What is a BHK?

A BHK represents bed room, hall and also kitchen in an unit. Know everything about what the term conveys, in this post

Besides the budget as well as location preferences, a house customer need to likewise choose the setup of the property– i.e., 1BHK, 2BHK or a 3BHK. Before that, one requires to understand exactly what a BHK is.

What is a BHK?

What does a BHK stand for?

BHK stands for room, hall and cooking area. It is used to convey the number of rooms in a home. For instance, a 2BHK indicates that the particular home has 2 rooms, one hall as well as a kitchen. A 3BHK device indicates there are 3 rooms, a hall and a single cooking area in the property. Even if there are two bathrooms/toilets, sellers may or might not market it this way yet will certainly state the number of bedrooms.

1BHK is 1 bed room, hall, cooking area

In short,

1BHK is 1 bed room, hall, cooking area

2BHK is 2 bedrooms, hall, kitchen area

3BHK is 3 rooms, hall, cooking area

4BHK is 4 bed rooms, hall, kitchen area

Keep in mind that even if the abbreviation does not include a ‘T’ as in a commode room, all of these have a bath and commode area. Some sellers may market their building as a 3BHK +2 T residential or commercial property. In this ‘2T’ refers to 2 commodes. This is to highlight the advantage of the added space.

What are 0.5 BHK, 1.5 BHK and also 2.5 BHK?

Designers have been trying out different layouts that are prominent among home buyers. For extremely small families or for single professionals, a 0.5 BHK might suffice. It refers to a system that has a bedroom that is slightly smaller than a standard-sized room, a bath/toilet and also a kitchen.What does a BHK stand for

Likewise, a 1.5 BHK system has a standard-sized master bedroom and also a smaller-sized bedroom, which can be made use of as a bed room or a research area, library, servant space or even a store room. Nowadays 2.5 BHK devices are ending up being significantly preferred particularly in the Delhi-National Funding Area (NCR). Mid-sized families with around 4 to five participants typically prefer these, due to the fact that it gives them the comfort of a 3BHK at a fairly economical rate.

What is 1RK?

One more variation for those looking at small apartments is a 1RK device. Popular partly of Maharashtra, 1RK represent a device with one space and also a kitchen area, with a bath/toilet area. As the abbreviation suggests, such a system has offered a miss to the hall room.

Buyers with restricted budget plan go for this configuration. It is additionally valuable for those that are regular travellers. Such individuals may not intend to invest way too many days at a resort and also may not want to invest too much into residential property in a different city either. A 1RK is an ideal configuration for such professionals.

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What to learn about the building’s dimension?

Sometimes, a 1BHK device might find as larger than a regular 2BHK or a 2BHK might conveniently be masqueraded a 3BHK or even restored right into a 3BHK system. Basically, some building contractors might provide an 800-sq ft residential or commercial property as a 1BHK and also a few other may package a 2BHK in that space. Why do such abnormalities exist when it involves the area of a building? This is since there are no set guidelines for a standard-sized building and also the areas or residential or commercial property markets might develop an unspoken guideline relating to the very same.

For example, you may have the ability to locate bigger 2BHKs in Hyderabad as contrasted to Mumbai. Dimension abnormalities happen due to accessibility of land in a certain area as well as the premium attached to a building because area, the overall building and construction price and also the list price, and so on.


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