Vastu rules about the stairscase in your house

According to Vastu Shastra, square and rectangular staircases are the best for internal or external staircases with right angles.

The flow of positive energy in your home depends on the synergy, including the staircase, between different parts of the Rent Flats/house in Navi Mumbai. Vastu Shastra ‘s ancient architectural science puts a great deal of focus on how to build staircases and explains what should and should not be done when they are being designed. We look at the basic Vastu concepts of staircase-building in this article.

Vastu rules about the stairscase in your house

Within staircase route, as per Vastu

It is accepted unanimously that near the entrance is the designated place for the staircase in a building. Vastu experts claim the south-west portion in the property is an excellent location for internal staircases. The second-best options happen to be the south and the west parts.

It is universally agreed that near the entrance is the position allocated for the staircase in a house. Vastu experts claim the southwest portion of the property is an excellent location for internal staircases. The second-best options happen to be the south and west sections.

The stairs inside the home should never begin or end in the kitchen, storeroom or puja room. Flats on Rent in Navi Mumbai the steps toward the upper floor will not be a continuation of the stairs leading to either the basement or the cellar. An internal staircase must be designed in such a way that it is not directly in the visitor’s line of vision.

It is also advisable to have doors at the start and at the end of the staircase.

Many tenants who live on the ground floor and rent the upper floor to a tenant will make sure they have no staircase right at the main entrance. That could lead to financial losses, claim experts at Vastu.

Driven staircase according to Vastu Shastra

Staircases will always turn in a clockwise direction as we climb. In other words, the person who is going up the stairs should move from north to south, or from east to west. Vastu experts think an anti-clockwise staircase can have an impact on career growth.

Vast guiding principles for external staircase

In comparison, the external staircase may be built into:

The east-facing southeast.

The West faced south-west.

The southwest, south-facing.

The northwest to the north.

The north-east corner of the staircase should not be designed, be it externally or internally.

Vastu rules about the stairscase in your house

Vastu rules for stepping stone form

Square and rectangular escalators with right-angle bends are the ideals for internal or external staircases. Staircases that are too steep or too high will cause the user to feel tired out if they choose to use it. Experts are advising property owners to stop spiral staircases, for the same reason.

Vastu for the number of moves in an escalator

In a staircase, the number of steps will always be odd (15, 17, 19, or 21). Property on Rent in Navi Mumbai never ends the number by a 0. Why then? A normal person, when taking a flight of stairs, appears to put his right foot first. The flight must terminate with the user putting down his right foot. This is only possible if there are unusual steps at the staircase.

Colors vast for stairs

Your only choice should be light shades to paint the stairs or the banister. Remove shades of darkness on stairs. You can decorate the walls adjoining the staircase with a wallpaper of your choice, ideally not too dark.

Use of space beneath stairs

For small homes, if often used to build a small kitchen, bathroom, or puja room, the space under the staircase is. Sometimes under the staircase, a small workstation is also created to make optimal use of the area. This can be stopped stringently. The space under the staircase should only be used for the storage of common household items, say experts at Vastu.  In this space, cabinets containing valuable items such as cash or jewelry should not be kept. Do not use this room to store things discarded or your boots worn out.

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