Ideal Home For Your Weekend Is Nandi Hills, Bangalore

Are you looking for a getaway from the city’s bustle and want to be in the middle of nature close to Bangalore? Prepare for Bangalore’s Nandi Hills. The Nandi Hills has become a popular weekend getaway for Bangaloreans, and with good reason. Nandi Hills, which are about 60 kilometres from Bangalore, are a stunning sight in the midst of the highlands. Nandi Hills, arguably Bangaloreans’ favourite weekend getaway location, offers all the makings of an exhilarating and thrilling encounter.

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The numerous residential plots and villas available for purchase are luring working professionals to establish a weekend residence amidst the lush greenery of the Nandi hills.

In terms of history, the name “Nandi Hills” appears to have sprung from the word “Nandidurg.” In the Karnataka region of Chikkaballapur, Nandi Hills was founded by the monarchs of the renowned Ganga Dynasty. The peaceful Nandi Hills served as a wonderful getaway for both Tipu Sultan and the British.

Hills in perfect condition flank the region close to Nandi Town. Popular tourist attractions include the Nandi Hills’ sunrise point. The South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation’s inaugural summit was held in Nandi Hills, giving it a special distinction (SAARC).

Near Nandi Hills, there are numerous hotels and resorts that are busy all year long. Nandi Hills, however, is overrun with tourists during weekends and throughout the monsoon season. Tourists will find it convenient because there are roadside restaurants, eating establishments, and lodging options close to Nandi Hills.

Ideal Home For Your Weekend Is Nandi Hills, Bangalore


Overview of Nandi Hills’ real estate

The potential for tourists in the area is the only factor driving the Nandi Hills real estate market. Investors will avoid the area if it is not a tourism destination because of the difficult topography.

Due to this area, residential plots make up more than 84 percent of the properties for sale in Nandi Hills, with residential villas making up the remaining 15 percent. The cost of these residential land parcels ranges from Rs. 1500 per square foot to Rs. 5000 per square foot.


Property Price Trends in Bangalore’s Nandi Hills

The sale of residential plots is booming in Bangalore’s Nandi Hills, which is rightfully becoming a popular weekend home location close to Bangalore. Plots are sought for by homebuyers in a futuristic manner. Weekend villas and mansions will increase dramatically over the next few years due to Nandi Hills’ potential as a tourist destination and its lush surroundings. This trend is evident in consistently rising land prices. Here is an eight-year price trend for residential plots in Nandi Hills.


Popular locations close to Nandi Hills

The Nandi hills provide a whole mix of biodiverse settings, a fort to investigate historical connections, and an excellent opportunity for an adventurous hike. In addition to the Nandi Hills themselves, some of the most well-known attractions close to the Nandi Hills include Tipu Sultan’s summer residence, Yoga Nandeeshwara (a Hindu temple), Tipu Drop, and Skandagiri.


Hotel and resort chains Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills continues to be a busy tourist destination on the weekends. However, there are some well-known inns and resorts close to Nandi Hills. If you intend to remain for a few days or longer, it is a good idea to reserve a hotel room or resort close to Nandi Hills. Here is a selection of well-liked hotels and resorts close to Nandi Hills.


Nandi Hills near Mount Palazzo

Near the Nandi Hills, Mount Palazzo is a well-liked and highly recommended resort. It is a 3-star resort renowned for its family-friendly accommodations, first-rate amenities, convenient parking, and outdoor sporting amenities. The first day of a stay at Mount Palazzo costs Rs 5700.


KSTDC Hotel Pine Top Maurya

The Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation owns and operates this well-known hotel. It is renowned for providing cosy lodgings and inexpensive dining options. However, one must arrive before 5 PM if they intend to remain the night at Hotel Maurya Pine Top.


The Wind Valley

This resort-style hotel, which is a little on the pricey side, has spacious grounds and cosy suites. Valley of the Wind, which offers villa-style lodging for visitors, is renowned for its tranquil atmosphere. Valley of the Wind prices beginning at Rs 32,500 per night.

Ideal Home For Your Weekend Is Nandi Hills, Bangalore


Hotel Pomona Farm

For groups travelling to the nearby Nandi Hills, this farm-style resort offers a crucial route. An affordable to mid-range residence offers amenities including a pool and in-house cooking. Additionally, tourists are permitted to place meal orders from nearby restaurants.

Here is a list of well-known hotels and resorts in and near Nandi Hills, in addition to the hotels and resorts already mentioned.


Other Popular Hotels near Nandi Hills

Shivanandi Boarding & Lodging

Silver Cloud

Hills Cottage Wooden Villas

Purple Winds

Saffronstays Mountain Nest

Vama Retreats

Hotel Sri Sierra

White Solitaire by Jade

Chazing Purple

Additionally, a variety of eateries, cafes, and restaurants are located close to Nandi Hills.


Village of Discovery Nandi Hills

A village-style resort with organized hikes, outdoor adventurous activities, and natural trails, Discovery Village is close to Nandi Hills. The Discovery Village is particularly well-liked by outdoor enthusiasts choosing to go on day trips, weekend excursions, and other outdoor activities. For family, business, and group activities, Discovery Village offers four locations, including:

  • Nandi Hills
  • Kabini
  • Kanakapura
  • Masinagudi

The Discovery Village Nandi Hills focuses on offering outdoor experiences to businesses, families, medium-sized groups, and businesses. The Discovery Village is a popular destination for weddings, corporate events, family reunions, and other social gatherings. You can reserve a spot at the Discovery Village online.

The Discovery Village Nandi Hills offers a range of activities, including

  • Cycling Route
  • Barbeque and Bonfire
  • Ecological hike and bird watching
  • High Rope Challenge
  • Valley Trek
  • Rappelling
  • Overnight Camping
  • Karaoke Night
  • Tree Discovery trail
  • Tribal Dance
  • Boat Cruise
  • Village Experience


The Discovery village is renowned for offering a fantastic avenue for self-discovery amid a lush green atmosphere and raw nature at its best because it is situated in the lap of the lovely Nandi Hills. In fact, the topography of Nandi Hills is among the most varied in all of India.

Ideal Home For Your Weekend Is Nandi Hills, Bangalore 

Nandi Hills Schedule

Since Nandi Hills is largely a hill station, its topography is more challenging than that of cities. Despite being outside of Bangalore city, Kempegowda International Airport is only 35 kilometres from Nandi Hills Bangalore.

Entry to Nandi Hills is permitted from 6 AM to 10 PM. typically, visitors spend the full day in the hills participating in outdoor adventure sports like paragliding and rappelling. The Hills are best visited early in the morning to take in the magnificent sunrise vista from the peak.

Travelers are advise to visit the Nandi Hills region between March and August since the monsoon season offers the best opportunities to explore Nandi Hills.

The local government had started issuing passes to the tourists as a result of the Covid-19 regulations. Before travelling to Nandi Hills, Bangalore, it is essential that you check for any such requirements.


Hill Nandi Temple

The Nandi Hills Bangalore is not only one of the most well-liked weekend getaways nearby, but they are also home to significant Hindu temples. Near Nandi Hills Bangalore, there are two historically significant temples dedicate to Lord Shiva.

  1. Yoganandishwara Temple: Dedicated to Lord Shiva and located atop Nandi Hills in Bangalore, the Yoganandishwara Temple is a well-known temple. It was constructed using the renowned Chola style of temple construction. Two brass-covered idols of doorkeepers protect the Sanctum Sanctorum of this temple. There is a claim that King Krishnadevrai gave these doorkeeper images as a gift.
  2. Bhoganandishwara Temple: This Lord Shiva-focused temple is situate in the gramme Nandi neighbourhood of Bangalore, close to Nandi Hills. The Chola, Hoysala, and Vijayanagara kings made additional alterations and expansions, despite the original constructions date to the year 9 AD. This temple is unique in that it has two Sanctum Sanctorums, as opposed to other temples that only have one. The Nandi mandapam contains one garbhagriha, while the main temple complex contains the other. The beautiful fringes and idols of this centuries-old temple display the excellent craftsmanship and mastery.


The Nandi Hills

From their peak, the Nandi Hills offer a spectacular panorama. Not only is Nandi Hill in Bangalore regard as a haven for nature lovers, but also for photographers. Both amateur & professional photographers visit this location to capture images of the rich foliage, mountains, and water features that make this place a natural haven. Here are some pictures of Bangalore’s Nandi Hills:

Ideal Home For Your Weekend Is Nandi Hills, Bangalore


Ideal Home For Your Weekend Is Nandi Hills, Bangalore


Ideal Home For Your Weekend Is Nandi Hills, Bangalore


Ideal Home For Your Weekend Is Nandi Hills, Bangalore


How can I get to Bangalore’s Nandi Hills?

Nandi Hills can be found in Northern Bangalore and Southwest Karnataka. The best way to travel to Nandi Hills from Bangalore is to use a private car or cab. All of the top private car companies and cab aggregators offer to-and-from services for Nandi Hills Bangalore. It is roughly 60 kilometres from Bangalore and can be accessed by private vehicle in more than 1.5 hours by either Bellary Road or NH 44.

It’s interesting to note that the distance between Bangalore’s Kempegowda International Airport and the Nandi Hills is merely 37 kilometres. People flying in from out of town can take cabs or private cars directly to Nandi Hills from the Bangalore airport.

Ideal Home For Your Weekend Is Nandi Hills, Bangalore



In conclusion, Nandi Hills has fittingly become a weekend getaway location close to Bangalore. Developers of retirement communities and investors in weekend homes favour Nandi Hills Bangalore because it offers a great combination of adventure activities, rich natural beauty, and a tranquil setting.









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