Why Do Builders Use White Cement?

One of the most important materials for creating exquisite architectural constructions is white cement. Because to the adaptability and durability of the building material, it has found extensive use in the construction industry, from ordinary construction to idol or cast production. Compared to Portland or grey cement, white cement is more expensive. For applications that call for a smooth finish, it is a good option.


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Iron and magnesium are what give white cement its unique white colour. Grey cement is made using a similar manufacturing process. It is best utilised for bricklaying since it provides a flat surface on which to paint or whitewash. White cement is also used to seal small gaps between tiles and prevent moisture damage to walls. The following information about the best white cement brands, usage, and pricing in various cities:

What is White Cement?

The two main ingredients in white cement, a popular form of cement, are calcium hydroxide and calcium sulphate. As a result, it is significantly more durable and brittle than grey cement. One of the main factors contributing to any project’s clean finish is the material’s fineness. White cement is created by combining Portland cement with fortifier, sand, gravel, or rocks as well as other raw materials. White cement simply needs water in a 2:1 ratio as opposed to grey cement.


The most adaptable product available in the construction sector is white cement. There are many applications for it:

  • It is applied to general construction projects and interior design.
  • Colored pigments can be mixed with white cement to create beautiful mortar.
  • It is one of the favoured options for ornamenting buildings, crafting idols, and other uses.
  • Due to its ability to reflect light, this construction material is an essential part of building roads.
  • Cast stones are made using it to improve the aesthetics.
  • White cement is used in the construction of structures to help them endure high temperatures.

Price of white cement in different cities

Brand Mumbai Delhi Kolkata Chennai
Birla Cement 340 355 320 365
JK White Cement 950 900 850 920
ACC Super Cement 410 390 350 400
D+ White Cement 885 750 785 800
Ultra Tuff Cement 810 790 758 800


Best brands of white cement

These are a few of the top white cement companies that are well-known in the building sector.

Birla Cement

Since 1976, it has been a division of the Aditya Birla Group. The company was the first in India to have a full-fledged captive power plant for the production of 24.3 MTPA of Portland and mixed cement.

JK White Cement

One of the main manufacturers of white cement, JK Cement was founded in 1956. The company’s 20MnTPA annual global capacity is primarily used for grey and white cement. The company also sells products including White cement, Portland pozzolana cement, regular Portland cement, fly ash cement, and gypsum.

ACC White Super Cement

The top cement manufacturer in India is ACC White Cement, which has its headquarters in Mumbai. The organisation was established in 1936 and is a division of Ambuja Cement. Moreover, it is a top producer of ready-mix concrete.

D+ White Cement

One of the most well-liked white cements in the nation is made by Rajesh Exports. The majority of the cement produced is used to cement masonry, flooring, and water pipes, among other things.

SR White Cement

The Shree Ram group’s subsidiary SR White Cement is the sole producer of Portland blast furnace cement in India. The company currently operates three cement producing facilities in Jharkhand, Punjab, and Haryana.

Important conclusions

  • White cement’s main ingredients are limestone, clay, and white sand.
  • One of the widely utilised cements for regular building and ornamental purposes is white cement.
  • It has a finer texture than grey cement.
  • Top manufacturers of white cement include Birla Cement, ACC Super Cement, JK White Cement, and others.
  • White cement costs between Rs 350 to Rs 995 a bag in various cities.


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