What Adds Value To A Real Estate Brand?

A national-level developer on the same plot of land had more success, even at a higher price point of Rs 11,000 per sq ft, whereas a real estate developer in Noida’s Sector 150 failed to sell homes at Rs 7,200 per sq ft. The less successful project was in the middle of its building cycle, whereas the more expensive project had just been initiated. The two developers’ brand values in the specific micro market made a difference rather than their sales and marketing strategies. Because of this, the developer with stronger brand recognition had less difficulty making sales.

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What Adds Value To A Real Estate Brand?

This prompts the query: What Adds Value to a Brand as Valuable? Do real estate brands require the same amount of brand management as other sectors of the economy? Most experts tend to concur that brand value in real estate plays a higher impact than, say, a perishable consumer durable since real estate is frequently one of the most expensive purchases of a person’s life and owing to the high emotional quotient connected with a purchase.

A real estate brand’s intrinsic value is a complex interplay of the developer’s historical performance, its reputation with consumers, volatile asset-class preferences, management of market projections, assessing critical perceptions, demand and supply dynamics (as high-value brands are rarely volume game players), and last but not least, stakeholder expectations.

The Return on Investment (ROI) of any particular brand is something that must be considered, and real estate is no exception. The livability index, along with price appreciation, is the crucial statistic in real estate, despite the fact that shareholder return is often calculated as the total of price appreciation.

Four Elements of a Real Estate Brand

Fiscal Effectiveness

The capacity of the builder to prevent projects from being postpone or stall because of financial strain. Valuable brands take into account the project’s financial closure at the time of debut.

Effectiveness of Execution

Execution efficiency is achieve when the developer has a flawless track record of delivery in terms of timeliness and construction quality. The developer’s strong CSAT (customer satisfaction) rating and low lawsuit ratings reflect this.

 Operating Effectiveness

When handover and maintenance after ownership are seen as services rather than merely as the delivery of a product. Operational efficiency is assess in terms of building brand value.

Efficiency In Communication

 The corporate philosophies of valuable companies are fundamentally based on effective communication. The capacity of a brand to connect with stakeholders, including but not limited to house purchasers, is crucial to determining its value.

How to Enhance the Reputation Of Real Estate Developers

A brand to be value, especially in the real estate industry. Considers client trust, faith, and confidence to be the most critical factors. One of the biggest and most significant investments a person will make in their lifetime is buying a home. By offering buyer’s unmatched services or paying attention to even the smallest details. Brands can earn the admiration and respect of customers and progressively build their reputations in the market.

Unquestionably, the brand must also ensure that its products are top-notch, since this is a crucial element in enhancing brand value. Building a brand and having a sales-centric attitude are similar concepts. For a successful firm, aggressive sales are essential, but brand building is crucial for a positive reputation. Both ideas ultimately relate to client loyalty.

The value of a real estate brand is at its maximum, when the brand generates profits for its customers. A strong track record of on-time delivery, asset maintenance after delivery, price increases due to increased demand for the project, an attractive design identity. A well-publicized brand awareness programme, a history of prompt payments from channel partners. A positive return on investment on its listed shares are all characteristics of these brands.

In a cash flow-oriented industry like real estate, a sales-centric approach is essential. But the brand’s strength resides in its capacity to see price increases from debut to completion without a reduction in volume of sales. A brand needs to follow through on its commitments and take governance, sustainability, and the environment seriously. Each brand differentiates itself in its target market. Whereas an inexpensive housing provider concentrates on affordable houses without sacrificing quality. A luxury developer is more concerned with design and magnificence in luxury.

Is It Possible To Calculate Brand Value?

From the perspective of potential house purchasers. A brand’s value in real estate depends on how well its residents are able to live there. On-time delivery and customer activities that are brand-focus increase the brand’s goodwill and increase its value. A portion of prospective homeowners also assess the brand’s propensity to gain value over time.

Brand value is a qualitative assessment of a certain brand that is use as a benchmark. When contrasting it with other companies. But brand value itself is intangible since it can only be measure in terms of its benefits, such as higher premiums, faster sales, more return and referral customers, and improve public perception.





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