Best Malappuram Tourist Attractions And Activities

Malappuram, a city in the Indian state of Kerala, is a fascinating historical place with a wealth of natural resources. Every traveler’s bucket list should include a visit to Malappuram, which offers a wealth of exciting things to do and see. The top activities in Malappuram are listed below, so make sure not to miss them.

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Malappuram can be reached in a number of ways:

By train: There are no consistent trains to Malappuram from other significant cities in the nation. 37 kilometres distant, in Shoranur, is the closest railway station.

By air: Calicut has the closest airport, which is about 16 kilometres away.

Through road: Malappuram is connect to all of the major cities in Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu by the local road network. Kozhikode is 50 kilometres away, and Palakkad is 90 kilometres away.


15 must-see tourist attractions in Malappuram

Malappuram is the ideal area for you to go if you’re looking for tourist attractions in Kerala. There is a lot to see and do in this lovely city because of its rich culture and history. Everyone can find something to do in Malappuram, whether it is exploring the historic temples or swimming in the river.

To see what there is to do and see, visit these popular tourist destinations in Malappuram:


Temple of Thirumandhamkunnu

The Thirumandhamkunnu Temple is one of Malappuram’s most visited tourist attractions. There are steps leading up to the temple, which is perched on a hill. A shrine honouring Goddess Durga and several more smaller shrines can be found inside. The temple offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape that are accessible to visitors. The temple’s hours are 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM and 4:30 – 8 PM, and it is situated in Bhagavathi Padam, Angadipuram, and Kerala. From the city centre, take an auto-rickshaw to get there.

Best Malappuram tourist attractions and activities


Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

A lovely place is well-known for housing over 100 distinct bird species as well as 60 migrating birds of diverse sorts. The Kadalundi River’s discharge into the Arabian Sea is what makes the location distinctive. The Kadalundi bird sanctuary is the ideal location for those who are eager to discover such locations. The location is easily accessible from the city centre via the road. To get here, use a taxi or even a local bus. The cost of the ticket is only Rs 25.

Best Malappuram tourist attractions and activities


Beach at Padinharekara

One of the most well-liked tourist destinations in Malappuram is Padinharekara Beach, which is situated in the little town of Tanur. The crystal-clear seas and stunning scenery at this stunning beach are well recognize. The day can be spent swimming, tanning, or simply taking in the sights. Additionally, there are a few little stores close to the beach where you may get food and drinks. On the route from Manjeri to Malappuram in Kerala, Padinharekara, Kondotty is situate 18 kilometres to the east.

Best Malappuram tourist attractions and activities


Valiya Juma Masjid

One of Malappuram’s most visited tourist attractions is the Valiya Juma Masjid. It is conveniently close to the town centre & reachable via public transportation. The mosque, which was construct in the 16th century, is a stunning illustration of Islamic architecture. The mosque features a sizable prayer hall and an impressive minaret from which you can see the entire town. About 36 kilometres from the city centre, this location is conveniently located on the highway that connects Nilambur and Malappuram.


Keralamkundu Waterfalls

The Keralamkundu Waterfalls, which are a short distance from the town of Manjeri, provide a breathtaking natural backdrop for a cool swim. At various heights, there are several little ponds, each with a miniature waterfall. The area is surround by beautiful vegetation and is perfect for picnics. Those who visit can go fishing in the neighbouring river. The closest settlement to the Keralamkundu Waterfalls is Karuvarakundu, which is connect by road to surrounding cities including Manjeri, Perinthalmanna, and Nilambur.

Best Malappuram tourist attractions and activities



One of Kerala’s most popular tourist destinations is Kodikuthimala. One of Malappuram’s most picturesque locations is found here, which is the highest point of the Amminikkadan hills. In colonial times, the British raised their flags here. The location is conveniently located on the highway heading to the 36-kilometer-distance Nilambur district.

Best Malappuram tourist attractions and activities

One of the loveliest sites in Malappuram to visit & spend time with your loved ones is The Shanthitheeram. Boating is one of the many activities offer in the park that both locals and visitors never get tired of. About 3.6 kilometres from Malappuram, the location is on the route heading to the Nilambur district.



Kovilakam, which is only 2 kilometres from the closest tourist attractions, is a must-see while visiting Malappuram. It is a classic home that dates back 300 years that has been transforme into a museum. You may see some of the original furniture and possessions of the family who formerly resided there as well as learn about the history & culture of the region. The property has a lovely garden as well. From the city centre, taking a local bus is simple.

Best Malappuram tourist attractions and activities


Pazhayangadi Mosque

The Pazhayangadi Mosque is among the most well-known tourist destinations in Malappuram. It is well worth a visit because it is one of Kerala’s allegedly oldest mosques. Additionally, it is advantageously situate close to other nearby tourist attractions. This mosque must definitely be on your itinerary if you want to tour Malappuram!

Best Malappuram tourist attractions and activities


Alathiyoor Hanuman Temple

One of the most visited tourist destinations in Malappuram is this temple, which is located on a hill near Alathiyoor. The temple, which honours Lord Hanuman, is renown for its beautiful architecture and picturesque setting. From the temple, visitors can take in the expansive views of the surroundings and take part in a variety of puja rituals. Alathiyur, located 7 kilometres from Tirur, is the bus stop that is closest to the temple. There are almost always buses, auto-rickshaws, & taxis available to take you from Alathiyur to the temple.

Best Malappuram tourist attractions and activities


Arya Vaidya Sala

This is one of India’s top medical facilities for traditional treatments and rejuvenation. In this Ayurvedic facility, you’ll learn about traditional medical practices and how to treat ailments. They receive certified Ayurvedic therapy with doctors and therapists in Malappuram. The closest railway station is TIRUR (Malappuram Dist.), which is 16 kilometres away and is located on the Chennai-Mangalore railway line. The closest airport is at Kozhikode, which is about 28 kilometres away. Kottakkal is separated from the rest of India by 165 km from Kochi, 160 km from Coimbatore, & 48 km from Calicut (Kozhikode).

Best Malappuram tourist attractions and activities



This area of the Nilgiri Bioreserve is home to a diversity of plant and animal species. The gorgeous water features, attractive guest rooms, and tranquil settings are perfect for nature lovers. Calicut International Airport, which serves places like Palakkad, Ernakulam, Trivandrum, Thrissur, etc., is around 60 kilometres distant. With connections to other significant cities like Ernakulam, Trivandrum, Palakkad and Thrissur, Nilambur has its own railway station.

Best Malappuram tourist attractions and activities


Teak Museum

One of Malappuram’s most popular tourist destinations is the Teak Museum. For everyone interested in Kerala’s history and culture, it is a must-see. Over 200 teakwood artefacts, including furniture, carvings, and sculptures, are on display in the museum. A library with a selection of books on teakwood is also include in the museum. You can take a local cab from the centre of Malappuram to the Teak Museum, which is about 3 km away, and to Karipur International Airport, which is about 36 km distant.

Best Malappuram tourist attractions and activities


Temple in Angadipuram

One of Malappuram’s most visited tourist destinations is the Angadipuram Temple. The Lord Vishnu-dedicated temple is a fantastic location to learn about Hinduism. You can visit the temple while you are in town because it is conveniently located close to other tourist attractions. This shrine is reachable from Malappuram and is situate around 18 kilometres before Malappuram.

Best Malappuram tourist attractions and activities


Keraladeshapuram Temple

One of the earliest Hindu temples devoted to Lord Vishnu is this one. Tipu Sultan afterwards ransacked the temple, which Francis Xavier had previously seen in 1546 AD. You can take a local bus or hail a cab to get to the temple, which is 3 kilometres south of Tanur.


Activities to do in Malappuram

One of Malappuram’s biggest tourist destinations is Cherai Beach. After a hard day, this spotless stretch of white sand and tranquil, blue waters are the perfect location to unwind. For greater vistas and busier crowds, head to the 2 km away Vamanapuram Beach. Go to Kottakkunnu Beach for nightlife if you’re seeking for it (4 km away). In addition to visiting beaches, you may also visit a few notable historical sites, including as the Thirunavaya Temple and Kakotuparambu Kavu Temple, both of which are close to Cherai Beach.





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