This Summer, Use These 12 Natural DIY Cooling Solutions to Keep Your Home Cool.

During heat waves and hot, humid evenings, understanding how you can keep your home cool in the summer might be a lifesaver.

Summer is a fun season consisting of BBQs, beach trips, and paddling pool dips. While we all want to be outside in the sun, many of us suffer with the resulting high temperatures. Especially when managing to keep babies fresh in hot temperatures and napping in the heat.


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Keeping our homes as cold as feasible is an excellent approach to counteract severe heat waves, and it can be performed with some simple tricks. With this in mind, we’ve compiled the greatest professional advice and tried-and-true methods to use when the next bout of hot weather arrives.


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Here are a few more simple ways to keep your home cool:

Cool the house with water:-

Home hacks can be effective. Using a bowl of water is a simple trick. Leave the fan on and dip all bottom hemlines of your drapes into the bucket. The water gently leaks upwards through the fabric, and the coolness is carried into the room by the breeze.


Leave the rooms dimly lit:-

We all understand how soothing it is to escape the brightness of a blistering sun and retreat to a cool, shady spot. Purchase fabric drapes in the deepest colour possible to achieve this. Make sure the curtains have such a thick liner to prevent fading from the sun. Greenish yellow or brown are both good options. From the moment you wake up, keep the drapes drawn. If your room is kept out of direct sunlight the whole day, it will naturally be cooler.


Keep the door to the bathroom open:-

Keep the restroom door wide open, pour just few liters cold water on the ground, and let the weather do its thing once more.


This summer, use these 12 natural DIY cooling solutions to keep your home cool.


To keep your home cool- Purchase some indoor plants:-

Plants with a lot of leaves can also help. Move large ornamental or potted plants nearer to your windows if you have them. They will absorb the majority of the temperature and chill the area around them.

House plants have had resurgence in popularity recently, and we can’t deny that they brighten up our homes. House plants have been shown to improve your mood as well as to keep your home cool.

Plants function as natural air conditioners, releasing humidity into the environment through the process of transpiration.

Peace flowers and rubber plants are the most high – temperature plants because they thrive in humid environments. Having a couple of house plants about will automatically keep the house cool in the heat. Just remember to water them, especially when the warmth outdoors rises!


Don’t open the fridge:-

You may be tempted to regularly grab for cold water and ice cubes, but repeatedly opening and closing the refrigerator raises the load and temperatures on its motor. As a result, the resistance temperature detector in your home rises.

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Make use of cool lighting:-

There are several cool lighting solutions available, from LEDs to light bulbs, so there’s no excuse to keep using hot incandescent light bulbs. When not in use, turn off all electrical items, especially the television. Even a mobile phone charger produces heat.

– Turn off lights and replace them with energy-efficient bulbs.

When attempting to keep your home cool, light bulbs are yet another heat source and should be turned off.

The type of incandescent you select could also have a significant impact on their ability to generate heat.

“Traditional incandescent light bulbs produce light inefficiently, releasing waste heat in the process,” are according to OVO Energy. “To avoid overheating and save money, switch to reduced light bulbs.”


To keep your home cool- Turn off any appliances that aren’t in use:-

Other equipment around the house, such ovens, will generate unwelcome heat in a home during the summer.

Consider turning off your television, computer, and kitchen appliances rather than leaving them on standby. This will prevent them from boiling and overheating the rooms in which they are currently located.

Charge your tablet or smart phone with caution. These, too, emit heat, so charging them first thing every morning, when its cooler, may be the best option. Also, if you’re having trouble sleeping in the heat, don’t charge them at night.

Invest in a dehumidifier.

Once the high humidity is reduced, breathing will be considerably easier. The best bargains can be found by searching online.


To keep your home cool- Fabrics made of cotton:-

Fancy satin or fabric bed sheets, as well as faux leather upholstery, are not appropriate in the summer. Buy an extra one set of white or pastel-colored crisp cotton bed sheets.  If your couch is covered in a fabric that isn’t cotton or linen, invest in some cotton sofa covers or throws.


This summer, use these 12 natural DIY cooling solutions to keep your home cool.


To keep your home cool- At sunset, open the windows:-

You can benefit from the summer evening breeze if you open your curtains at the correct moment. This will bring your home’s temperature down or make it more pleasant for the night. Additionally, open any internal doors in your home, including kitchen cupboards, bathroom, bedroom, and closet doors. This will aid in dissipating the heat that has accumulated over the day and lowering the overall temperature. Remember to lock these doors as sure as the sun rises again the next day.


Make changes to your body temperature:-

Before going to bed, soak your wrists in cold water and wash your legs in cold water. These will assist you in lowering your temperature of the body before retiring for the evening.

If you’re feeling really warm, take a cold bath or a cold bath help relieve the heat. A bath before bedtime helps to lower the body’s core temperature, which aids in better sleep, according to scientists.

The Sleeping Council also recommends drinking “a lot of cold water” during the day and “always keeping a glass accessible beside the bed” so you may take a refreshing drink if you get hot at night.


To keep your home cool- In the mornings, open windows and window ledge doors:-

It’s ideal to open windows and doors first thing every morning and late in the afternoon, after the day’s warmest phase has passed. The key is to keep your home’s air flowing. Did you guys know that air that is flowing is cooler than air that is still? Consider the movement of a breeze through your home. Make absolutely sure you keep windows open on opposing sides of your house with doors wide open in between to do this. This will generate a draught, allowing air to freely circulate around your home.

If you notice that flies or mosquito’s are entering in through the door frames or windows, invest in a netting to cover them.



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