Chikmagalur Attractions & Things To Do

We provide a list of the best attractions and activities to do in Chikmagalur, a mountainous town in Karnataka.

One of the few tourist destinations that blend with the abundance of nature is the mountain city of Chikmagalur in Karnataka, southwest India. This place is perfect for a Christmas getaway for everyone because it has animals, excitement, historic places, and coffee.

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Chikmagalur is renown for being a fusion of different religious traditions and alluring beauty. The English name Chikmagalur means Young Daughter’s Town. Many people think that the city was given as a dowry to the daughter of the mythical monarch Rukmangada.

Visitors are taken to a wonderful world of seclusion when they visit this mountain community. Which is located 3,400 feet above sea level. There are many locations to explore in Chikmagalur, but if you’re searching for a weekend vacation, try one of these activities.


Chikmagalur’s top 15 tourist attractions

Below are 15 of Chikmagalur’s top tourist attractions.


Hebbe Falls

One of Karnataka’s natural wonders is Hebbe Falls. Dodda Hebbe and Chikka Hebbe are two magnificent waterfalls that are close to Kemmangundi. They cascade at a height of 551 feet and are encircled by a coffee estate.

Chikmagalur Attractions & Things To Do

Spending some time with families and friends and admiring the scenic surroundings of the waterfall is one of the most restorative things to do in Chikmagalur.

Enjoy a peaceful meal in the heart of the wilderness and take pictures of this extraordinary location; every minute you spend here will be indelible in your mind. Hebbe Falls should unquestionably be at the top of your list of attractions to see in Chikmagalur.


Kudremukh Trek

Climbing Kudremukh, the third-highest mountain peak in Karnataka, is one of the most thrilling things to do in Chikmagalur for thrill seekers.

Chikmagalur Attractions & Things To Do

Traveling along this challenging path will allow you to experience some of the most breathtaking scenery in the area, including vast grassy plains and high slopes covered in dense forest. Even for those without any prior trekking expertise, this trip is highly advised.

Get ready to be mesmerized as you take in the breathtaking views of mist-covered mountains and valleys from the top, which is located at an elevation of 6207 feet, in this Chikmagalur location before starting your adventure.


Golf Club at Chikmagalur

Beyond trekking, coffee, mountains, and shrines, Chikmagalur has other things to offer. Anyone wishing to get away from the bustle of city life while still indulging in some form of thrill appears to find the Chikmagalur Golf Club to be the perfect destination.

Chikmagalur Attractions & Things To Do

Playing some golf on these luscious fields is one of the best things to do in Chikmagalur. It is suitable for tourists looking for a weekend getaway location close to Chikmagalur as well as for international golfers.


Tea Plantation Tour

It is commonly known that Chikmagalur has numerous coffee estates. Going for a stroll through the coffee farms is one of the nicest things to do in Chikmagalur. Many guesthouses in the Karnataka region that are located within of coffee estates in Chikmagalur and Coorg offer this experience.

If you hire a tour guide, you will get comprehensive details about the entire coffee-producing process. As the guide fills you with knowledge, it’s time to revive your taste senses with a hot cup of coffee. Every time you take a sip, remember to look around at the lush vegetation. This location is heaven on earth for coffee lovers.

Chikmagalur Attractions & Things To Do


River rafting in Bhadra

One of the most thrilling activities in Chikmagalur is river rafting in the Bhadra River. It is recommend that thrill-seekers of all skill levels participate in this sport of rafting.

After starting towards Bhadra Lake to finish this mission, just enjoy the waves with your party but approach safely.

Chikmagalur Attractions & Things To Do


Driving a Jeep to Jhari Falls

A rocky jeep ride to Jhari Falls is the best way to experience unique fun in Chikmagalur. One of the top things to do in Chikmagalur is a jeep ride since it combines the thrill of the outdoors with an adventure.

All you have to do is pile into a jeep with your other travellers and go through the thickest part of the forest to a waterfall, where the spectacular beauty will take your breath away. Its name, Buttermilk Waterfall, refers to the fierce rush of the flow that gives the waterfall a milky appearance.

Chikmagalur Attractions & Things To Do


At the Sharadamba temple, a spiritual awakening

If you wish to include devotion in your Chikmagalur holiday, you should visit Sharadamba Temple. This well-known Hindu temple is one of the most tranquil locations to visit in Chikmagalur and is dedicated to the goddess Saraswati. The colonnaded hall, several expensive statues, and intricate sculptures are among of its most well-known features.

Many history fans are fascinated by the temple because of its exquisite craftsmanship and complex artwork, which was built in the ninth century. When you visit the temple, you’ll get a sense of calmness and tranquility because to its lovely location along the Tunga river.

Chikmagalur Attractions & Things To Do


Coffee museum

Coffee and Chikmagalur have a lengthy relationship. The first coffee plants outside of India were construct in Chikmagalur in the 18th century by a Sufi. The Coffee Authority of India built a coffee museum to rebuild the history of coffee in India.

It ranks among the top things to do in Chikmagalur. Coffee lovers enjoy the museum because it allows them to understand the pain and suffering involved in creating the finished product that they drink. The stages involved in making coffee—from choosing the beans to packing them—are covered in several sections of the exhibit.

Chikmagalur Attractions & Things To Do


Bhadra wildlife sanctuary

If you are confuse of what to do in Chikmagalur to satisfy your thirst for animal exploration, head straight to Bhadra Animal Sanctuary for an incredible jeep safari. During an interactive vehicle safari, you will get the chance to learn about the astonishing array of plants and animals that this wildlife reserve tucked in the Western Ghats has.

Other animals you might observe here, in addition to the over 250 different bird species, include the barking deer, sloth bear, elephant, gaur, & tiger.

Observing tigers prowling freely in their natural habitat and taking pictures of elephants and deer are just a few of the fascinating discoveries & heart-pounding thrills that may be present on this safari.

Chikmagalur Attractions & Things To Do


Jet Ski at Yagachi Dam

One of the most thrilling things to do in Chikmagalur is jet skiing at Yagachi Dam. This thrilling activity will make your trip memorable.

Any thrill seeker should not skip Yagachi Dam, a stunning place with a wide range of water activities, which is 28 kilometres from Chikmagalur. Given that the dam’s setting is perfect for jet skiing. You can be sure that you will experience top-notch exhilaration as a result of the combination of the dam’s rapid pace and distant seas.

While top-notch equipment and experienced instructors ensure your safety while engaging in the activity, the pleasure brought on by jet skiing will satisfy your need for adrenaline.

Chikmagalur Attractions & Things To Do


Blooming neelakurinji

Travel to Chikmagalur in April or May if you want to witness the magnificent Neelakurinji plant. Which only blooms once every twelve years. One of the most exciting things to do in Chikmagalur is to plan your vacation around the blooming season of the Neelakurinji plant. The area appears beautiful and shines purple throughout. Add this amazing sight on your bucket list so you don’t miss it.

Chikmagalur Attractions & Things To Do



In addition to providing all visitors with lovely vegetation, spectacular waterfalls, and spotless temples. Chikmagalur is a great destination to engage in water sports. Kayaking at the Bhadra dam in Chikmagalur would allow you to explore your adventurous side. Get ready to kayak the Bhadra rivers as you admire the breathtaking scenery. Bring your gear and wear comfortable attire to make the most of your kayaking experience.

Chikmagalur Attractions & Things To Do


Shanti Falls

One of Chikmagalur’s hidden natural gems is Shanti Falls. But due of its isolation, it is also one of nature’s purest blessings, tucked away deep into the magnificent woodlands of Karnataka.

Being on the route to the Z Point, it’s a great place to discover comfort and tranquilly away from the clamour and bustle of large cities. Consequently, take a dip in the peaceful, clear waters of the Shanti Falls with your friends or your significant other. The water here is actually suppose to have medicinal properties that benefit anyone who enter it. Which makes it even more charming.

Chikmagalur Attractions & Things To Do


Camping at Sakleshpur’s Riverside

If you want to do something at night in Chikmagalur, you must go riverside camping in places like Sakleshpur. Because camping is close to the Hemavathi River, you can spend the night beneath a big sky. Most of the campgrounds in the area are equipped with comfortable tents, spotless facilities, and houses.

Chikmagalur Attractions & Things To Do


Alekan Falls

The Alekan Falls are easily found because they are close to the highway when driving from Chikmagalur to Charmadi. However, a lot of people ignore and pass them by since they don’t realize what the thick forest foliage on the right is hiding.

It is a spectacular waterfall, 90 feet high, surrounded by thick greenery. And it thunderously gushes water into a small pool. Toeing the cool water or taking a dip is one of the most energizing things to do in Chikmagalur while you’re here.

Chikmagalur Attractions & Things To Do











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