How To Make The Most Of Your Stay In Kasauli

Imagine swinging in the middle of the forest while taking in a breathtaking sunset, or visualize ascending a renowned temple’s hundreds of stairs to reach paradise. The things to do in Kasauli will let you fully experience everything. A soul-satisfying and mind-blowing experience may be had in some of the most idyllic locations in Kasauli, a small hamlet in Himachal’s Solan area. It is simple to see all of these tourist attractions in one to two days.

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The top 16 attractions in Kasauli

Monkey Point

A vacation to Kasauli would not be complete without visiting Monkey Point, regardless of where you travel. Monkey Point is an air force base in addition to being a great place to watch monkeys. It is the region’s tallest peak. The cherry on top is the stunning vista from here. One of the major sites to visit in Kasauli is the hilltop Hanuman Temple since legend has it that Lord Hanuman slept there while pulling Sanjivni Booti.

Where to go in Kasauli to maximize your time there


Gilbert point

Visits to Gilbert Trail are among the best things to do in Kasauli. Walking along the 1.5 km long, narrow boardwalk is more interesting than taking a standard wooded path. The surroundings provide more than just views of the snow-capped mountains above and the beautiful green valley’s below.

The Gilbert Trail is one of Kasauli’s most popular tourist attractions. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the valleys surrounding Kasauli while trekking the Gilbert Trail. If you enjoy the outdoors, it would be interesting to go down the trail with plants on either side. It’s exciting to experience this place’s calm.

Where to go in Kasauli to maximize your time there


Sunset Point

The Sunset Point in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh, should be at the top of your list of “things to do in Kasauli” because it’s a great location for photographers, wildlife enthusiasts, and explorers. This area, which is situated in a hilly area, is completely peaceful and stunning all around. The swing that has been built, where you can unwind and enjoy the mesmerizing sunset view, is what really distinguishes it.

Where to go in Kasauli to maximize your time there


Timber Point

You would surely like exploring the Timber Trail if you enjoy strolling on the Gilbert Trail. The ropeway ride, which offers views of the valleys’ beautiful nature, is what makes Kasauli’s Timber Trail one of the most popular tourist sites.

The perfect way to end your trip to the hill station is to have a bird’s eye perspective of Kasauli.

The ideal approach to participate in the same is by taking a ropeway ride. With its plethora of captivating views of the Himalayan range, beautiful scenery, and rich greenery, the Timber Trail is unquestionably the cherry on top.

Where to go in Kasauli to maximize your time there

A sizable chunk of the valley is effectively covered by the 1.8 km long ropeway. Sit back and take in the stunning views as you embrace the brisk air. You should definitely have your camera with you when visiting Kasauli to see this wonderful site. You will surely enjoy all the breathtaking landscapes and ropeway rides if you are travelling with kids.


Sunrise Point

Kasauli not only has a Sunset Point but also a Sunrise Point, making it possible for visitors to have the best start to the day. This attraction in Kasauli is located in the Lower Mall neighbourhood and was formerly known as Hawa Ghar.

Where to go in Kasauli to maximize your time there

You can come here in the afternoon to capture some landscape photographs, but early in the morning is when you might get the best sunrise shot. For couples, environment enthusiasts, and vacation photographers, it is one of the best places to visit in Kasauli.


Church of Christ

Christ Church, which is not too far from Kasauli’s core area, is one of the hill station’s most serene places to visit. For the best tourist watching excursion in Kasauli, add Christ Church to the list of must-visit destinations.

Where to go in Kasauli to maximize your time there

The British constructed this site in Kasauli in 1853, and it is surrounded by gorgeous deodar and pine trees. The tranquilly of the neighbourhood and the stunning views are this lovely church’s best selling points. In Kasauli, Christ Church is well recognized for being a popular tourist destination and for having exceptional architecture.

Therefore, with just a quick glance at the church’s blue-hued roof, you would be amazed by its gothic attractiveness whether you are interested in architecture or are merely drawn to old Gothic buildings.


Gurkha Fort

The historic area from antiquity close to Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh, is a popular tourist attraction in Kasauli. Both locals and visitors enjoy the old Gurkha fort, which is located on a hill near Subathu, close to Kasauli. The history of Gurkha Fort has a similar effect on people. The narrative of Gurkha Fort is based on the 180-year history of the fort’s storage of weapons used in combat.

Where to go in Kasauli to maximize your time there

The fort, which is now in ruins but is still accessible by road, has long attracted tourists and other travelers’ attention. Basically, the place is perfect for pursuits like photography. At your own speed, explore the area and discover as much as you can about its significance and history. You might appreciate going on fort and tunnel explorations or taking a stroll through the adjacent lush, green woodlands.


Central Research Institute

The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare is in charge of the Central Research Institute (or CRI), which was established by the British during India’s colonial era. The institute, which has since evolved into a beautiful campus home to numerous rigorous research and development initiatives, attracts people from all over the world who are mesmerized by its colonial history and architecture.

Where to go in Kasauli to maximize your time there

The institute is appealing not just because of its eye-catching design but also because it has created efficient vaccines against diseases including smallpox, cholera, snakebite, or even typhoid. The World Health Organization and it are now working together to fight diseases likes measles and polio.


Timber Trail Resort

The Timber Trail Resort is located across two impressive hills and is a great section of the city connected by a cable car. The resort is situated in Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh, around 40 kilometres from Kasauli. It’s a great vacation place and a favourite with families because it offers a cable car excursion.

Where to go in Kasauli to maximize your time there

The resort offers breathtaking views of both the entire town and the gushing Kaushalya River from its vantage point on a mountain surrounded by pine trees. The cable car has the capacity to transport around 10 to 12 passengers in less than 10 minutes from the resort grounds to Timber Hill Heights, an excellent spot to view the sunset.


Mall Road

The Mall Road is a popular destination in Kasauli during the summer and even in the winter because it appeals to both foodies and shopaholics. This area is great for relaxing because it offers everything from colorful handicrafts and fabrics to delectable local food and ice-cold beverages.

Where to go in Kasauli to maximize your time there

Additionally, there isn’t just one perfect time to visit this place, so you can stay here for hours and create priceless memories. It really is one of Kasauli’s major tourist destinations.


Brewery Kasauli

Even while Kasauli hill stations offer cover from the sun in the summer, if you’re still looking for locations to relax in June, this Kasauli attraction is a fantastic choice.

It was among the first scotch whiskey distilleries in the area when it was established in the 1820s by Edward Dyer. So once you’ve had a chance to explore the region, feel free to stay here and enjoy a drink with your loved ones till late in the evening.


Where to go in Kasauli to maximize your time there

Tibetan market in Kasauli

One store or marketplace may always entice you like a moth to a flame. If you’re in Kasauli, you should start your shopping trip at the renowned Tibetan Market on Mall Road. The area is littered with several Tibetan local shops and is well-stocked with all kinds of goods that you might be interested in.

Where to go in Kasauli to maximize your time there

Stores offer excellent handicrafts, wool products, scarves, toys, and souvenirs. Seasonal fruits like plums and peaches may also be found at the fruit market. Naturally, fruits pair well with jams & marmalades. Apple wine, peach wine, sherry wine, plum wine & more are all available here.


Temple of Shri Baba Balak Nath

3.5 kilometres from Kasauli in the Himachal Pradesh province’s Solan district is the well-known Baba Balak Nath Temple.

Where to go in Kasauli to maximize your time there

Baba Balak Nath is honour in a temple on Graner Hill. This cave temple has Baba Balak Nath, a devout follower of Lord Shiva, as its honorary patron. The people believe that praying here will provide children to childless couples. One may enjoy breath-taking views of Kasauli from the temple’s grounds.


Temple of Shirdi Sai Baba

You must climb a number of stairs from the Garkhal-Brewery road in order to reach the summit. Which is where the temple is situate. This temple has excellent places to eat as well as lodging for rent.

Where to go in Kasauli to maximize your time there

The temple is magnificent and of a good size. Even though Sai Idol in White Marble is constantly crowd with worshippers, it is incredibly attractive. If you consider yourself a Sai Disciple, you should put it on your to-do list.


Club Kasauli

This Kasauli attraction has been established for more than a century & has turned into a typical wealthy Indian club. Along with many internal amenities, it has a bar, kitchen, & terrace. It’s a nice place to relax with a view of the valley.

Where to go in Kasauli to maximize your time there

There are both European dinners and snacks and food from India available. The food is wonderful, the service is prompt, and the standard is fair.








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