What is a certificate of completion in Real Estate Basics?

A completion certificate is an important document which states that, according to specifications, a property has been constructed and proves the validity of a real estate project.  We clarify its appeal to developers and consumers (buyers)

A certificate of completion is a document which, 1 bhk flat on sale in kharghar, after inspection of a real estate project, is awarded stating that it was designed in compliance with the approved building plan and that it meets all the required requirements laid down by the local planning authority or municipal corporation.

What is a certificate of completion in Real Estate Basics

The developers, as well as the owners of standalone properties, need to receive this certificate. It is important to ensure that services, such as water , electricity and drainage systems, are supplied.

Importance of a certificate of completion for developers

All information about the construction, including the site, land identification, information about the developer / owner, the height of the construction and the nature of the materials used, are included in the completion certificate.

It also defines if the project was designed in compliance with the development plans and in compliance with the rules and regulations laid down by the local municipal authority, such as the distance from the road, the distance maintained between adjacent buildings, etc. A completion certificate is required in many states in order for the developer to get water and electricity connexions to the house.

The Madras High Court (HC) also ruled on October 22, 2020 that, in the absence of a completion certificate, housing projects across Tamil Nadu would not be able to get electricity. The HC ruling came on an order of 6 October 2020 from the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO), by which it withdrew the need for builders to provide a CC to apply for power connexions.

Details contained in the Certificate of Completion

Among the many specifics that a certificate of completion offers are:

  • Information about the ground.
  • Every detail of the construction plan.
  • All the builder info.
  • relevant building height.
  • The location and distance of the project from other buildings in the surrounding city.

What is a certificate of completion in Real Estate Basics

In essence, a certificate of completion ensures the authorities concerned that the property meets all the criteria set by them and adheres to the building plan approved prior to the start of construction. It also ensures home buyers that the house is safe to live in and it will have a daily supply of power and water.

If they need to hand the building / apartment over to the home buyer while there is some work yet to be completed, it is also possible for a developer to receive a provisional completion certificate. However, this certificate is only valid for six months, after which it is mandatory for the developer to apply for the final certificate after completion of construction.a

Certificate of Provisional completion

In cases where a majority of the project work is completed and it becomes necessary to sell ownership to customers, the developer is given a provisional completion certificate. Usually, this document is only valid for a limited time during which the builder needs to complete the pending work and apply for a certificate of completion.

Importance for home buyers of a completion certificate

Taking ownership of a new property that does not have a final certificate of completion is not advisable. A project or a building is considered illegal without a valid certificate and may therefore attract fines or even eviction from the house.

In cases where the developer has not yet obtained a certificate of completion, a buyer may individually contact the local municipal authorities or form a Resident Welfare Association (RWA) to ensure that the process is completed before they take possession of their land.

In recent times, municipal authorities have allowed residents to take possession of nearly built housing projects, especially in the case of projects that have been stuck for a long time and where gradual completion is possible.

This has been widely seen in insolvent builders’ housing projects such as Amrapali and Unitech. In such a case, it is okay to take control of the device because it is done on the orders of the authorities concerned.


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