Mumbai’s Harbour Line : Route, Map, Station, Hours, Cost & More

Mumbai Harbour Line: In Mumbai, local trains are one of the most frequently used forms of transit. For the millions of residents of the urban region, they make traveling easier. These trains are used by students, working professionals, and businesspeople to escape the notorious Mumbai traffic jams. The affordability of this method of transit is another reason why it is well-liked.

The local buses in Mumbai operate on three routes. The Central Line, Western Line, and Harbour Line are a few of these. The Central Railway is the company that runs them. Mumbai’s eastern neighborhoods, which are near the city’s natural harbor, are lined with the Harbour Line. This is the reason for the designation of this Mumbai Suburban Railway section. The Mumbai Harbour Line path, plan, timings, price, and other details are all fully addressed in this piece.


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Harbour Line Mumbai Route

The Harbour-Line has three terminals. These include Goregaon, Panvel, and the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT). The Panvel-Goregaon, CSMT-Goregaon, and CSMT-Panvel lines are served by Harbour Line Mumbai.


Harbour Line Mumbai Map

Mumbai's Harbour Line: Route, Map, Station, Hours, Cost & More


Beginning at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus and continuing for a few stops, the Harbour-route is a double route that travels parallel to the Central Railway. Two tracks are served by the Harbour-line from Wadala Road Station. The precise location of the line’s break is in Ravli. At Mahim, the first route connects with the Western route after terminating at Goregaon Station. When the second route hits Navi Mumbai, it divides into two. Both of these routes travel to Thane and Panvel, respectively.


Harbour Line Stations in Mumbai

Here is a list of the different Mumbai Harbour Line stops. Trains make stops at each location to gather up and drop off passengers.


Stations on CSMT-Wadala Road Route

Let’s begin by discussing the CSMT-Wadala Road path. The Mumbai Harbour Line stations’ names and the connections they provide to other routes and trains have been revealed. Check this out:

Station Names Connectivity
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus Central Line
Masjid Central Line
Sandhurst Road Central Line
Dockyard Road
Reay Road
Cotton Green
Wadala Road To Andheri or Panvel on Harbour-Line


Stations on Wadala Road- Panvel Route

Here is a look at the stations where the trains stop as they move from Wadala Road to Panvel. The connectivity provided by these stations has also been mentioned below:

Station Names Connectivity
Wadala Road Andheri
Guru Tegh Bahadur Nagar
Kurla Central Line
Tilak Nagar Indian Railways
Vashi Trans-Harbour-Line
Sanpada Trans-Harbour-Line
Nerul Trans-Harbour-Line and Nerul-Uran Line
Seawoods-Darave Trans-Harbour-Line and Nerul-Uran Line
CBD Belapur Trans-Harbour-Line and Nerul-Uran Line
Kharghar Trans-Harbour-Line and Navi Mumbai Metro
Mansarovar Trans-Harbour-Line
Khandeshwar Trans-Harbour-Line and Navi Mumbai Metro
Panvel Trans-Harbour-Line and Central Line


Stations on Wadala Road-Andheri – Goregaon Route

Pay attention to the stops where the Harbour-Line trains stop as they travel from Wadala Road to Goregaon via Andheri. The following information also includes the link provided by Harbour Line Mumbai with different stations:


Station Names Connectivity
Wadala Road Panvel Harbour-Line
King’s Circle
Mahim Junction Western Line
Bandra Western Line
Khar Road Western Line
Santacruz Western Line
Vile Parle Western Line
Andheri Western Line
Jogeshwari Western Line
Ram Mandir Western Line
Goregaon Western Line


Interchange Points on the Harbour Line Mumbai Map

Mumbai's Harbour Line: Route, Map, Station, Hours, Cost & More



The Harbour-Line line features a number of interchange stops. At the following stops, you can switch trains:


  • You can switch to the Mumbai Central line at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, Masjid, Sandhurst Road, Kurla, and Panvel stops.
  • At the Mahim Junction, Khar Road, Santacruz, Vile Parle, Bandra, and Andheri stations, you can switch to the Western Line. Additionally serving as Western Line transfer stops are Ram Mandir, Goregaon, and Jogeshwari.
  • Mumbai Mono Rail stops at Wadala Road and Chembur provide access to the Mumbai Mono Rail.
  • The Trans Harbour-Line’s junction stops are Mansarovar, CBD Belapur, Seawoods-Darave, Kharghar, Nerul, and Khandeshwar. Additionally, you can swap trains for the Trans Harbour-Line at the stops in Juinagar, Vashi, and Sanpada.
  • For the Nerul Uran Line, you can change trains at Nerul, CBD Belapur, and Seawoods-Darave.
  • The Navi Mumbai Metro is connected via Khandeshwar and Kharghar.


Mumbai Harbour Line Train Schedule

  • The harbour-line local railway service typically runs from 4 am until 1 am. Trains run fairly frequently throughout the day.
  • The Harbour-Line has sluggish cars that move slowly. The Harbour-Line trains are implied to halt at every station along their path, which does not imply that they move slowly. For the ease of the travelers, a number of trains travel this path and make stops at each station.


Mumbai Harbour Line Train Fares

  • The cost of a Harbour Line train from Mumbai depends on the class and the distance to be traveled.
  • First Class tickets cost between 50 and 165 Indian rupees. A monthly ticket costs as little as INR 345 and as much as INR 1165 for First Class. The monthly season pass for First Class is priced from INR 325 to INR 2530.
  • The price for this journey ranges from INR 5 for Second Class to INR 20 for First Class. Daily travelers have the option of purchasing monthly permits or season reservations. Depending on your needs, a Second Class monthly ticket can be purchased for between INR 100 and INR 615.


Harbour Line Mumbai History

The Mumbai Harbour Line has been around for many years. Since its public opening in December 1910, the neighborhood train route has seen high customer demand.

Between Ready Road and Kurla was the first segment of the Harbour Line. The railway was expanded to Victoria Terminus after roughly 15 years. (now known as the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus). A elevated train corridor connecting Dockyard Road Station and Sandhurst Road Station was used for communication. In 1951, the railway was further expanded from Kurla to Mankhurd. Soon, it became apparent that various Navi Mumbai areas needed to be covered. In the years that followed, the Harbour Line was subsequently extended.

In May 1992, the link was increased all the way to Vashi. The Harbour Line’s local railway service reached Nerul in February 1993, and Belapur was added to the route in June of that same year. In June 1998, an extension was completed to Panvel. In 2002, the Trans-Harbour Line linking Vashi and Thane was opened.


Mumbai Harbour Line: Contact Information

Call 022 22621450 if you have any questions about the stops, schedule, or other details of the Mumbai Harbour Line.


Conclusion: Mumbai’s Harbour Line

Since almost a century ago, the Mumbai Harbour Line has provided transportation to the big metropolis. It’s a quick and affordable method of commuting, making it simpler for city residents to move around. By taking the local trains to work, you can reduce your transport costs and escape the gridlock in Mumbai. Every day, thousands of individuals travel to their locations using the Harbour Line service. Locals from Mumbai are well-liked by visitors as well. It enables them to travel quickly between tourism attractions without getting caught in traffic jams. For the benefit of travelers, the service begins early in the morning and runs until after midnight.



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