CIDCO Develops A 12-Story Structure With 96 Apartments

CIDCO Develops A 12-Story Structure : CIDCO used sophisticated precast technology to create a 12-story structure with 96 units in 96 days at Bamandongri as part of ‘Mission 96.’


Develops A 12-Story Structure


CIDCO used sophisticated precast technology to create a 12-story structure with 96 flats in 96 days at Bamandongri. Navi Mumbai, as part of ‘Mission 96.’ The 12-story residential tower’s construction began on April 4, 2022 and was finished on July 9, 2022.

Precast technology is being promoted as the future of residential tower construction for automated quick construction. With improved quality based on controlled manufacture in a factory setting.


The City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO), the Maharashtra government’s town planning and infrastructure development organisation. Has completed the building of a 12-story residential tower with 96 tenements in Navi Mumbai in just 96 days utilising sophisticated precast technology.

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CIDCO Develops A 12-Story Structure

Employed precast technology for ultra-rapid construction to produce safe and long-lasting dwellings. “Mission 96” demonstrated Precast Technology’s capacity to build with higher quality in a factory-controlled environment. With decreased floor cycle time and minimal personnel availability hazards, according to CIDCO. The rapid construction has aided in meeting RERA project completion deadlines.

 ‘Mission 96’ entailed the manufacture and installation of 1,985 precast pieces of the superstructure. As well as architectural finishes and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) works across a 64,000-square-foot built-up area. In addition to construction technologies, digital technology was utilise in this project to monitor construction progress.

 CIDCO, in addition to creating a new standard. Has prepared the path for the quickest implementation of the PMAY programme of “House for All.” Under PMAY. CIDCO delivers the ‘Mass Housing Scheme.’ Which is based on ‘Transit Oriented Development.’ Under the plan, apartments for EWS and LIG categories are being create in the major nodes of Navi Mumbai.





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