Why Is now the Best Time To Invest In Mulund Commercial Real Estate?

Mulund Commercial Real Estate: Mulund is poised to lead the race in terms of growth prospects and stability in Mumbai’s commercial realty micro markets.

Inflation is one of the most prominent financial risks that the entire world is currently experiencing, and India is not immune. In an inflationary market, it is difficult to find an asset class that has the potential to outperform inflation and generate a higher real rate of return over time. Fortunately, the current inflationary economic situation makes real estate investment more appealing to investors. Inflation often leads to a rise in rental income and the value of property tends to appreciate steadily in the long-term curve.

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If we closely examine and compare the real estate sector, investment in commercial real estate may be more promising in terms of return on investment and growth prospects than residential properties, particularly in metropolitan areas such as Mumbai, which is the real estate market’s trendsetter. Mulund is poise to lead the race in terms of growth prospects and stability in Mumbai’s commercial realty micro markets. Before we look at investment opportunities in the Mulund-West commercial real estate market, let us first examine the current trend in Mumbai’s commercial real estate market.


How has the commercial real estate sector in Mumbai performed in recent months?

“It’s encouraging to see that the key office markets have made a positive recovery since the pandemic, with Q2 2022 seeing more traction than the previous quarter. While the pandemic remains a concern in the short term. And uncertainties in the supply chain raise construction material prices, the market’s strong fundamentals will prove resilient.”

According to Vestian’s ‘The Connect Q2 2022’ report, the peripheral office markets along the Thane-Navi Mumbai belt gained traction in the first half of the year, outpacing the pre-pandemic period. New office space completions soared in Q2 2022. With 2.1 million square feet added to the city’s office market, the highest volume seen in the previous four quarters.

During the first half of 2022, the Mumbai real estate market experienced significant growth in gross leasing activity. According to Cushman & Wakefield’s Marketbeat Mumbai- Office- Q2 2022 report, the first-half value of gross leading volume (GLV) in 2022 is expected to be 6.39 MSF, 22-50% higher than the first-half figures recorded during the same periods in the previous three years.


Mulund Commercial Real Estate

Fresh leasing of 1.69 MSF continues to drive quarterly GLV numbers, and term renewals of approximately 1.3 MSF were recorded. SBD-BKC, Andheri-Kurla, Malad-Goregaon, and Central Suburbs were the most active submarkets in this quarter. Accounting for 60% of total leasing volume. During the quarter, the most active sectors were BFSI (27%), Engineering & Manufacturing (20%), and IT-BPM (18%).

According to several research reports. There is a widespread increase in leasing activities in Mumbai’s commercial realty market. And the occupancy rate has consistently increased, particularly in the area around Thane’s outskirts. If you are looking to invest in the commercial market. The research report clearly shows that projects in Mulund (W) can be a very appealing option in terms of return prospects and growth stability. According to research reports on the commercial realty sector. Kalpataru Summit is one of the few projects in Mulund’s commercial property segment that is available at an attractive price point with a plethora of associated benefits.


Investing in Mulund’s commercial real estate

Mulund is one of the best locations to invest in commercial properties because of its excellent infrastructure. Proximity to a residential area, excellent business opportunities, attractive rental income, good capital appreciation prospects, and easy transportation.

According to reports. Mulund has the potential to generate a higher rental return than the average return offered by most other commercial property locations in Mumbai. The quality of the construction, location of the project, supporting facilities in the project. And distance from residential areas are some of the factors that determine a location’s rental potential. And some of the Grade A property projects in Mulund are highly appealing in terms of rental income and capital appreciation in all of these aspects. Mulund commercial spaces provide an excellent opportunity for banking, financial services, insurance, and other service sectors to establish their offices.

In many ways, the Kalpataru Summit will be a watershed moment for commercial property investors. It is expected to outperform all benchmarks in terms of rental income. Here is some basic information about the Kalpataru Summit project that will demonstrate why it is the best option for commercial property investors.


Why is the Kalpataru Summit Project so appealing to commercial property investors?

Kalpataru Summit is located in Mulund (W), which is already a brisk commercial property market. The following are some of the appealing features of the Kalpataru Summit project that make it the best investment choice. In the current market for commercial property investors:

  • It is close to the Mulund and Nahur railway stations, which provide direct access to all parts of Mumbai.
  • The Airoli bridge provides easy access to Navi Mumbai.
  • There are upcoming metros nearby.
  • The project is close to other commercial projects in the area. Such as BKC and Wagle Estate. And it is located on the LBS Marg stretch, making it more premium in terms of location advantage.
  • Commercial projects have the potential to consistently generate more than 6% rental return over time.
  • This is one of the few Grade A developments located in a prime residential area.

One of the most important aspects of successful commercial projects is timely delivery to buyers. And Kalpataru’s track record is excellent in this regard because they have always delivered properties well ahead of schedule. Kalpataru is a well-known brand with a history dating back more than 50 years. The Kalpataru Summit will serve as a model for the majority of future commercial properties in Mulund.



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