What is Central Business District?

A city’s commercial or business centre is known as the Central Business District (CBD). It has a thriving economy and is well-equippe with utilities and infrastructure. Continue reading to learn more.

A functional section of a city with the highest concentration of commercial, retail, and business centres is referred to as the Central Business District (CBD), a phrase that is frequently use in commercial real estate. Geographically, it is located in the city’s centre and serves as the hub of the city’s transit systems. It provides a healthy environment for conducting a variety of economic operations and has the highest urban density compared to other town districts.

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CBDs were the marketplaces where vendors and shoppers met to sell and buy goods in antiquity. But as cities developed, the lack of available land and rising demand slowed horizontal growth and encouraged vertical construction.

In modern metropolises, CBDs are a diversified zone that comprises not just shopping malls, offices, government buildings, and medical facilities, but also centres for entertainment, dining, and lodging. CBDs now have a fresh lease on life thanks to this gentrification.




Central Business District – Indian CBD products include, for instance:

  • CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai
  • Connaught Place, New Delhi
  • Netaji Subhas Road, Kolkata
  • Poonamallee High Road and Armenian Street, Chennai

The ease of accessibility of CBDs is another crucial feature. Being a city centre, it has excellent connections to every part of the city, even the remote zones.

CBDs provide the best infrastructure, including multi-story buildings, high-quality workplaces, seamless connection, appropriate water and energy supply, and parking facilities, needed for a supportive business climate. As a result, the average price per square foot in the CBD is greater than it is in other commercial areas of the city. For instance, Connaught Place has substantially higher average property prices per square foot. Than Chandni Chowk and Old Chanakyapuri, ranging from Rs 25,000 to Rs 50,000. Due to a demand-supply imbalance, property values in CBDs have also been steadily increasing over the past few years.

Overall, it’s critical to comprehend the terminology of CBDs because it may be useful if you’re a business owner trying to relocate to a desirable part of the city or a commercial investor searching for possible possibilities to add to your portfolio.




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