Want To Purchase A Property In Mumbai? Nine Things You Should Know About GST

Do you intend to purchase real estate in Mumbai? If so, you made a wise choice because nothing beats owning a home in India’s financial centre. Many times, you could hesitate to make a choice because you have second thoughts about the return on your investment, but when the city in question is referred to be a “economic capital,” these concerns should be put on hold. Your choice to invest in Mumbai real estate cannot go wrong because the city has experienced exponential growth over many decades, and this trend is anticipated to continue in the foreseeable future.

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We have control over the two primary issues of how to pay and how to handle the property as is appropriate. Furthermore, as it is governed by the government and relevant agencies, knowledge of how much to pay is necessary. The reason is because investing in real estate involves much more than just the cost of the property itself; it also involves significant amounts of tax and other fees. So, in order to invest your hard-earned money, you must be well informed.


What should be understood about GST and real estate?

Since July 1, 2017, a new tax system known as the GST (Good and Service Tax) has been in place, which has eased all previously applicable levies and is recognised across the country. Despite playing a larger role, not everyone is fully aware of the GST concept and its effects. Additionally, if your investment destination is Mumbai, it is crucial to invest wisely in order to maximize returns and avoid unnecessary hassle.

Therefore, before you invest, it is crucial to understand a few things regarding how GST would affect your investments. The following nine points must be understood before you decide to invest:

GST rates and land abatement:

12% for GST and 50% for land abatement, of which 25% is for lands and the other 25% is for commodities. As a result, the average cost computed is 14% greater than what was paid. As a result, it is anticipated that the property will be valued highly following the GST.

GST’s effect on affordable housing-

GST’s effect on affordable housing is unaffected because there is no tax on the “housing for all” plan under the GST.

Impact of GST on Property under Construction –

For a property under construction, one must pay both VAT (which varies from state to state) & service tax (which is 4.5%), as well as stamp duty, which is not covered by the GST. This makes the property expensive due to all three.

GST’s effects on ready-to-move properties-

In contrast to under construction properties, which are subject to 12% GST, ready to move in properties, are exempt from GST if they hold an occupancy certificate.

Remove other taxes:

When more than 16 taxes are combined to produce GST, unnecessary taxing under other slabs is halted. GST benefits both home purchasers and sellers, as a result.

Impact of GST on building materials –

Under GST, cement costs 28%, up from prior rates of 20–24%; iron rods cost roughly 18%, down from an earlier tax of 20%; and sand–lime and fly–ash bricks cost 5% each, down from 6%.

Effect of GST on Materials for Interior Design –

Similar to construction supplies, paint, plaster, wall fixtures, and wallpaper have seen price increases due to GST, with rates going from 20–25% to 28%.

GST’s effects on developers:

Developers’ profits under the GST increase when they claim input tax credits.

Legality under GST –

The GST bill contains an anti-profiteering clause that requires that the end user be given the benefit of the tax decrease.

Therefore, GST laws should be changed for everyone. Whether you are investing in Borivali, Santa Cruz, or any other area in Mumbai.





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