How To Choose Wall Colors According To Vastu?

Each color has a distinct meaning as per Vastu. Also, it is proven that it has a strong impact on psychology. So, isn’t it a wise decision to go with perfect wall colors for your house where you spend most of your time? Here is the complete guide on how to choose wall colors according to Vastu.

Picking Wall Colors According To Vastu

Vastu experts advise that you have to choose colors as per the energy requirement of each section of your house. The color you pick for a specific section of your home depends on the direction as well. Choosing color wisely can benefit you a lot in terms of maintaining positivity and zest in your life. We are jotting down few points as per below which are most required to be considered while choosing wall colors according to Vastu.

Ideal Wall Color For Bedroom

Ideally, the direction of the bedroom should be in the southwest, and as this direction depicts the elements of earth, you should paint your bedroom with earthy colors like brown, chocolate, or beige.

Ideal Wall Color For Kids Room

Since the ideal direction of the kid’s room as per Vastu is in the north or north-west. The northwest direction is governed by the moon, so the room should be painted white.

Ideal Wall Color For Kitchen

As per Vastu the ideal direction for Kitchen is in the south-east corner. Since the southeast direction is governed by the Lord of Fire(Agni), you should color your kitchen orange or red which are colors of fire.

Ideal Wall Color For Bathroom

Bathrooms as per Vastu should be located in the northwest direction of your home. and you should color your bathroom white.

Ideal Wall Color For Living Room

The living room ideally should be located in the northeast direction and the color should be yellow. The other preferred direction for the Living room is northwest, and the color of the walls should be white as per Vastu shastra.

Ideal Wall Color For Pooja Room

Pooja room as per Vastu should be located in the northeast direction and the color of the walls for the pooja room should be yellow.

Ideal Wall Color For Balcony

As per Vastu, the balconies should be in the north or east direction. One should prefer calm colors for balconies and avoid the darker shades of color if they are located in the north or east direction.

Ideal Wall Color for Store Room

As per Vastu the heavy things always should be kept in a southwest direction, so the ideal location of the storeroom in your home is the southwest. Storerooms always should be colored with lighter shades and should strictly avoid darker shades for storerooms. White color is ideal for a storeroom.

However, apart from these Ideal colors, you can color the rooms of your home with the following colors. All the colors have different significance as per Vastu.

Significance of Colors as per Vastu

Light Red or Pink The Color of Love

Pink and light red are the shades of warmth and lover. If you are married pink or light red will be an ideal pick for your bedroom. These colors will deepen your bond with your spouse and will keep the conflicts away.

But, you should never color the bedroom walls with darker shades of red as it may trigger the temperament.

Color Green Represents Nature

As per Vastu, green represents growth and abundance. Those with low immunity like the elderly should take advantage of the healing properties of this shade and should color their bedrooms green. However, if you do not like the color green then you can bring in elements of green through a plethora of indoor plants. They will purify the air and add liveliness to your space.

Color Yellow Channels Happiness

As per Vastu, yellow channels intelligence,  positivity, optimism, and happiness. Use this vibrant shade in small-sized bedrooms to make space look wider and feel welcoming.

Purple Represents Wealth

Purple, the mixture of soothing blue and boisterous red, represents wealth, mercy, self-respect, and poise, making it perfect for those with anxiety. If you feel the purple does not suit your interior then, you can always use a soft lilac shade on the walls to make it feel splendid.

White Symbolizing Peace

A favorite and most Vastu-complaint color, white is versatile and timeless. Symbolizing peace, freedom, and purity, white in your room ensures tranquility and serenity. However, you should never color your home throughout with white as it may increase egocentrism.

Grey Symbolizes Sensibility

As per Vastu Shastra, grey symbolizes sensibility & protection. Grey is also a very popular color in contemporary,  homes.

Colors You Should Avoid For Wall Colors at Home

The color black and dark shades of red and grey should be avoided as per Vastu. Lighter colors are always acceptable. Generally, these colors have high intensity and can disturb the energy flow inside the home.

Wall Colors as Per Direction of Your Room

Green – for North directional room

Light Red– for South-East directional room

Yellow -for the room in the north-east

Orange – for the room in the east

Grey – for the room in the West

Color As per Rashi and Birthdates

The color of your home walls also should be decided as per your birthdates and Rashis. You should consult your Vastu consultant to know the exact suitable colors for you as per your Rashi. However, you can always pick colors like off-white, yellow, orange, mauve, or cream color as these colors go with all the Rashis.


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