Vastu Tips for Kitchen Color Schemes

Every home should have a kitchen because this is where food is prepared every day to provide the people with energy. There are a few considerations you should make while constructing a kitchen according to Vastu Shastra, including kitchen room color schemes, the kitchen’s layout, the location of the appliances.

Positive energy must be brought into the kitchen so that it can easily be turned into the food we prepare. Additionally, it needs to be properly vented. Following simple kitchen Vastu suggestions will help you achieve these goals, according to Vastu Shastra, by maintaining a balance between the five elements of earth, sky, air, fire, and water.

In this post, we’ll talk about several kitchen color schemes that will cheer up your home while also matching the rest of the décor.

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Vastu-Compliant Kitchen Layout

Let’s first comprehend the direction that is best for a kitchen before deciding on the color for the space. The kitchen is ruled by Agni, the lord of fire, in accordance with Vastu Shastra. In addition to being in the south, Agni faces south-east, making this the best direction for a kitchen. The north-west is the second-best direction. Vastu experts advise against building a kitchen in the north, north-east, or south-west, though.

7 Vastu-Compliant Color Schemes for Kitchen Rooms


Vastu Tips for Kitchen Color Schemes

According to Vastu, the greatest kitchen color is red since it symbolizes fire. If you don’t want a really dominating kitchen, you can use reds like tomato red, fiery red, scarlet red, rust red, or a more moderate shade of red. For kitchens facing south or south-east, red is the color of choice. Red can be incorporated with other milder tones of the color or other kitchen colors that adhere to Vastu principles if a person is advised to choose it but is scared to use such a striking hue in their kitchen.


Vastu Tips for Kitchen Color Schemes

A bright yellow kitchen is a great choice. According to Vastu specialists, this sunny color gives a lot of hope and positivity, both of which are essential for a kitchen. The color yellow belongs in a kitchen that faces south. You can experiment with many colors of yellow for your kitchen, including bright yellow, mustard yellow, and sandal yellow.


Vastu Tips for Kitchen Color Schemes

Orange, a blend of red and yellow, symbolizes courage and is found in fire in various shades. According to Vastu, this color promotes positivity in a kitchen. For rooms facing east, the color of the kitchen is orange. Once more, orange can be used with the white of a kitchen to create a serious appearance.


Vastu Tips for Kitchen Color Schemes

White represents harmony. This color symbolizes purity and is used throughout the house, including the kitchen. According to Vastu experts, using white as the color of the kitchen ensures that it receives light that helps the entire house develop. If your kitchen is facing west, you should paint it white. If you don’t want to choose a pure white tone, you can switch to comparable colors like cream and beige while still using white.


Vastu Tips for Kitchen Color Schemes

Green is for everyone, but especially for those who love the outdoors. This hues, when employed as a kitchen area color, are said to evoke growth, hope, and have a pleasant effect. For a kitchen facing east, green is the color of choice. You can simply match your kitchen’s color scheme with your home’s décor by choosing from shades of green like mint, sage, leaf, and olive.


Vastu Tips for Kitchen Color Schemes

One of the Vastu elements, earth, is brown in color. It is a color that is suitable with Vastu and looks great in kitchen spaces, especially in those with contemporary kitchen designs. The majority of people choose brown because it is Vastu-compliant, simple to keep, and a secure option for kitchen décor.


Vastu Tips for Kitchen Color Schemes

Pink is a symbol of love, another vital factor in a kitchen. It is Vastu-compliant, and for a pretty kitchen setup. One can utilize pink or pastel versions of the color or peach.

Avoid These Kitchen Color Schemes

Even though we’ve given you a number of color schemes you can use for your kitchen. There are a lot of hues you should steer clear of. Darker hues like black, blue, grey, etc. should be avoided as kitchen paint colors, according to Vastu specialists, as they may harm the positive energy in a kitchen.





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