There Are 18 Bathtub-Free Indian Bathroom Designs.

It can be difficult to lay out a bathroom design properly. You must be careful while planning and implementing because a small bathroom has limited space and needs some simple bathroom ideas to operate. Let’s talk about several bathroom layouts without bathtubs that are typically appropriate for small urban residences.

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Designs for Indian Bathrooms

Here are 18 Indian bathroom designs without bathtubs to provide you the much-needed inspiration:


Mirror Installation on Walls

It is preferable to add a mirror across one of the walls of a small bathroom. Because mirrors are excellent light reflectors, the bathroom’s lighting fixtures can provide greater illumination. Your bathroom would appear larger as a result.

There are 18 bathtub-free Indian bathroom designs

Vanities That Float and Small Sinks

Sinks can be wall-mounted, which is a great trick to conserve a lot of floor space and give the impression that your small bathroom is more open and larger. If storage is important, you should consider a wall-mounted vanity. You can contemplate combining the new age & current thin-age sinks or you can look at the slim washbasins. By doing this, a larger sink may fit in a smaller area.

Including more vertical elements in bathrooms

There is typically less room for storage in a small bathroom. Even if there is less floor area, you may make use of the wall space. For enough storage, you might erect cabinets on the bathroom walls.

There are 18 bathtub-free Indian bathroom designs

Compact Doors

You can convert to an in-swinging entry door if you choose a bathroom layout without a bathtub. You can make a pocket in your bathroom by opening a certain wall by installing a pocket door.

Lighter Walls and Dark Floors Together

When choosing colours for small bathrooms, you must be very deliberate. If you have a small bathroom, it is best to have brightly coloured walls that will reflect more and more light to enlarge the area. You can retain the bathroom’s overall motif in lighter hues or save deeper colours for the floor to create a striking contrast.

Bathroom Accent Wall Installation

Use an accent wall, particularly on the bathroom’s back wall, if it is a small bathroom. Either the whole wall or a swath of colour can be painted. This specific method would provide your bathroom with an appropriate depth.

There are 18 bathtub-free Indian bathroom designs

Achieving Flush Bathroom Cabinets With the Wall

With a sturdy enclosure that is concealed in the wall, you may create some extremely stylish built-in storage.

Making a Shower Bench Custom

You can still make your bathroom appear and feel opulent even if it only has place for a small shower. You may add a floating shower seat to your shower area to give it more style and utility.


Installation of Effective Bathroom Lighting

To appropriately illuminate your bathroom, you can utilise big lighting fixtures or a double row of LED lights.

There are 18 bathtub-free Indian bathroom designs

Going overboard with a bathroom gallery wall

You can set up a tiny gallery in your bathroom with examples of your favourite quirky artwork.

Curve Corners for Bathrooms

If you want extra space in your bathroom, you might choose to have rounded and softer vanity edges. Additionally, if you rush into your bathroom because you are running behind schedule, you will be able to prevent any potential banging with sharp edges.


Going Null

With black glossy tiles, dark cabinetry, and mood lighting, you might choose to have a gloomy interior design in your bathroom.

There are 18 bathtub-free Indian bathroom designs

 Bathroom Towel Bar Installation

By putting towel bars, you may make good use of the bathroom’s wall space. In bathrooms, they are typically positioned close to the countertop

Ladder Use in a Bathroom

To create more space for hanging the shower caddy or the linens, you might choose to lean a ladder right up against the wall behind your toilet.


Putting in a Skylight

A small place can appear larger by using natural light. If you don’t have any windows in your bathroom, you can install skylights. Your modest bathroom might appear larger as a result.

There Are 18 Bathtub-Free Indian Bathroom Designs

Making the decision to place ledges above bathroom furniture

If a bathroom lacks an integrated vanity, you can choose to place a ledge just above the sink. For keeping daily necessities like soap, toothpaste, etc., this would be really helpful.


Installing shower curtains or doors

A transparent glass door or shower curtain should be installed instead of a dark curtain or foggy glass.


Putting toilet paper in trash cans

The toilet paper and other personal hygiene supplies can be kept invisibly in a bin or basket positioned or tucked under the sink.

There Are 18 Bathtub-Free Indian Bathroom Designs

In conclusion: Designs for Indian Bathrooms

If you use the aforementioned Indian home bathroom designs, your bathroom will appear gorgeous, and you’ll love every minute of your daily baths




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