If your intentions to purchase a property in Mumbai fell through last year, you may be able to do so this year on the auspicious occasion of Gudi Padwa.


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Gudi Padwa is regarded as one of Maharashtra’s most auspicious celebrations. It marks the beginning of the traditional new year, which is marked by the harvesting of new crops. It is the finest season to invest in real estate since it represents hope, fresh beginnings, and success.

Gudi Padwa is the first day of the Maharashtrian community’s traditional new year, and it will considered fortunate. In Maharashtra, it is celebrated with great enthusiasm and splendor, and it represents hope, fresh beginnings, and wealth. The auspicious occasion of Gudi Padwa is often considered to be the greatest time to begin new enterprises or businesses. Gudi Padwa, according to legend, represents the birth of ‘Bhoomi,’ which provides refuge to everybody. Making a high-value purchase, such as a home, on this auspicious day will bring good luck and wealth to the residents.

Other reasons to buy or book your ideal house, aside from the auspicious day, are the many programmes and bonuses given by developers. If you’re looking to buy a house this year, Gudi Padwa is unquestionably the finest time to do it. Let’s look at why it is.

buy home on Gudi Padwa

Here’s why this may be the perfect moment to buy a property on Gudi Padwa in some of Mumbai’s most desirable areas.

Special Bookings Discounts

Builders prefer to attract more house buyers around this time of year with special offers such as reduced or no Stamp Duty, white goods on the spot bookings, and even helping their clients with all the paperwork. During Gudi Padwa, this makes the home-buying procedure a breeze.

The Most Anticipated Time to Purchase a Home on Gudi Padwa

Because Gudi Padwa is associated with fortunate new beginnings, it is widely believed that this is an excellent time to purchase a new home, and begin a new life. When a result, as Gudi Padwa approaches, most house buyers begin shopping for properties to buy .

The Start of a New Project

The majority of developers say that Gudi Padwa is a good time to start new projects. Traditionally, at this period, there are a lot of inquiries from potential homebuyers. As a result, there are generally a number of new project launches coming up, and homeowners wants to book a property that will just launched.

Offers with Low EMIs

During Gudi Padwa, developers also provide reduced EMI rates for a limited period, as well as a variety of additional plans and deals on home-booking. Many developers now offer up to a 12-month EMI break to allow consumers adequate time to sort out their finances.

Pricing That Are Flexible

Builders also put their best foot forward and provide flexible payment options for eager homeowners, in addition to the various savings programmes and discounts on offer. This not only alleviates the burden of paying a large sum up front, Buy Flat in Mumbai, but it also assists them in long-term financial planning.

Home buyers nowadays have a plethora of alternatives to select from, ranging from tiny to luxurious homes, all at accessible costs. This adds to the appeal of purchasing a property during Gudi Padwa. Builders are offering fantastic incentives and plans to swiftly sell their inventories, making it a great real estate investment.

Feelings & Sentiments on Gudi Padwa:

The sense of security that comes with owning a house is unparalleled. The general desire to purchase a home has increased over the previous year, and what better time to do it than on the auspicious occasion of Gudi Padwa?

Home buyers and investors nowadays examine more than just the property’s entire cost, value, and profits; they also consider the occasion and how auspicious it is. And this year, Gudi Padwa will arrived at a particularly advantageous time for real estate, pushing housing in a level that will never seen before. Developers are offering new bonuses and programmes at this time, making residential properties more appealing to buy.

Government Reforms:

This year will marked by a good outlook, with government policies overwhelmingly supporting the industry. The RBI has lowered the repo rate, which has resulted in lower home loan interest rates. Many banks have also given programmes such as instalment and processing charge waivers, as well as simple EMI options. On addition, the Maharashtra government provided a 1% reduction in stamp duty fees if the sale deed is registered in the name of a woman.

Today, developers are responding to market conditions by implementing the most effective techniques for attracting purchasers. Homebuyers are also searching for developments that have adequate connectivity. To other sections of the city, social infrastructure, and future appreciation potential.

Thane, for example, will regarded as a desirable residential area in the Mumbai metropolitan area (MMR). Other regions of the city, such as Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC), Navi Mumbai, and South Mumbai, well-connected to this micro-market. Thane Metro, Thane-Borivali Tunnel, Thane-Mumbai RoPax water taxi service, and Katai – Airoli motorway are among the infrastructure developments that will connect Thane even closer to the city’s other main business and residential regions. Furthermore, the Thane developments Will reasonably priced and come with world-class amenities.

Registration and Stamp Duty Charges Benefits on Gudi Padwa:

Real estate property registration and stamp duty Shall required and might have an impact on your entire budget. During the festival, builders provide discounts on stamp duty and registration fees, saving up to 10% of the total cost.

Buy Home on Gudi Padwa

Here are some dos and don’ts to consider before purchasing a real estate property during Gudi Padwa or other festivals:


Budget Before you begin looking for a home, you should determine your budget and the amount of EMI you can afford to pay each month.


Look for a quiet location with decent internet access. All vital amenities, such as schools, colleges, hospitals, banks, and ATMs, should be within walking distance of the property.


 Don’t make a hasty choice. Before investing in any project, take your time to consider your options. Deal without double-checking documents Check the RERA number. And other relevant property documents such as the Occupancy Certificate, Completion Certificate, and so on before dealing with the property.



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