic points that need to be kept in mind when choosing a home (and whether it’s a row house or villa or flat) about Vastu are:

  • The relevant criteria to note in the case of a row house or villa are the area of the plot, the soil, the negative energies, etc.
  • The north/north-east side should be open and the south/south-west side should be under renovation.
  • Landscaping must be so that the quadrant of the north/north-east should be low and the quadrant of the south-west should be larger.
  • Want to buy a house that has an entrance to the north-east.
  • In the south-west region of the Houses, the master bedroom should be
  • The kitchen should be situated in the South-East sector.
  • The puja room should be located in the house’s north-east east or north.
  • For the master bedroom or drawing room, the north-west region is best.
  • The basement in a villa or row house should be under the whole house or should be in the north/north-east region if it is partial.
  • Experts agree that it is also a part of Vastu to keep the house tidy and paint it well.

Vastu hints during the festive season for buying a new home

Then if you keep the home tidy, it helps to distribute good feelings in the house.

In the age-old tradition of cleaning the house during the holiday season, this is mirrored. It is good practice to sell the scrap to get rid of worthless materials, since it re-energizes one’s home.

Tips for creating constructive energy during the holiday season:

  • Delete the cobwebs from your house.
  • During festive seasons, cultivate plants such as guava, neem, ashoka, etc.
  • Use white lights to light up the entire house during the holiday season.
  • If you purchase some new piece, make sure it is located in the right place. The north-east area of the home should not be high.
  • Delete all unused utensils, journals, magazines, clothing, shoes, etc., as a negative area is formed.
  • Rearrange your box of cash to get rid of unnecessary paperwork and bills.
  • Stop black or red colors whilst painting the rooms. 

During the festive season, why do citizens invest in property?

It is known to be helpful.

A decent time to invest in property is the holiday season. One can see greater excitement and energy among prospective home buyers during this time. Deals and home buying discounts propel lakhs of Indians during the festivals every year. Moreover the festival occasions of Dussehra and Diwali are also seen by Indians as auspicious.

It provides a feeling of comfort,

To put about a sense of protection, a property purchase is most important. Indians love investing in real estate with Diwali incentives and the auspicious festive season, not just because of the extra capital in hand, but also because of the religious feelings behind it.

Comfortable weather for site tours

It also carries good weather around the country from October to December and it is easier for potential customers to go for site visits, which can be hard during the season.

Deals & discounts are offered

The festive season provides an extra bonus, with reduced interest rates on home loans this year. This festive season, apart from discounts and concessional rates, the overall low interest rates would draw more customers.


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