Top 5 Weekend Locations Close to Pune

Lonavala, Mahabaleshwar, and Mulshi are three of the five well-liked weekend away locations that have seen an increase in interest from investors over the past three to five years in the Western Ghats, roughly 70 kilometers from Pune. Many people go to these locations to unwind in order to preserve a work-life balance. The following list of five weekend getaway locations is for investors.

Pune is well-known as India’s IT hub, but it also offers a lot of lovely escape spots within 100 miles that draw tourists from far and wide. While for some people these are just relaxing weekend getaways, a savvy investor would view them as the ideal location to diversify the portfolio.

Faster commutes will assure increased foot traffic, higher real estate demand, and, consequently, respectable Returns on Investment. Transportation infrastructure is anticipated to improve dramatically thanks to various connecting projects currently under construction close to Pune (ROI). The top five weekend house locations around Pune are listed here if real estate investment is on your mind.

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Top 5 Weekend Locations Close to Pune

Kamshet, which is about an hour from Pune, provides a tranquil, pollution-free atmosphere, making it the ideal weekend getaway location for folks who want to unwind. Which is also known as the paragliding capital of India, has a lot to offer a visitor. Karla Caves, Bhaja Caves, and Kondeshwar Temple are among the most famous vacationer locations nearby.

Kamshet has the potential to develop into a significant real estate hub in the future because to the quick residential development by the top builders in the sector. The most common investment accommodations in Kamshet are 1 BHK and 2 BHK residences that measure between 250 sq. ft. and 700 sq. ft. This is partly due to the fact that most travelers only stay for weekends; as a result, compact homes are ideal for them. However, because to the reduced investment costs and higher returns, Kamshet residential plots continue to be well-liked.

Connectivity is not a problem in this area because it is only a few kilometers from Lonavala Railway Station and 60 kilometers from Pune Airport. In addition, there is a special bus line that runs between Kamshet and Pune and Mumbai.


Top 5 Weekend Locations Close to Pune

Lonavala, a hill station around 65 kilometers from Pune, is a great vacation spot for anyone looking to get away from the hectic city life. It is a significant station on the Pune Suburban Railway line that runs between Mumbai and Pune. The Mumbai-Pune Expressway and the Mumbai-Bangalore Highway can also be used to get there.

Apartments, independent builder floors, and villas are just a few of the residential options available on the Lonavala real estate market. According to several realtors from Pune, young professionals and students make up the majority of tourist groups here and rent larger homes to split the cost of lodging. Larger residential areas, such as 3 BHK and 4 BHK homes, would therefore be appropriate for investment, with buy rates typically averaging between Rs 4000 per sq. ft. and Rs 5000 per sq. ft.

Additionally, the region has a sufficient amount of land that can be developed. Land prices have climbed by about 30% over the past five years due to Lonavala’s strategic position and the increased interest from investors.

Price trends for real estate in popular weekend away locations close to Pune


Purchase Unit Prices (per sq. ft.)

Residential Plots’ Cost (per sq. ft.)

A Five-Year Price Increase in Land Value


Rs 2,700-4,800

Rs 350-900

30 %


Rs 4,000-5,000

Rs 1,200-2,500



Rs 4,500-5,500           

Rs 1,000-1,800



Rs 5,000-6,500           

Rs 500-1,800  



Rs 2,500-5,000

Rs 300-1,500  



Top 5 Weekend Locations Close to Pune

Visitors come to Lavasa from various parts of India. It attracts a lot of visitors since it has stunning views of the lake and lush hills. Home buyers come here for the abundance of investment opportunities and the clean air. There are many different housing options available in the neighborhood, including independent homes, villas, and flats. The fact that many of Lavasa’s residential complexes are RERA-registered and ready-to-move projects adds to the area’s desirability as a real estate market. Homes with carpet surfaces between 500 sq. ft. and 950 sq. ft. that are structured as 1 or 2 bedrooms are popular in this neighborhood. In the last five years, the price of residential plots in Lavasa has increased by over 35%, currently ranging between Rs 1,000 and Rs 1,800 per square foot.

You may travel the 47 miles in comfort and affordability with cabs from Pune to Lavasa while taking in the scenery.


Top 5 Weekend Locations Close to Pune

One of the most frequented and well-liked weekend getaways in Pune is Mahabaleshwar. As a major tourist destination, this region has seen significant investment during the past ten years. Investors continue to favor private lots because most of them wish to personalize their residences.

The ‘New Mahabaleshwar’ development plan’s developing infrastructure promises greater Returns on Investment (ROI) when compared to other weekend away locations close to Pune. The demand for real estate in Mahabaleshwar will be strongly impacted by developments like roads and resorts because they are intended to promote connectivity and tourism in the region. Additionally, these developments will stimulate an increase in property values, making the area a desirable location for investments. In Pune, emphasizes that residential plots in Mahabaleshwar cost between Rs 500 and Rs 1,800 per sq. ft. Since it was revealed that New Mahabaleshwar would be developed in 2019. The value of land has increased by about 25%. In Mahabaleshwar, constructing a home typically costs between Rs 90 lakh and Rs 1 crore.


Top 5 Weekend Locations Close to Pune

Mulshi, a well-known tourist destination around 40 km from Pune. Has seen a rise in real estate investors as a result of the availability of economical and mid-range property options. Its primary attractions, Mulshi Dam, Tamhini Ghat, and Mulshi Lake, provide visitors with a laid-back experience.

Mulshi attracts many visitors from Maharashtra and Gujarat because it is an eco-tourism destination close to Pune. During the monsoons when the weather is favorable. It is much easier to go to Mulshi from the Mumbai-Pune Highway by using buses operated by the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation. Residential plots and villas make up the majority of the Mulshi real estate market; however other housing complexes are in the works. The cost of building flooring in this area currently ranges from Rs 2,500 to Rs 5,000 per square foot.


People are considering weekend houses in the suburbs of the city with an undying yearning to own a piece of property surrounded by nature and the chance to enjoy a calm and healthy life.  Due to the restlessness experienced during the lockdown and changing lifestyles, such as the hybrid work model or full-time work from home, the latent demand has been activated (WFH). Other than the natural beauty, the surroundings—particularly the larger spaces—do play a significant role in these second houses.

Additionally, making a weekend house investment can yield both immediate and long-term attractive profits.

Weekend away locations in India have been more popular since COVID, and the trend may continue as long as developers continue to provide good options, flexible payment schedules, and improved remote working amenities. All of the aforementioned regions are not only fantastic weekend getaways from Pune. They also present fantastic investment options with consistent capital development. Kashid, Karjat, and Diveagar are some other well-known weekend away locations close to Pune. These are roughly 150–170 kilometers from Pune, with average home costs of Rs. 3,500–3,500 per square foot.






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