What about the real state property market in 2021?

We look at some of the patterns that Indian realty is likely to rule in 2021.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, a lot has changed in India’s real estate market. The sector is now looking for a rebound after weathering the storm in 2020. We list some of the variables that could dominate the success of the real estate market in India by 2021.

What about the real state property market in 2021?

1. The probable flat rise in property prices in major cities

Property prices have experienced subdued growth after experiencing remarkable changes during the 2010s, especially in the past four to five years. It is possible that the dominant conditions will hold any development in place. Nevertheless, while consumers should not expect any big upward movement, they should also not expect a free fall in prices either. Land rates will essentially stay stable in 2021.

2. Interest rates will stay low

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has left it unchanged at 4 percent because of high inflation, after generously reducing the repo rate by successive cuts.

While it may not be possible to further decrease prices, given that the central bank has to make a tight-rope walk to maintain a balance between boosting demand and sustaining inflation within its comfort zone, the chances of rising rates for the RBI are also small.

Home loan interest rates will therefore continue to linger for a significant part of 2021 at the sub-7 percent annual interest stage. To finish the deal, borrowers hoping to benefit from a low-interest rate system must hurry up.


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3. More consumers would be drawn by ready-to-move-in properties

Ready-to-move-in properties will continue to be favored over under-construction developments, as homeowners are keen to escape building delays and opt for homes where they can quickly set up their own cozy and safe space.

4. Some states can lower rates of stamp duty

Any states have also reduced their stamp duty prices by 2020 to lure consumers. Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Madhya Pradesh are among these. The declines also resulted in a rise in demand, with property registrations in Maharashtra hitting pre-COVID-19 peaks in the second half of 2020.

Therefore, lowering stamp duty would be an effective instrument to raise demand. Many other states, such as Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Punjab, may cut stamp duty rates to raise sales in the midst of several calls for action.

What about the real state property market in 2021?

5. To see worth appreciation, Tier-2, and Tier-3 cities and peripheral areas

When reverse migration makes a substantial part of the working population work in tier-2 and tier-3 cities from their hometowns, more people will live in them. Since housing projects are usually focused around city centers, which have space restrictions, new developments in real estate will arrive in their peripheries, affecting their prices positively. However, the success of these projects will depend on the infrastructure funding that is given to these areas by the state government.

6. Growing competition, with independent players exiting the market

If a sufficient number of small players were weeded out of the market by the Real Estate Act (RERA), further competition in real estate could be expected, with the pandemic seriously denting the companies of many mid-segment builders. In the middle of the cash crisis and the legal duty to adhere to delivery deadlines, these builders have to close shop.

On the other side, existing players with strong financial capital will see their footprints rising far and wide, provided that the latest hotbeds of housing activity will become smaller towns.

7. Housing in order to remain a market for buyers

For the near future, India’s real estate industry would be a buyer’s market. This ensures that developers would have to be willing, based on terms and conditions that are not tilted in their favor, to strike agreements.

They would also have to formulate new tactics to include cost advantages for customers in the face of the growing demand for builders to boost sales figures. This will be particularly true for new openings, because, relative to ready-to-move-in apartments, the risk involved in those developments is much greater.


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