What you need to learn about home loans with fixed interest rates

Before signing up for a fixed-rate home loan, 3 bhk flat for sale in kharghar all borrowers need to learn about the product.

Not all lenders want home loans with adjustable interest rates. 3 bhk flat on sale in kharghar that is because the prices tend to adjust during the lending term period.

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While there is scope for the EMI outgoing to decrease, in the event of a reduction in key policy levels, the scope for the outgoing to increase is equally broad, in the event of an upward tweak in the repo rate (the rate at which the Reserve Bank of India lends credit to scheduled financial institutions in the country). Home buyers who are constantly looking for a certain degree, may opt for home loans with fixed interest rates. They must also become acquainted with the product to make an informed decision. It is in this sense that we are discussing the main features of Indian fixed interest rate housing loans.

Price of interest in fixed-rate home loans

In case of a fixed interest, 3 bhk on sale in kharghar the security that a home buyer enjoys comes at a cost and this extra cost has to be charged in two ways. Firstly, fixed-rate loans are often higher in quality than floating interest-rate loans. A woman borrower can currently receive a housing loan worth Rs 30 lakhs at 6.95 per cent per annum at India’s largest private lender HDFC, if she applies for a floating rate. If she were to go for the fixed rate under the TruFixed loan offer of the bank, she will have to pay interest of 7.40 per cent for a comparable amount of loan. The interest will rise more with an increase in the amount of the loan.

In normal situations, the gap between the fixed and the floating value may be even wider. There may be a gap in the price of fixed-rate home loans and floating rates of at least three or four percentage points. Banks, owing to the unusual circumstances caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, have been generous with rate cuts.

Another reason that fixed loans cost a borrower more, has to do with annual payments.

Prepaid fixed-interest loans

Since the practice was prohibited by the RBI, 3 bhk flat in kharghar for sale banks and housing finance companies avoided paying a penalty in case the borrower wanted to prepay the home loan. Nevertheless, the privilege was only applied to those lenders who opted for a floating interest rate. The borrower would have to pay a certain percentage of the unpaid loan in the case of fixed value loans, if they fail to pay the loan before the loan term is complete. Banks will usually claim 2 to 3 percent of the unpaid loan, as a penalty for prepayment.

learn about home loans with fixed interest rates

Penalty on loan changes | 3 bhk flat on sale in kharghar

When a borrower signs up for a fixed-rate housing loan, he agrees to stick throughout the repayment period to the terms and conditions stated in the loan deal. Because of this, the banks levy fines in the event that any terms and conditions are flouted by the borrower at some stage in the loan holding.

Tenure of home loans with fixed interest rates

Although the name suggests otherwise, 3 bhk flat sale in kharghar fixed-rate home loans are never set for the full term of the loan. You must repay the loan for a certain time at a fixed rate, as stated in the loan agreement. For example, HDFC’s TruFixed loan plan provides fixed rates for just two years of the lending period.

Banks will be free to charge a rate after this time , depending on the prevalent rates. This becomes possible even though money market clause is an integral part of home loan agreements. That provision entitles banks to adjust their spread, holding fixed-rate loans at the same pace as floating interest rates.

Banks and HFCs providing fixed-rate lending

Not every bank provides fixed interest rates for home loans. However, some of the major private lenders offer no fixed rate home loans at all. And the number of options available on the market will be reduced if you are willing to get a fixed rate loan. In addition, as the number of lenders in this category of products is small, the banks are not too eager to bargain on their rates. Even if you have an outstanding credit score, the regular interest will always have to be charged. In the case of floating interest-rate home loans, the bargaining reach is even greater.


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