No Gold No FD’s -Why Women in India Prefer to Invest in Real Estate

Women in India are turning to be decision maker than just an influencer. Indian women have achieved a lot more milestones and now have the capabilities to make investment decisions on their own. When women are educated as much as men at home then it is obvious that they can make a decision as to where to invest and where to not. Women in every Indian home seem to be thinking more about investment and savings, and in the recent decade, it has been observed that Indian women prefer to invest in real estate than gold or FD’s. So, what makes Indian women prefer real estate investment over gold or FD’s.

It is not hidden that women in India have become independent and powerful in terms of finances. Men in their families have also started supporting women to build their own empires. Owning a home is the strongest security factor they could build for themselves. Especially women across urban India seem to be investing more in real estate either to diversify their investment options or just to take the leverage of multiple benefits that are exclusively available for women. One more thing that women are coming forward to invest in real estate for the reason that the government and banking system are going the extra mile to help them to have ownership on their own.

In today’s new era, there is no strange to find dual-income families sharing a bigger piece of cake. Where women actively participate in the family to reach financial goals. They seem to be taking active participation in buying properties, investing in mutual funds, buying policies for their families, and many other financial savings. But among all of these, they are slightly seem to be shifting to investing in real estate.

Why Indian Women Prefer to Invest in Real Estate?

Women Invester in Real Estate

Buying gold and FD’s were the focal point of Indian women earlier but now their choice has changed because they are more educated and more analytical. Which gives them the ability to make a better choice and chose real estate over other investments. According to the recent ANAROCK-LIC Housing Finance Consumer Sentiment survey, About 57 % of Indian women respondents said that they would prefer real estate as an investment option. While 28 % of them said they would like to invest in the share market, and about 11 % of women preferred FD’s as a good investment option. And just 4 % of them revealed gold is good as an investment option. This survey revealed the modern women’s strategic mind and they have changed their mindset over a period of time.

Initiative By Indian Government

Government of India

Government and developers actively seem to be participating to motivate Indian women home buyers to standalone and buy properties of their own.  For example, the Indian government has given some subsidy on stamp duty charges for property registration if it is executed in the name of women. The following are exemptions provided to Indian women on stamp duty registration charges in the following mentioned state of India.

StateFor MenFor Women
Delhi6 %4 %
Haryana7 %5%
UP 7 %7 %*
Rajasthan5 %4 %
Punjab8 %4 %

 *Women get a rebate of INR 10,000 on the total stamp duty charges to be paid

Initiative By Banks

Initiative by bank

Many public sector banks in India offer lower home loan interest rates to women homebuyers than men home buyers. The rebate can vary from .05% to .25% depending upon the bank and the loan amount to be disbursed.

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Why Is It Good To Invest in Real Estate in 2021?

Invest in realty

1.The decline in FD Interest Rate

FD interest rate is almost dropped to 5-6 % in all the public sector banks and up to 7 % in most of the private sector banks. So, it is clear that FD’s are no more the good investment option, because whoever was awaiting a good amount of returns on investment is getting disappointments.  So, it is required to search for other investment options, and real estate is the evergreen sector of investment.

2. Decline in the Home Loan Interest Rate

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the home loan interest rates had almost spiked to 10-12 % but now after pandemic situations, the home loan interest rate has almost declined to 8-6.75 %. This has given an opportunity to people who had been thinking about buying homes.

3. Decline in Stamp Duty Registration Charges

To encourage the real estate sector which has widely affected by the pandemic government has come up with great support and reduced the stamp duty registration charges from 5 % to 3 % till 31st 2021. Previously the state brought down the stamp duty on property registrations from 5% to 2% till December 31, 2020.



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