Your Guide To Exploring Yana Caves

The Yana Caves have drawn a lot of attention from travellers who wish to view these breathtaking limestone formations. From mountains and valleys to beaches and plains, India has it all. One of the most amazing natural wonders is the cave system in India. Tourists are captivated by the unrivalled beauty of natural caverns. One such collection of unman made caves is Yana Caves, which is quickly gaining popularity as a tourist destination among adventurers.

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Before a few years ago, neither cave explorers nor adventure seekers were well familiar with the Yana Caves. Tourists who wish to visit these stunning limestone buildings, however, are now quite interested in the location. Massive limestone structures that tower many metres above the surrounding plains cover these caves, which are hidden beneath them.


How can I get to Yana Caves?

Depending on where you are, there are different routes to go to the Yana Caves. This location can be reached from anywhere in the world thanks to its accessibility by numerous transportation systems.

By air: – You can fly to Mangalore and then take a road trip to the Yana Caves. Numerous planes take off and land daily at the airport in Mangalore, which serves as both a domestic and an international terminal. You can reach Yana caverns with a drive of less than five hours.

By train: The closest rail station to Yana Caves is Kumta. Visitors from many regions of India can catch direct or connecting trains to this station. Regular trains are also easily accessible at this location from Bangalore. Yana Caves are only around 25 kilometres away from Kumta Railway Station.

By road: Drivers who want to reach Yana from Bangalore can do so through Sirsi and take National Highway 4 for 410 kilometres. The settlements of Kumta & Sisri can be reached from Yana most effectively via the NH 17 route. The same roadway can also be used to get to Yana from Gokarna & Mangalore.


Where are the Yana Caves?

The Uttara Kannada district of the Indian state of Karnataka is where the Yana Caves are situated. These extraordinary limestone caves are located on the Sahyadri mountain range of the Western Ghats, tucked away amongst the serene Sirsi forests. Yana is Karnataka’s cleanest village and home to unspoiled natural beauty.

Your guide to exploring Yana Caves

These limestone caverns are situate outside of the Yana village’s most populate neighbourhoods, where residents live in their homes. To reach the base of these rock formations, you must do a little hike of roughly 0.5 kilometres. To get to the base of the formations, one must ascend around 300 steps through heavily forested terrain.

The limestone used to construct the Yana caverns is a pure, crystalline black colour. Two imposing rock outcrops called Bhairaveshwara Shikhara and Mohini Shikhara dominates the entire region. The larger Bhairaveshwara Shikhara is 120 metres (390 feet) tall, whereas the Mohini Shikhara is smaller and just 90 metres (300 feet) tall. At the base of these formations, there is also a little Shiva shrine.


Discoveries close to Yana Caves

Many travellers lack adequate knowledge of Yana Caves because they are not well-known to tourists. Here, we’ll discuss these stunning caves and provide you all the details you need.

Your Guide To Exploring Yana Caves


Yana Swayambhu Temple

At the foot of Bhairaveshwara Shikhara in Yana Caves is the Swayambhu Temple. Many devotees travel to the temple as a renowned pilgrimage destination to pay their respects to the Shivalinga.

Your guide to exploring Yana Caves

Falls Vibhuti

The location of Vibhuti Falls in Uttara Kannada, Karnataka, is in the Achave Gram Panchayat. Limestone is what the word “Vibhuti” implies. The streams from the limestone cliffs near Yana feed the falls. The Yana caves are about 10 km from the waterfall, which is accessible on foot.

Your guide to exploring Yana Caves

Mirjan Fort

Yana Caves are located about 28 miles from the Mirjan Fort. This is a highly well-liked tourist destination close to Yana, and Yana Road makes it simple to get there. All tourists are welcome to visit the old Fort’s ruins, and you are free to wander around the grounds. Parts of the first, which was constructed in the 16th century, are still in excellent condition.

Your guide to exploring Yana Caves



A seaside town called Gokarna is 50 kilometres away from Yana caves. By using Yana Road and NH 66, you can travel there and stay at one of the many hotels in the area. Along with its churches and temples, Gokarna’s beaches are a major destination for tourists.

Your guide to exploring Yana Caves


When visiting Yana Caves, keep the following in mind:

You must use additional caution when visiting the Yana Caves to prevent tragic mishaps. Although the walk may appear brief, not everyone is truly suite for it. In addition, there are dense woodlands all around the caverns. If you do not plan ahead and have all the important information on hand, it will be simple to get wound.


Here are a few things to have in mind when seeing Yana caves:-

  • It’s challenging to get to the caves and get around inside of them. Therefore, making the trip is not recommend for the elderly or those who are injure.
  • Yana is a little settlement, and the caves are always hidden in the woods. In order to treat any injuries you may have before help arrives, you should always carry a small first aid bag and some medications.
  • Visitors are urged to bring water & stay hydrated throughout their excursion as there are no shops close to the caves.
  • Should you stay on the market-like route that leads to the caves and not stray from it. You could go lost in the surrounding dense woodlands and become stranded without any help.
  • You should take appropriate precautions because there are a lot of leeches in the trees close to Yana Place. Avoid going when it’s raining.
  • Avoid staying there after dark as the forests are home to many venomous creatures and reptiles.
  • Because there aren’t any gas stations around, make sure your car is properly fuel. Always travel in groups and keep near to one another because the area has network connectivity problems.


Where can I stay close to Yana Caves?

Your guide to exploring Yana Caves

In Yana, there aren’t many places to stay. Therefore, based on their preferences, travellers can choose to spend their evenings in Sirsi or Kumta. Following your trip and cave investigation, you can unwind at one of the many hotels and resorts in either of these settlements. You can pick a place to stay based on your needs and budget.

There are plenty of inexpensive and moderately priced hotels nearby, despite the absence of luxury accommodations. You may unwind in the resort’s garden while being surround by serene trees during your free time. If you travel with friends and family, you might potentially be eligible for group discounts.

Don’t forget to reserve your day in advance so you won’t have to search for hotels in the event that your preferred one sells out. Always call the hotel front desk during high season for details on availability and other procedures.





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