13 Konkan Tourist Attractions

Konkani Tourist Attractions : The following is a list of the top 13 places to visit in Konkan. These locations are accessible by air, train, or road. Look over this guide.

The Konkan Coast is a beautiful coastline that stretches along the western coasts of Maharashtra, Goa, and Karnataka. The majestic Western Ghats surround it on the east, while the Arabian Sea surrounds it on the west. The Konkan Coast’s highlights include beaches with beautiful and pristine sand, ruined but magnificent forts, mesmerising waterfalls, revered and sacred temples, and delicious food.

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How do I get to Konkan?

By air: The nearest airport to the Konkan region is Dabolim in Goa, which is 186 kilometres away. You can also fly to Mumbai International Airport, which is located 492 kilometres away.

By train: The main train station in the Konkan region is Kankavali, located 49 kilometres away. The Nandgaon railway station is another easily accessible station, located 42 kilometres away.

By road: Because Konkan is well connected to the rest of the country, tourists can easily reach it by car. You can get there by car from places like Mumbai, Devgad, and Nandgaon Village.


13 Konkani tourist attractions

The Konkan Coast has a lot to offer to tourists of all kinds, whether they are history and nature buffs looking to see virgin landscapes and historical forts, or families looking to relax on beautiful beaches. Continue reading to learn more about places to visit in Konkan.



Alibaug, also known as Alibag, provides visitors with the opportunity to visit some of the most sought-after forts on the west coast. If you enjoy history, you should go to the Alibaug Fort and the Magen Avot Synagogue. Thousands of pilgrims visit the Siddeshwar and Kanakeshwar Mandirs each year.

Nagaon Beach, Kashid Beach, Korlai Beach, Akshi Beach, and other virgin beaches can be found here. The beaches offer a variety of water sports, and don’t miss out on the delicious seafood served here.

How to get there: The best way to get to Alibaug is to take a ferry from Mumbai’s Gateway of India. Between Mumbai and Alibaug, 35-40 state transport buses operate.

13 Konkan Tourist Attractions


Ganpatipule, as part of the Konkan Coast, has some of the best beaches and attractions. In this pleasant getaway, peace-seekers, beach lovers, and pilgrims seek refuge from the city’s hustle and bustle.

The temple here is dedicated to Lord Ganesh, who has taken the form of a Swaymbu (self-originated) idol. Tourists who visit Ganpatipule revere this deity. If you arrive in the evening, you can walk along the Ganpatipule and Aare Ware beaches or swim in the crystal-clear Arabian Sea. If you have the time, you can also visit the British-era Jaigad Fort and a lighthouse.

How to Get There: Ganpatipule is accessible by road from Ratnagiri, Mumbai, and other major Maharashtra cities. Ganpatipule can be reach by bus from these cities.

13 Konkan Tourist Attractions

Karnala Wildlife Sanctuary

The Karnala Bird Sanctuary, located 60 kilometres from Mumbai, is a popular spot for bird watching and trekking. It is a popular weekend tourist destination for Mumbai and nearby towns, offering a refreshing break from city life.

The sanctuary is home to over 140 species of resident birds and 45 species of migratory birds. Three rare birds, including Ashy Minivets, Three-toed Kingfishers, and Malabar Trogons, have also been spotted in the park.

It is primarily a bird sanctuary, but wild boars, langurs, and antelopes can also be found here. The sanctuary also contains Karnala Fort, which was built in the 11th century.

The Mumbai-Goa Highway connects the sanctuary to the rest of the country. The nearest railway station to the sanctuary is Panvel Railway Station, which is 12 kilometres away. Taxis, buses, and autos run regularly to the Sanctuary and can be found outside the railway station.

13 Konkan Tourist Attractions


Some refer to Dapoli, which is about 215 kilometres from Mumbai, as “Mini-Mahabaleshwar.” This area was once ruled by the British but is now a cultural melting pot. Dapoli is well-known for its beautiful beaches and forests. Keshavraj and Vyaghreshwar Temples are also ancient temples worth visiting. Forest trekking and dolphin sightings are two must-do activities in this area. Visiting this Konkan location will enhance your cultural experience.

Dapoli is 29 kilometres from the nearest railway station, Khed. There are also excellent highway connections connecting Dapoli to other major cities. Take NH66 or the Mumbai Bangalore Highway from Mumbai to Dapoli.

13 Konkan Tourist Attractions


Kashid, the closest paradise to Mumbai, is known for its ancient forts, virgin beaches, and lush greenery. If Alibaug is too crowded for you, you can enjoy the serenity of the crystal clear Arabian Sea with the backdrop of sunset at Kashid beach. The beach is one of the cleanest in Konkan, surrounded by Casuarina shrubs and trees.

Kashid’s other popular attractions include Murud-Janjira Fort and Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary. Visit the hilltop Datta Mandir and the Portuguese Revdanda Beach Fort to learn more about Kashid.

How to Get There: Kashid is well connect by highway to other major cities such as Mumbai and Alibaug. Kashid is 90 kilometres from the nearest railway station, Panvel.

13 Konkan Tourist Attractions

Beach at Diveagar

Diveagar Beach, locate on the Konkan Coast, is another hidden gem worth discovering. The beach is surrounded by dense forests of coconut trees and betel nuts, making it an ideal location for relaxing and spending time with loved ones.

As you stroll along the beach, take in the breathtaking sunset view while the waves kiss your feet. Water sports and horseback riding are available on the beach for the more daring.

Diveagar is 50 kilometres away from the nearest railway station, Mangaon. Diveagar also has good highway connections to major cities.

13 Konkan Tourist Attractions


This small village in Dapoli stands out due to its virgin coast and warm hospitality. Because the village is never crowded and has little foot traffic, it is an excellent choice for a quiet holiday away with all the amenities of a Konkani village.

Aside from Harnai Karde beach, there are numerous other beautiful beaches nearby, including Kelshi, Murud, Ladghar, and Anjarle. You can also hike to nearby Parshuram Bhumi and Suvarnadurg.

The distance between Pune and Harnai is 115 kilometres, and the distance between Mumbai and Harnai is 137 kilometres. Traveling between the two locations is simple using a private or rented car.

13 Konkan Tourist Attractions


Mahad is one of the most exotic Konkan destinations. This city was once Shivaji’s capital and is now home to Buddhist gumpas and Maratha forts. Because of the frequent flooding in recent years, this area resembles a triangular peninsula. Other nearby attractions include the Gandhar Pale Buddhist Caves, the Raigad, Birwadi, Pratapgad, and Warandha Forts.

How to get there: The 169-kilometer distance between Mumbai and Mahad can be covere by self-drive or cab.

13 Konkan Tourist Attractions


Ratnagiri, a port city on the Arabian Sea coast, is known throughout the world for producing Alphonso Mangoes. Ratnagiri’s coast has beautiful beaches where you can relax while watching the Arabian Sea’s cascading waves. From the birthplace of freedom fighter Lokmanya Tilak to the location where the British deposed the Burmese King and his family, this town has a rich history.

Other tourist attractions in Ratnagiri include Thibaw Palace, Ratnagiri Lighthouse, Ratnadurg Fort, Guhagar Beach, and the Marine Biological Research Station.

How to Get There: Ratnagiri has a major railway station that is well connect to other cities and towns. The highways that connect Ratnagiri to other major cities are also excellent. Ratnagiri is accessible by bus from major cities and towns.

13 Konkan Tourist Attractions

Konkani Tourist Attractions: Fort Sindhudurg

Sindhudurg Fort is located on a small island off the Malvan Coast in Maharashtra’s Raigad district. The historical fort was built in 1667 by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The fort’s 48 acres demonstrate Maratha’s foresight and inventiveness. The main entrance to this fort, known as Dilli Darwaza, is so well hidden that it is not visible from the outside.

Temples dedicate to Lord Hanuman, Goddess Bhavani, and Jarimari can be found within the fort. There is also a temple dedicate to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj himself.

Fort Sindhudurg is 30 kilometres from the nearest railway station, Sindhudurg. State buses and private buses travel to Sindhudurg on a regular basis from Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur, and Sangli.

13 Konkan Tourist Attractions

Konkani Tourist Attractions: Kelshi

Kelshi’s hidden gem remains unspoiled and undiscovered by the masses. Kelshi is the ideal location for those seeking peace, tranquillity, and beauty. This small village’s main draw is its beaches. Kelshi also has a diverse range of flora and fauna. You should go here during your Konkan vacation.

Dapoli is 35 kilometres from Kelshi Beach, and Mahad is 75 kilometres away. The Mumbai Goa Highway links Mahad and Dapoli to all major cities, including Mumbai, Pune, and Goa. Kelshi beach is accessible by taxi or auto from Mahad and Dapoli.

13 Konkan Tourist Attractions

Konkani Tourist Attractions: Dombivli

Dombivli is an enchanting city in Konkan, well-connected to Mumbai and Thane, and one of the most beautiful places in the region. Seek Lord Ganesha’s blessings at the famous Ganpati temple in Dombivli. Visitors who want to see beautiful views in Dombivli should go to Reti Bandar, which is located on the banks of the Ulhas River and offers a tranquil view. If you are a shopaholic, you must go to Kelkar Road in Dombivli and indulge a little.

To get to Dombivli, take a bus or a train to the Dombivli railway station.


Konkani Tourist Attractions: Shrivardhan

Shrivardhan is a popular destination along the Konkan Coast due to its beautiful beaches and Shri Laxminarayan Temple. It is also known as the ‘Town of Peshwas’ because it was the birthplace of Peshwa Balaji Vishwanath, one of the great Maratha Warriors. With its white sand beaches and crystal clear Arabian Sea waters, this beach is less crowded than many others in the region.

Shrivardhan is 65 kilometres from Mangaon, the nearest railway station. Shrivardhan is easily accessible by highway from other major cities. It is also serve on a regular basis by buses from Harihareshwar, Pune, Mumbai, and Panvel.

13 Konkan Tourist Attractions


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