What do you need to know about BHKs and their various types?

BHK (Bedroom, Hall, and Kitchen) is a three-letter acronym that stands for bedroom, hall, and kitchen. It’s a unit of measurement for the number of rooms in a home.

What is BHKs

A two-bedroom, one-hall, and one-kitchen home, for example, is designated as such. A home with three bedrooms, a hall, and a single kitchen is referred to as a “3 BHK.” Sellers may or may not advertise the fact that there are two bathrooms/toilets, but the number of bedrooms will always be indicated.

Even though the abbreviation does not include a ‘T’ as in a toilet space, all BHKs have a bath and toilet area. Some sellers would list their home as a 3 BHK+2T residence. In this situation, two toilets are referred to as ‘2T.’ This is done to highlight the benefit of having extra space.


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– Different types 0.5 BHK

It’s possible that a 0.5 BHK flat or a half-bedroom will suffice. It describes an apartment with a bedroom that is slightly smaller than a standard bedroom, a bath/toilet, and a kitchen. With house buyers, developers have been experimenting with a variety of popular forms. As a result of increased urbanization and changing needs for living spaces, the half-bedroom trend is growing in India. In many top BHK residences, a half bedroom is available.


– 1-Bedroom (1BHK)

A 1 BHK consists of a standard-sized master bedroom, a hall, and a kitchen. The bathroom and toilet are placed outside of the main bedroom and are not linked to it. The 1 BHK is a popular alternative for consumers looking for real estate exposure, particularly in central locations, due to the price range in which they are available.


– 1.5-Bedroom (1.5BHK)

A 1.5 BHK house includes a huge master bedroom as well as a smaller bedroom that can be used as a bedroom, study room, library, servant room, or even a storage room. This extra space could be used as a utility room, pooja room, kids’ playroom, or storage. The room’s windows and other amenities may or may not be available.


– 2.5-bedroom house (2.5BHK)

Two bedrooms plus a small room that can be used as a storeroom or a servant room are included in a 2.5 BHK home. Such BHK apartment apartments are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the Delhi-National Capital Region (NCR). They are popular among four to five-person families because they offer the comfort of a three-bedroom home at a reasonable price.


– 1-Room Kitchen

For those looking for a small apartment, a 1 RK unit is another alternative. A unit comprising one room, a kitchen, and a bath/toilet space is known as a 1 RK in Maharashtra. For individuals on a low budget, this configuration is great. It will also be useful for frequent travelers. Such people may not want to stay in a hotel for an extended period of time, nor do they want to invest heavily in real estate in another city. A 1 RK configuration is appropriate for such professionals.



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