Vastu Shastra for Staircases

Since Vastu affects the construction of every single space in your home, the regulations for constructing a staircase are no exception. When constructing a staircase in your home, Vastu must be followed. This article will walk you through all of the dos and don’ts of constructing stairs in your home.


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What is Vastu for a stairwell?

In the design of staircases, the ancient Hindu architectural ideology Vastu prescribes a number of guidelines. When Vastu is used in the building of a staircase, it allows for easy mobility in general and a smooth flow of positivity in the home in particular. It also reduces the likelihood of large or small catastrophes.

Vastu specifies the number of steps in a stairway.

Always use odd numbers: A staircase’s number of steps should always be odd (15, 17, 19, or 21). There must never be a ‘0’ at the end of the number. Why is this case? When ascending a flight of steps, the average individual places his right foot first.

Vastu determines the orientation of the staircase.

Vastu Shastra for Staircases

What is the ideal place in the house for a staircase? The optimal direction for the staircase, according to Vastu, is south-west.

Inside the home, Vastu for the staircase

Vastu Shastra for Staircases

Internal stairs, according to Vastu experts, should be located in the property’s south-west corner. The second and third best options are in the south and west. In this situation, the stairwell must begin in the north and work its way south. Alternatively, it might begin in the east and work its way west. An interior staircase should not be placed in the property’s centre.

Vastu for the exterior staircase

Vastu Shastra for Staircases

In the case of an exterior staircase, Vastu recommends the following directions:

The south-east, looking east.

The south-west, looking west.

The south-west, looking south.

The north-west, looking north.

Externally or internally, the staircase should not be erected in the north-east corner. Staircases placed directly in front of the entryway can create an unbalanced environment.

Vastu is another aspect that influences the stairs.

Consider the following factors while establishing vastu standards for staircases:

Vastu-compliant staircase placement: Landlords who reside on the ground floor but rent out the top floor to a renter must make sure there is no staircase immediately at the front door. According to Vastu experts, this might result in financial losses.

The stairwell’s starting point is: Within the residence, the staircases should never begin or terminate in the kitchen, storeroom, or puja room. The stairwells going to the upper level and the basement or cellar should not be the same.

Steps oriented according to the staircase Vastu

The way your staircase moves might have a long-term effect on your physical health. This is why when it comes to the alignment of the steps on a staircase, Vastu regulations must be followed.

Staircases should always spin clockwise as we walk up, according to Vastu regulations. To put it another way, the person ascending the stairs should travel from north to south or east to west. According to Vastu experts, an anti-clockwise staircase might hinder job advancement.

Vastu Shaped Staircase

According to Vastu, square and rectangular stairs with right-angle bends are the finest for indoor or outdoor staircases. Staircases that are excessively steep or too high will leave the user exhausted every time he needs to utilize them. Experts advise property owners to avoid spiral stairs for the same reason.

Colors for the stairwell Vastu

Vastu Shastra for Staircases

You want your staircase to be well-lit so that getting up and down it is not difficult at any time of day. When you choose dark colors to paint or decorate your staircase, it will naturally take on a gloomy hue, which you don’t want. As a result, when painting the steps or the banister, always choose light colors.

Utilization of stairway space

Vastu Shastra for Staircases

The area beneath the stairs is frequently utilized in tiny homes to construct a small kitchen, bathroom, or puja room. A small workspace is occasionally created beneath the stairway to make the most of the area. This should be avoided at all costs. According to Vastu experts, the area beneath the stairs should only be utilized for storing ordinary household objects. This area should not be used to store unwanted things or worn-out footwear.

Vastu guidelines for stairway design

According to Vastu principles, family portraits should not be displayed on stairwell walls since they might promote conflict among family members and be harmful to their health. Scenes of blossoming flowers, lush vegetation, mountains, or abstract art can be used to decorate the stairwell wall. Under the stairs, plants should be kept in ceramic pots. According to Vastu, hanging a mirror in front of or beneath the staircase is unlucky because the reflection would bring bad energy into the property. The area around the stairwell should be brightly illuminated.

Vastu guidelines for a stairwell railing

Vastu Shastra for Staircases

Stair rails, also known as railings, guarantee that persons who use the steps are safe. It might be trendy, but the most essential thing is that it is easy to climb up and down. For the staircase in the south-west direction, Vastu recommends marble or stone rails. Choose metal railings for the west stairwell and hardwood railings for the east and south.

Although appealing to the sight, a staircase without a railing, such as the one seen in this image, might be quite dangerous.

Vastu guidelines for stairwell space use

Photo frames with photos of deities or family members should not be displayed on the wall space along the stairwell, according to Vastu experts. The Vastu guidelines on stairwells, on the other hand, do not prohibit displaying magnificent artwork on the walls. If you want to use wallpaper to decorate this room, soft hues of any color would be great. You want your stairwell to be well-lit and bright. That would be possible at all times with light-colored wall sheets.

Serious stairwell flaws

On the north-east side, there is a stairway.


Staircases with spirals


The structure is encircled by a staircase.


Steps that are round and round


Steps that have been broken


Staircase in a dark color


Staircase that is rickety or creaking

Vastu dosha of the stairway

If the staircase has any Vastu dosha, the residents may suffer from a range of physical, mental, and financial losses, among other things. For example, a stairway in the north-east corner, known as the ‘Ishan Kona,’ is considered a severe Vastu flaw. The presence of a staircase in this area may result in major brain, renal, or cardiac problems among the people.


Important information regarding staircase design

What is a stairwell’s rise?

The rise refers to the vertical distance between the top of one tread and the top of the following tread on a staircase.

What happens when you sprint down a stairwell?

The run is the horizontal distance between one riser’s face and the following riser’s face. Despite the fact that it is sometimes mistaken with the tread’s size, this is not the case.

What is the Vastu suggests stair rise and run height?

For the best user comfort, the rise and run should be equivalent to 18 inches.

Vastu for Staircases: What to Keep in Mind

  • The rise of a stair should be between 4 and 7.75 inches, and the length of the tread should be between 10 and 11.25 inches.
  • You could build a staircase without a railing within the home as long as the width of the steps is on the highest side. If there are more than five steps in a set of stairs erected outside the home, railings are required.
  • While some may disagree, building a staircase from scratch may not be the greatest solution. Those might be distracting as well as dangerous.

According to Vastu, this is a bad staircase design.

Staircases have experience various alterations from its beginnings, when they were merely view as a tool to assist humans in walking up and down. Staircases are now expect to make a stylistic statement that speaks volumes about the home’s superb design. Unfortunately, in the midst of their great efforts to amaze the observer with exquisite designs, some owners wind up tampering with the primary function of the stairs, compromising their practicality—that is, going up and down them becomes uncomfortable, complicated, or both. A good example is the stairwell below.

Keep in mind that a poorly designed stairway might negate all of the benefits that Vastu principles have brought to other areas of the house. According to Vastu experts, a staircase in the centre of a home might cause different pregnancy issues.

Effects of Vastu flaws on stairways

It is not wise to disregard Vastu principles while building your home’s staircase, a component that is sometimes overlook despite its critical function in the larger scheme of things.

Anything that has to do with the motion of the people who live in a house has the potential to have a substantial influence on their health, well-being, and everyday operations.

Any structural or other flaw in the staircase has the potential to cause significant or small accidents. Design flaws might also make it difficult for inhabitants to move around the house, making it extremely inconvenient.

Along with other seemingly more significant aspects of a home, the owner must pay close attention to the Vastu of the staircase, as the flow of good energy in your home is dependent on the synergy between various sections of the house, including the staircase.




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