Why You Should Invest in Real Estate in Bhiwandi

Limited-budget real estate brokers might invest in large-scale projects in Bhiwandi. The area is a residential hotspot outside of Maharashtra’s Thane district. The region has several factors that will draw investors and developers, from industrial development to job prospects. For homebuyers with limited resources, the expanding Bhiwandi real estate market expands the range of cheap dwelling possibilities.


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Modern residential neighbourhoods in Bhiwandi are thriving because to excellent connectivity and infrastructure for tall buildings. The communities boast top-notch architecture and the best facilities and public services. The properties are offered at the most affordable rates. If you don’t mind travelling a little, the region might be a great place to call home.

Real Estate Viewpoint of Bhiwandi, Thane

Bhiwandi’s real estate potential are expanding steadily to attract both nearby and far-off investors. It is one of the most important industrial areas close to Thane. As a result, there are more job prospects for locals and immigrants. An increase in residential investments is provided by industrial growth.

The logistics and textiles centre of Maharashtra is Bhiwandi. In the city’s real estate market, demand is highest for residential homes. The area has a largely secular population and is well-connected to all of the state’s major cities. Mumbai Central, Kalyan, Thane, Vasai, Nashik, Borivali, Aurangabad, Wada, and Pune are among the locations on the list.

The region offers enticing possibilities for renting and buying. The advantages of Bhiwandi for real estate investments are described in the section that follows. This is a discussion of certain factors:

Bhiwandi Property Distribution

Residential properties predominate in Bhiwandi’s inventory of for sale properties. 76% of the homes for sale in the area are multi-story flats. About 6% of the residential spaces are taken up by apartments on the builder floor. The remaining 15% of the assets are for public use, while commercial shops receive 3% of the total. In Bhiwandi, housing options come in 1- and 2-BHK configurations. The 1-BHK design is more popular with homebuyers. According to the demand, about 51% of the on-the-market properties in the area are 1-BHK apartments.

Rental Properties: Bhiwandi’s rental properties include a variety of residential, business, and storage spaces. Multi-story apartments make up 38% of these buildings, and commercial office space makes up 11%. A share of 28% of the rental property distribution in the area goes to warehousing and godown units. A quarter of the rental spaces are open to the public. In Bhiwandi, rental homes with one or two bedrooms are available. In the area, 2-BHK rental homes are more prevalent. 57% of the total number of rental properties are in this configuration.

Bhiwandi price ranges

Real estate that is for sale: Bhiwandi neighbourhoods with lower price points draw homebuyers. There are residential spaces in the area that range in price from Rs. 3,700 to 6,500 per square foot. During the quarter ending in October 2022, the average price range of multi-story apartment buildings that are for sale is Rs. 4,785. The cost shows a decline of 6.79% since the third quarter of July 2022.

In Bhiwandi, 22% of the houses that are for sale are between 40 and 60 lakhs. These are often the upscale apartments in high-rise buildings with multiple floors. One percent of these properties have a price between twenty and forty lakhs. This group offers a mix of deluxe and moderate residential facilities.

15% of houses now for sale have a price under 20 lakhs, and 22% of them have variable pricing bands. In Bhiwandi, the typical price range for 1-BHK properties that are for sale is between 7.5 Lakhs and 1.50 Crores. Prices for 2-bedroom apartments range from 17 lakhs to 1 crore.

Bhiwandi price ranges

Due to their reasonable price ranges, Bhiwandi’s rental properties are a good choice for migrants. An average price of Rs. 9 to 15 per square foot is charged for these places. Rental properties in the area’s multi-story flats cost Rs. 15 per square foot in the third quarter of 2022 (October). The pricing showed a 20% increase from the quarter ending in July 2022.

In Bhiwandi, 11% of rental homes have a price tag between Rs. 15K and 20K. The majority of the multi-story apartments in the area have these units. The price range for 37% of these properties is between Rs. 10K and Rs. 15K. Rentable spaces in this category are often moderately designed.

Between Rs. 5K and Rs. 10K are the prices for 40% of the rental slots. Variable price ranges are present in the remaining 12% of rental units. In Bhiwandi, 1-BHK rentals range from Rs 5,000 to Rs 13,000 a month. Prices for 2-BHK apartments range from Rs. 7,000 to 25,000 per month.

Physical Infrastructure and Connectivity in Bhiwandi

Localities in Bhiwandi offer exceptional infrastructure to real estate investors. The region provides accessible connectivity choices that connect major cities, institutions of higher learning, hospitals, banks, hotels, etc. For quick and simple commuting, the area also includes a well-established network of roads and trains.

From Bhiwandi to all of Mumbai’s premier locations, the Maharashtra State Road Transport Company offers the bus service that is the busiest. The area is next to the Bypass Bhiwandi Bus Station. Only two kilometres separate you from the Thane Train Station. The distance from the neighbourhood to the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is 32 kilometres. Thane, Mumbai, and Nashik are all accessible from the area via the Mumbai-Agra motorway, which passes through Bhiwandi.

The Maharashtra State Government intends to establish Metro link between Thane Metro Station and Bhiwandi. The facility would be accessible via Mumbai Metro Line 5. Future connectivity possibilities for the region are anticipated to be significantly improved thanks to the project.


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