What Is A Prohibited Property?

Prohibited Property: Real estate assets that are prohibited from acquisition, purchase, or sale are known as prohibited properties. The majority of these properties are held by state governments or government organisations for a particular use. Before buying any land title, one should check the official state websites for the list of forbidden properties. Here is a list of restricted items and how to look for such transportable property in several states.

States have sprung into action and began to publish properties that aren’t allowed to be sold in an effort to deter private businesses from encroaching on state-owned territory. It is forbidden to sell, register, or transfer land that has been classified as banned.




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What is a prohibited item?

In accordance with the Indian Constitution, the land is a state subject. This grants the states complete authority to control both the legal processes underlying the transfer of land titles and the ownership of property. State governments also publish notifications on specific plots that are still under their ownership even if they are made available to residents on a leasehold basis. These lands are known as banned property.

The Indian Registration Act of 1908’s Section 22 A regulates prohibited assets. For instance, the Telangana government has a list of waqf, barren, endowment, and poramboke land. States also differ in their inclusions and exclusions.


How are prohibited properties search in various states?

Each state has its own methods for locating prohibited items. Let’s look at the procedures used in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh as an example.



Prohibited Property: How to search prohibited property in Telangana

By going to the Telangana government’s Dharani portal, you may quickly discover these properties. On the gateway, you must choose “Prohibited Lands”. You will be sent to the new screen as a result. Enter information such as your district, village, mandal, and the captcha code after that. You can submit this information to view specifics of all the neighborhood’s prohibited properties.


Prohibited Property: How to do an Andhra Pradesh property search

You can go to the Andhra Pradesh government’s official registration and stamps department website. Go to the ‘Ease of Doing Business’ section on the home page and select the ‘Prohibited Property Search’ link. You will arrive at the new screen after this step. You must provide information about your village, survey number, mandal, and district in order to obtain a list of the area’s prohibited properties.

When buying any site, prospective property owners should exercise caution. They should determine if a plot is a restricted property owned by the State government. It is suggested that they always employ the techniques covere to determine the same.





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