15 Vastu Principles for Your Guest Room

Guest room Vastu is crucial for making your life more cheerful while also making your guests’ lives more prosperous. The concepts are simple to follow, and you won’t have to worry about creating a good atmosphere in your house.

Guest Room

With grey walls, the Vastu of the guest room is completed.

For the convenience and pleasure of our guests, we all require a guest house or guest room within our homes. This space can accommodate people of all nationalities and backgrounds, as well as personalities and attitudes. A guest room with lovely grey-colored walls may easily create a unique environment and sense of ease.


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Room with a sofa-bed that converts into a bed

It is a fantastic idea to utilize a great and compact style and décor for your house’s guest room. When it comes to arranging and decorating your guest room, Vastu principles are crucial. Any bad vibrations may be avoided by correctly arranging a guest room according to Vastu. You may also add a sofa/bed to the guest room to make it more comfortable.


A comfortable guest room with bluish-grey walls.

The guest room’s bluish-grey walls offer a sophisticated and rich appearance of their own. The ideal direction for your guest room is northwest. According to Vastu, the guest room should be built towards the northwest corner of the home to improve the overall good mood. As a result, you have a lot of options.


Walls that are blissfully white

The color white is associated with purity and tranquility. You may design the cabinets on the south or west wall of the room to make it the best design according to the Vastu guidelines to make it more comfortable. The white bed, along with royal blue cushions and linens, might help to wash away your guests’ weariness.


The color scheme for the guest room is grey and green.

If you want to put a bed in your guest room, the ideal spot to put it is in the southwestern corner. Place the bed in the room’s west or southern corner, and remember to have your visitors sleep with their heads to the south. The easiest approach to make the space more appealing is to decorate it with white furniture and green walls.


For the guest room, a textured wall was used.

The beautiful textured walls will give your guest room a warm and friendly appearance. Just keep in mind that the guest room should not be built in the southwest corner of the house since this location is exclusively for the house owner or the family’s head. You must not build any beams over the bed, according to guest room Vastu.


Pink-hued walls

Pink has the ability to make you joyful in a matter of seconds. As a result, according to the style and décor of a beautiful house, decorating your guest room with pink colored walls and a wooden bed is the most attractive option. When it comes to Vastu-compliant guest room design, remember to give a separate bathroom for the visitors to safeguard both the owner and the visitor’s privacy.


The upholstery is shimmering on a white background.

The color white is a simple way to improve your mental well-being. As a result, using white walls and glass windows to decorate the guest room may easily give the space a unique and welcome feel. You may also give your guests the joy of comfort by renting furnishings.

The contrast between the yellow upholstery and the white walls is stunning.

Guest Room

Grey wall with a brick finish that is one-of-a-kind

The distinctive appearance of the brick finish grey wall might offer your guest room an ethnic feel.

The wooden frame looks great against the grey walls. The white bed, drapes, and lamp provide a touch of elegance to the room. If you want to arrange your guest room according to Vastu, the bathroom door should be placed directly across from the bed.


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Guests can sleep in a double bed.

A double bed may also be placed in your guest room to make your visitors’ stay more pleasant. This might make their sleep experience incredibly warm and unforgettable.

According to guest room Vastu, the double bed should be placed in the South-Western corner of the room, so that guests can rest with their heads facing south.


For the guest room, there is a one-of-a-kind bed and furnishings.

You may also give your guests a particular type of delight by decorating their room with a selection of different colors. A modest divan or sofa might add to the room’s coziness. The colorful mattress on the floor might help to brighten up space. Remember to put the cabinets on the room’s southern or western walls.


Brown tones are used to decorate.

The usage of monotone may sometimes give a room a unique aspect. You may utilize monotone brown to create a unique look in your guest room. Your guests will be able to experience the love of nature thanks to the brown bed, brown walls, and brown furniture, as well as the wooden brown photo frame.


The guest room is decorated in a warm and cheerful manner.

Because white is the color of serenity, it might make you feel at ease. The greatest approach to provide your guests a joyful and comfortable stay is to decorate the guest room with the color white. The white bed, white walls, and white drapes, as well as the contrasting glass window, may significantly enhance the room’s appeal.


Decoration of a traditional guest room

This is the décor for you if you wish to greet your guests in a traditional style and design. It might offer you the impression of a luxurious and inviting stay. The northwest is the ideal direction for constructing a guest room. With its best look and precise Vastu, it may make your guests extremely pleased.


On a white wall, there is an attractive flower motif.

We all know that color is a sign of joy and vitality. As a result, a floral motif in the guest room and a lovely painting with colorful flowers may easily make the guest room the happiest location for your guests. It will convey the impression that the hosts are kind and inviting to their visitors.


We’ve put together an intriguing list of fifteen Vastu principles for guest rooms, as well as designs that follow the concepts. These décor ideas are simple to apply, and you can also include some of your own to complete the effect.



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