Is Vastu Really Important? 15 Reasons Why It Is!

Maintaining a clutter-free and orderly home is essential to drawing prosperity and pleasure into your space. To bring in more positivity, you need to get rid of everything broken and worthless from your home.

There is more serenity and clarity in a well-organized home, which is why vastu is important. Reminiscences are created at home. Thus, maintaining a pleasant energy field within your home attracts happiness and prosperity.

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Vastu’s importance

Vastu’s Benefits for Decorating a Living Room

Our living room’s décor is a crucial area of decoration where we often make serious mistakes. There should be gaps for the sofa in the room’s west and south corners. Thus, to create a cheerful atmosphere, attempt to clear those indicated corners. As many sofas as you can fit can be placed in full “L” shaped corners.


Prayer Chamber

An independent worship room is a must in every Indian home because it is revered as a sacred space. Marble should always be used for the room’s flooring because stone is lucky for temples. Dark-toned flooring tiles should so be avoided.


Position of Cooking

Every household’s daily duty is cooking. You might be taken aback to learn about the unique phenomenon connected to this everyday chore, though. According to Vastu Shastra, the east side is sacred, and cooking with your face towards the east might help maintain positive energy in your home.


The master bedroom

Any property’s master bedroom is a significant and integral component. It has to do with the head of the family. It is best to position the bed’s headboard facing east or southwest. This is how a long and healthy life is facilitated for the family via vastu. You can’t live a vibrant life if you’re not in the right bed posture.


A necessary component of any home’s decor are curtains. However, the majority of us are unaware that the best material to select for curtains should only be light-colored. Calm hues such as blue, baby pink, or yellow are pastels or light colours. Dark colours frequently aggravate your mood.


Paintings and Sculptures

This could just be a really basic vastu tip, but it does the trick quite well. All you need to do is furnish your rooms with a few paintings or sculptures. These ornamental objects ought to showcase living creatures such as flowers, animals, or sunrises. This may create a positive energy on your land. Never place strange or hideous sculptures or paintings there.


Dining Area

Since everyone gathers in the dining area to share meals, it has an impact on the entire home. The northwest corner of the kitchen or room is the ideal location for your dining table. Calm will come from having a dining area in the right place.



Another easy way for purchasers to infuse their homes with good energy vibes is this. Mirrors can be added to different areas of the house. This increases the amount of pure reflection in every area of the house, which improves our comfort level.

Jewelry Cabinet

In Indian homes, charms, jewellery, and other trinkets are prized possessions. According to Hindu Shastra, they are a type of gift from Goddess Lakshmi and have religious overtones as well. For this reason, every one of your priceless cabinets needs to be stored in its proper location. A house’s southwest corner is ideal, but keep in mind to stay away from the corner.


Potted Plants

Adding potted plants to our home is an excellent method to address a few of the issues. This creates a pleasant atmosphere for you and also serves to mitigate some of the detrimental effects of vastu issues.



Adding an aquarium is another way to solve some of the issues you’re having in your house. By blocking the negative energy radiation that bounces off of your home, Vastu is beneficial to the live aquatic wildlife. In fact, spending time with these live creatures may lift your spirits.



Vastu Shastra states that proper lighting is essential to a family’s success. The lighting has a direct impact on the atmosphere. Every room in your house needs to be well-lit to feel livelier. If not, dark rooms tend to bring negativity into your home.


Study Table

Study tables are always necessary, whether you’re working from home with your family, kids, or yourself.   The north or east is the ideal direction to set up your table. Your kids will benefit greatly from this as they develop their ability to focus.

Colour of the Wall

The atmosphere of the people in your room is greatly influenced by the colour of the walls. Light-colored walls are therefore always preferred for this reason. If you want to help keep bad energy out of your home, you might want to stay away from colours like brown, black, and dark red.


Electric Appliances

For optimal effects, electrical appliances that generate or use heat energy must be stored in the proper location. The optimal orientation for heating appliances, such as gas or ovens, is southeast. However, cooling appliances like the air conditioner or refrigerator should always be positioned to the northwest.


What Makes Vatu Shastra Compliance Important?

Since the movement of energy has a significant influence on how we conduct our daily lives, vatu is all about energy flow. Our physical and emotional well-being are impacted by the flow of energy as well. Here are a few justifications for why we should adhere to Vastu.

Rebalancing the negative energy: Everything has energy, both good and negative, according to Vastu. Vastu advises employing positive-energy objects as a result. In certain situations, when there is an excess of negative energy within the home, Vastu provides solutions to assist balance the negative energy. You can flourish in several facets of your life once the bad energy has been neutralized.

Energy’s effect on wellbeing: When bad energy builds up in a home, it can have an adverse effect on the health of those who reside there. Vastu provides solutions to eliminate that bad energy, enhancing energy flow and fostering a calm, stress-free atmosphere that supports improved health.

Conclusion Regarding Vastu’s Significance

Ultimately, a home is a place where the heart is, hence the most fundamental and important vastu advice are these fifteen. It will take time and effort to create a lovely atmosphere at home—not just for design and décor, but also for enjoyment & relaxation.

Since our house is where we get excited and get ready for a day full of energy & excitement, vastu definitely matters there. Thus, reading about the significance of vastu is crucial if you believe in vastu.



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