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An excellent atmosphere may be created by using the ancient Chinese practise of feng shui. It promotes the use of specific items to draw wealth, luck, plenty, and happiness. The use of various colours, furniture placement, and architectural design are all important considerations. Even now, the community continues to engage in this ritual, which was an essential component of ancient Chinese culture. It’s interesting to see that the traditional Chinese practise has been more widely accepted over time. Global demand exists for feng shui products. People from all over the world have started practising this antiquated skill. After using Feng Shui principles, many people have seen significant changes in their life.

Let’s discover the history of Feng Shui and the rationale behind this age-old art. We have also discussed how Feng Shui decor and various colours may help you find balance and make positive changes in your life.

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Where did feng shui originate, and what is it?

Feng signifies wind, whereas Shui implies water. The phrase “the way of wind and water” is translated as “Feng Shui.” Although its origins are unclear, feng shui has been employed for over four millennia to create Chinese homes and communities. It’s possible that early Taoism was the source of the ancient Chinese practise. Feng Shui concepts have been used by the Chinese to design their dwellings for more than 4,000 years, according to evidence. It has been observed that many ancient Chinese towns’ cemeteries were situated in accordance with Feng Shui recommendations. This was carried out to drive away bad karma from specific locations.

In order to enhance relationships, health, and prosperity, Practitioners arrange furniture, buildings, towns, and even entire cities to balance Yin and Yang and increase Qi or Chi.

The arrangement of objects in accordance with Feng Shui concepts is important because Chi enters and exits through windows and doors. The five elements of wood, water, earth, fire, and metal can be added to or moved to alter the positive energy flow in a Feng Shui property. According to feng shui experts, combining or removing these items depending on one’s goals will quickly increase good Chi.



The Significance of Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui, objects should be placed in strategic ways to foster a happy atmosphere. However, how does the setup of items at home function? What is the underlying science behind it? Well, Taoists held a strong belief in the power of Chi, also known as the life energy that permeates everything in the universe. Yin and Yang are thought to be the two components that make up chi. Even though these components are totally distinct from one another, they work best together and cannot be separated. Taoists believe that in order to live a happy and meaningful life, it is crucial to balance these aspects. If one of these variables significantly changes or rises, It may negatively affect our life. On the other side, Yin and Yang balance promotes the flow of good energy.


How can Yin and Yang be balanced?

Advocates achieving Yin and Yang balance. To achieve this, certain arrangements are made for furniture, decorations, and even structures. In ancient China, entire towns and villages were planned with the concepts of Feng Shui in mind. Along with fostering affluence, this supported communal peace and harmony.

Understanding which things to store close to the doors and windows and which should be kept far away is important in Feng Shui. This is because it’s thought that these locations are where Chi energy enters and exits. The five elements of wood, water, earth, fire, and metal must be taken into consideration in order to achieve Yin and Yang equilibrium. These items may be moved, added, or taken out of a room to alter the Feng Shui. Positive energy may flow through a home when these five elements are arranged properly.



The Best Colors for a Feng Shui Home

Feng shui places a specific emphasis on colours since it holds that they have the ability to affect how someone feels. Colors are used by Feng Shui practitioners to change a space’s energy. According to this ancient art, different colours correspond to certain components. Let’s examine several common hues and their importance in a Feng Shui environment:



It strengthens the Yin energy and stands for the water element. It represents maturity and tranquilly. In accordance with the Feng Shui Bagua Map, it is related to one’s profession.


The Yang energy is enhanced by this colour. It stands for the element of metal. The right amount of this colour adds clarity to the mind and increases productivity.


It is a colour that is neutral and fosters relationships with the proper individuals.


The colour red symbolises protection. It is employed to fend off negativity and provide a safe space.


To draw the energy of renewal and regeneration, several hues of the colour green should be employed.


The wood element is represented by mid-tone blues. These hues promote life and growth. On the other hand, the colour deep midnight blue stands for the element of water.


This colour symbolises affection and friendship. It helps people build relationships and love themselves.



Enhancing Feng Shui Home with the Right Decor

Many special Home items help balance a space’s energies when placed appropriately. Some of the trendy ones are:

  • The Lucky Bamboo
  • Laughing Buddha
  • Feng Shui Tortoise
  • Three Legged Frog
  • Evil Eye Charm
  • Feng Shui Coins
  • Mandarin Duck
  • Crystal Lotus
  • Chrysanthemum Flower
  • Abacus

Different house furnishings used in feng shui draw in different energy. For instance, the laughing Buddha, crystal lotus, and Feng Shui tortoise all bring luck and wealth. Abacuses, three-legged frogs, and Feng Shui coins all bring good fortune and money. The positive energy is spread around the room by the fortunate bamboo, chrysanthemum flower, and Feng Shui fountain. Mandarin ducks, however, boost the energy of love. In order to make them function in your favour, it is essential to position them correctly and in the right direction.


Where Can I Buy Feng Shui Home Goods?

The local stores are stocked with feng shui accessories like bamboo plants, smiling Buddhas, crystal lotuses, and tortoises. In a few of malls, upscale Feng Shui shops also sell them. Additionally, these things may be found at a fair price on a number of e-commerce sites.


Final Words 

Feng Shui holds that a tranquil and comfortable home depends on the elements of nature. The ambient environment also has a positive appeal when it complements the aesthetic appeal of your house. For your general well-being and pleasure, use modest home furnishings and subdued colours for the walls in your Feng Shui home. Alternatively, go all out with statement pieces that showcase your individual flair.




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