10 Easy Ways To Keep Your Home Cool

Summer has arrived, and now is the time to figure out how to keep your home cool and pleasant. While most people rely on air conditioning to keep their surroundings cool during the summer, it appears to be a costly endeavour. The more air conditioners you use, the more money you’ll spend on power. Furthermore, increased air conditioning demand will result in higher carbon emissions and energy waste.

Fortunately, there are a number of simple techniques that can help you chill your home without breaking the bank. These clever suggestions will not only help you save money, but will also benefit the environment.


10 Easy Ways To Keep Your Home Cool


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Here are some of the most effective strategies to keep your house cool during summer.

  • Keep the drapes drawn.
  • Allow the fresh night air to enter.
  • Light colours should be used.
  • Activate the exhaust fans.
  • Incandescent bulbs should be replaced.
  • Make use of a dehumidifier.
  • Disconnect all electronic devices.
  • Cooking inside should be minimised.
  • Fans that blow cold air on the go
  • More plants should be brought in.


Let’s take a closer look at ways to keep your home cool in the summer.


Home Cool: Keep the drapes drawn.

During the day, when sunshine streams in through the windows, the rooms will absorb heat. Because this heat will stay in the room throughout the night, it is best to keep the window blinds closed during the day. To protect the room from direct sunlight, close the curtains and lower the blinds. If you want to limit the hot air effect even more, you can use blackout curtains and protective films for your windows.


10 Easy Ways To Keep Your Home Cool


Home Cool: Allow the fresh night air to enter.

Even in the summer, the temperature will drop at night, providing reprieve from the oppressive heat. You can take advantage of this by leaving the windows open at night to let the fresh air in. Cross-ventilation can be achieve by opening windows on different sides of the room. During the summer, the optimum times to open the windows are from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. and from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.


Home Cool: Light colours should be use.

If you want to repaint your walls this summer, choose light colours like beige, light blue, light yellow, or white. Dark colours absorb heat and light, whereas light colours reflect them. You can also choose a light shade for your home’s roof so that a large portion of the sunlight escapes without being absorb.


10 Easy Ways To Keep Your Home Cool


Home Cool: Activate the exhaust fans.

This may seem insignificant, but exhaust fans are quite important for removing hot air from areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms. After a shower, you may notice that warm air is trappe within the bathroom, so remember to turn on the exhaust fan for a few minutes after you exit. If you discover that hot air from the stove or oven is lingering in the kitchen, use exhaust fans to push it outdoors.


10 Easy Ways To Keep Your Home Cool


Incandescent bulbs should be replace.

If you’ve ever consider upgrading your incandescent bulbs, summer is the greatest time to do so. Halogen and incandescent light bulbs produce a lot of heat and use a lot of energy. So go for energy-saving options like LED or CFL bulbs (Compact fluorescent lamps). When feasible, take use of natural light and turn off the lights when not in use.



This tiny tweak can make a significant difference in keeping your home cool while also lowering your utility bills.

Make use of a dehumidifier.

Many of you might not be aware of the purpose of a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier removes excess moisture from the surrounding air, giving the room a refreshing effect. Dehumidifiers can be use to lower the room temperature and create a comfortable environment in places with excessive humidity levels. Another advantage of utilising a dehumidifier is that it aids in the removal of allergens such as dust, fungi, dirt, mildew, and other diseases-causing agents. Dehumidifiers can be found in store or order online.


10 Easy Ways To Keep Your Home Cool


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Home Cool: Disconnect all electronic devices.

When electronic gadgets are plugg into sockets, they generate heat. After removing our phones and laptops from the chargers, we frequently forget to unplug the chargers from the socket. Even when the switch is turn off, they consume a lot of power. To reduce the generation of heat, unplug devices such as laptop chargers, mobile chargers, modems, TVs, grinders, and so on whenever they are not in use.


10 Easy Ways To Keep Your Home Cool


Home Cool: Cooking inside should be minimise.

It may sound strange, but it is best to avoid using the stove or oven during the hot summer months. If it does not appear to be practical, consider cooking late at night or early in the morning when the air is cooler. Instead of using the oven, you can try grilling or using a microwave oven. Another fantastic option is to eat nutritious salads that don’t require any preparation. Salads made up of luscious fruits and vegetables will not only save you time in the kitchen but will also provide you with a nutritious diet alternative during the summer months.


Home Cool: Fans that blow cold air on the go

This is one of the simplest ways to lower the amount of heat in your home. When compared to giant ceiling fans, table fans or small portable fans have a superior cooling impact. Also, compared to air conditioners and huge fans, these little fans use less energy. You may take them to whatever room you like because they are small and portable. Place some ice cubes in a bowl in front of a table fan for a better chilling effect, and enjoy the chilly breeze.


10 Easy Ways To Keep Your Home Cool


Home Cool: More plants should be brought in.

There’s nothing like having fresh plants in and around your home to give it a new lease on life. Whether it’s indoor plants, creepers, or trees, try to incorporate more greenery into your living space this summer to keep things cool. They purify the air in your home while also providing much-needed shade and freshness. To avoid the intense rays of the sun, consider growing additional trees and creepers towards east and west. Adding potted plants to your apartment balcony or living room is another option to improve the appearance of your home.

We hope you found these suggestions for beating the heat and keeping your home cool this summer useful. These are perfect for people who don’t have air conditioning and want to save money on their energy bills.


10 Easy Ways To Keep Your Home Cool


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