What Exactly Is A Concrete Compaction Factor Test?

Concrete’s resilience is determined by a variety of factors. Compaction is one of these factors. In labs, a compaction factor test is performed to determine the ratio of partially compacted to fully compacted concrete. Because it is critical to construction, builders and contractors should gain a thorough understanding of this test and how a compaction test is calculated, in addition to understanding the significance of this test in various aspects of construction.

Cement sets and compacts when combined with water and gravel to form concrete. The entire mixture is not always compacted. As a result, a compaction factor test must be performed on a concrete mix. Let’s see what this test stands for:

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What exactly is a compaction factor test?

The compaction factor test is performed on a concrete mix to determine the ratio of partially compacted weight to fully compacted weight. This test is performed primarily to determine the workability of concrete. This test is typically performed on low workability concrete mixes. The conventional slump test cannot be performed on these concrete mixes.

This test is performed on the concrete mix to determine its water content, cement quality, and cement ratio. All three of these elements are critical for construction projects. Its primary goal is to calculate the maximum dry unit weight of concrete and the optimum moisture content (MOPT).



How is the compaction factor calculated?

To calculate the compaction factor, we must first create a proper data generation setup.


  • Using a hand scoop, a sample is place on the top hopper and levelled. The cylinder is then wrapped.
  • The top hopper’s bottom door is opened to allow the concrete to fall into the lower hopper. The concrete is gently push with rods on the hopper’s side. Trowels are used to remove the extra sample.
  • The cylinder is then weighed, beginning with the cylinder closest to 10 g. It is define as the weight of partially compacted concrete (W1)
  • The sample is then remove and replace at 5 cm intervals with the same sample. Following the same procedure, ramming is use to fully compact the concrete in the cylinder.
  • The cylinder’s top surface is then levell, the extra sample is remove, and the weight of the completely compacted concrete (W2) is determine.
  • The cylinder is then emptied and weighed for calculation. It is represented by the letter W.



The compaction factor is calculate using the following formula:

Value of the compaction factor = (W1 – W) / (W2 – W)

This is how the compaction factor test and its value are performe. This factor has a value between 0.7 and 0.95.


The generated value is then compare to a standard chart to determine the workability of concrete before being use on a construction site. Here is the graph:


Workability Compaction factor
High 0.95
Medium 0.92
Low 0.85
Very low 0.78



The significance of the compaction factor test

Concrete compaction is a process that is use in modern construction sites. It enables us to comprehend the strength and fortification of sidewalk, road, earthwork, and building foundations.

In other words, the compressibility of concrete is determine in order to determine the degree of compaction and build the foundation accordingly. This test is performe to calculate the degree of compaction in order to predict the changes that a foundation will undergo as much as possible.

To understand the support, stability, and strength of a foundation, such changes must be calculate before construction begins. It also allows us to determine the elasticity of concrete. It is essential for construction and structural support.

As a result, the workability of a concrete mix is determine for specific projects, and the outcome is calculate prior to using the material.








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